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Bill de Blasio Quotes: In case you’re wondering who implemented the ‘Universal Pre Kindergarten’ for the New York City residents and the launching of IDNYC (an identification card solely for New York residents only), it’s no other than the 109th Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio! 

Yes, you read that right…

Born on May 8, 1961, as Warren Wilhelm Jr., he decided to change it to Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm, then for the last time in 2002 as Bill De Blasio.

Now you might be wondering…

Is changing names his only specialty? We beg to differ because it is due to Bill de Blasio’s efforts that the city has witnessed the lowest crime rates in the history of New York City. 

He has also spoken out and strived to improve and solve various issues for NYC minority groups.

Not only that…

Bill de Blasio also ran for the democratic elections. Although he failed, De Blasio still made headlines because of a Spanish sentence, “Hasta la victoria siempre,” which means “Until victory, always!

A saying of Guevarra that Bill de Blasio quoted without knowing the original meaning or sentiment behind it and eventually apologized for it in his tweet. De Blasio loves quoting other people’s sayings. 

But despite the fact…

He still has quite a handful of quotes and sayings of his own. So, grab a seat, sit back, and relax as we present the most interesting Bill de Blasio quotes of all time to you.

Let’s get started…

Quote # 01

I did not know the phrase I used in Miami today was associated with Che Guevara & I did not mean to offend anyone who heard it that way. I certainly apologize for not understanding that history.”

Bill De Blasio Quotes

Quote # 02

I have a bold plan to break from the Bloomberg years and end the ‘Tale of Two Cities’ by providing a real opportunity to all New Yorkers, no matter where they live.”

Quote # 03

My professional life has been about public service. My personal life I define very intently through my family.”

Quote # 04

At a certain point, particularly in his third term, Mayor Bloomberg lost touch with the people he was serving.”

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Quote # 05

Excessive stop-and-frisk divides communities. That’s why the New York City Police Department has moved away from it.

Quote # 06

I didn’t set out with the notion of running for elective office; it sort of grew over time. And I honestly at times questioned if progressive change can be effected through elected office.”

Quote # 07

Everything you heard about me is true…I am not a free marketer…I believe in the heavy hand of government.”

Quote # 08

Going back to high school and college, I believed I would be involved in public service. I literally could not conceptualize anything else.”

Going back to high school and college, I believed I would be involved in public service. I literally could not conceptualize anything else.” – Bill De Blaso

Quote # 09

We need to work with the business community, we will work with the business community, but the city government represents the people, represents working people….A lot of folks have just sort of hit a wall when I say guys, you’re going to have to pay more taxes, and we’re going to have policies that favor working people more.

Quote # 10

There’s a famous quote that ‘the state is the executive committee of the bourgeoisie,’ and I use that opening to say no; I read that as a young person and thought, well, that’s not the way it’s supposed to be.

Fun Fact:

The Famous quote used by Bill de Blasio is taken from the book/pamphlet “Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

Bill De Blasio Quotes

Quote # 11

I think small business is struggling in New York City. It’s a great market, and it’s a very appealing market, there are lots of opportunities, at the same time it’s a tough place to build a small business.”

Quote # 12

I think Bloomberg’s broad vision of the environment in New York City is something I agree with. I broadly stand with his vision for how to deal with climate change and prepare for future weather events.”

Quote # 13

I’m someone who does not like a bunker mentality and does not like groupthink.

Quote # 14

We want to take our commitment to that idea further and urge the State to give us more tools that expand economic opportunity for minority- and women-owned businesses. With the State’s help, we can continue building an economy that truly works for all New Yorkers.”

Quote # 15

I want to thank all the Park workers, everyone at the Parks Department, especially the frontline workers in our parks. They’ve been working, despite all the challenges to keep the parks safe and clean. …thank you to everyone at the Parks Department.”

Bill De Blasio Quotes

Quote # 16

If we can have a fast-food restaurant on almost every corner, then we can certainly have a garden.”

Quote # 17

This is a common-sense change, and one that reorganizes our growing Muslim community and honors its contributions to our City.”

Quote # 18

I will not be marching, but I look forward to progress in the future.”

Quote # 19

Instead of a top-down approach, we are now doing a bottom-up approach, and the best reforms happen from the grassroots.”

Quote # 20

We have come too far to go back, my friends.”

Bill De Blasio Quotes

Conclusion: 20+ Bill De Blasio Quotes

There you have it, the most famous Bill de Blasio quotes and sayings to date.

What’s more?

After assuming office in 2014, Bill de Blasio became the 109th Mayor of NYC and has since made efforts for the city’s prosperity.

Not only that…

But he is also responsible for ending the stop-and-frisk program of NYPD and income inequality among men and women in NYC. De Blasio is a great leader, always struggling to better his people, as you might have guessed from his quotes.

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