10 Top Scott Baio Movies and TV Series [Of All Time]


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Scott Baio Movies: You must have heard about the American Actor, Scott James Baio’s movies and TV series, but do you know he was also a Director in alot of them?

Not just that…

He was also a well-known teen idol.

Today, we’re gonna discuss:

  • Scott’s Movies Ranked;
  • How he started;
  • His relationship to The Fonz!;
  • and loads more…

Sit tight, things are gonna get fun from here onwards.

Let’s get started…

Quick Overview: Scott Baio

Scott Baio Movies & TV Series

Scott was born on September 22, 1960, the son of Mario and Rose Baio. Scott spent his childhood in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. He was a college student at Xaverian High School.  

Teen Idol 

At the young age of nine, Scott decided to be an actor and start his career looking for a suitable show, and in 1976 he played the title character “Bugsy Malone” in a children’s gangster musical. Later he was cast in the teen girl drama “Foxes” directed by Adria Lyne. 

Moving on…

At the age of 16, Scott Baio received the huge role of The Fonz’s cousin, “Chachi Arcola” in “Happy Days”. This catapulted him into the limelight.

Later he received Emmy Award nominations, for his performance in “Stoned” and “All the kids Do It”. 

Charles In Charge:

When the teen idol days petered out and offers for feature films and dramatic performances dissipated, Baio turned to silly sitcoms such as “Charles in Charge”. 

Scott began his role as a television director and also starred in “Charles In Charge”, “Out of This World”, “Guys Like Us”, “The Wayans Bros.” (as Jack Stewart), “Bugsy Malone”, “Diagnosis Murder”, “See Dad Run” (as David Hobbs) and more gangster movies.

This leads us to…

#1. Happy Days

Scott Baio Happy Days

Directed By: Garry Marshall

Executive Producer: Garry Marshall

Starring: Ron Howard, Henry Winkler, Marion Ross

Released on: September 24, 1984

Happy Days is one of the most popular American sitcom TV series featuring Scott Baio, and an ABC afterschool special.

The story revolves around Richie Cunningham and his family; his mother, father, and siblings. The story also had a character that was not very famous or popular at the start but after a few episodes he turned out to be everyone’s favorite.

You must be wondering, who?

…the ever so famous Fonzie – Richie’s cousin. Later on, Richie had to go off the screen in the final season and that was where Fonzie’s cousin, Chachi Arcola was introduced. 

Not just that…

…He was the love of Joanie Cunningham. 

The story gets even more interesting when all the characters mix up and the screen as well as the fans light up.

Fun Fact:

Just as the urban edge had worked for several rising screen stars, Baio adopted a similar stance but his thick Brooklyn accent, disco mop of hair, bronze color, and tight jeans were turn-ons for young teens who loved “Happy Days”.

Check It Out Here.

#2. A Fairly Odd Summer

Scott Baio A Fairly Odd Summer

Directed By: Savage Steve Holland

Executive Producer: Butch Hartman

Starring: Drake Bell, Scott Baio, Tara Strong

Released on: August 2, 2014

Scott Baio was featured In this third live-action TV movie based on The Fairly Oddparents series. This Comedy/Fantasy movie was released in 2014. 

The story begins as Timmy had to work according to his father’s orders and also to get an income, but he’s sad over the fact that he won’t have a summer vacation. To impress his boss, Tootie, he decides to work. He finds out that Tootie had to deliver a vial that looked exactly like his lip balm. 

But here’s the kicker…

As he goes to Hawaii for work, he finds out that he brought the vial and not the lip balm, he gets stuck in Hawaii with his parents and two annoying children he had to babysit!

Not just that…

…he gets out of the situation and returns to his office and gives back the vial to Tootie. 

But let me tell you something interesting…

Someone else steals it, and he decides to help Tootie to find it. 

Watch the movie to know, was he able to help Tootie? Did they lose the vial and their jobs?

Check It Out Here.

#3. Charles In Charge

Scott Baio Top List

Executive Producer: Al Burton

Starring: Scott Baio, Willie Aames, Julie Cobb

Released on: October 3, 1984

Scott Baio appeared in an ABC sitcom, “Charles In Charge”

When the story begins, Charles is nineteen years old and a university student at Copeland College in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Charles searches for a place to live while he is studying and finds out a family (The Pembrokes) looking for a live-in caretaker. 

Simply put…

He was given a place to live along with a high salary, but the fun part is – he had to take care of three children. That’s where he’s in charge!

…the story adds the fun and adventurous stories of Charles and his buddy. 

Not just that…

Charles develops a crush on his schoolfellow.

Check It Out Here.

#4. The Love Boat (simply Love Boat in its final season)

Scott Baio TThe Love Boat

Directed By: Wilford Lloyd Baumes

Executive Producer: Aaron Spelling

Starring: Gavin MacLeod, Bernie Kopell, Ted Lange

Released on: September 24, 1977

A romantic-drama television series, based on the TV movie “Love Boats”. 

A TV Series featuring Scott Baio. 

The story is about a family all mixed up. It begins as a character, Barney Mason meets his ex-wife Terry Larsen on a cruise ship.

Moving on…

The fun part is that they both arrive with their new spouses and suffer from shock as a result. Although they’ve moved on – in the presence of one anothe – they feel a new connection. The fact that Terry’s husband is their old counselor and Barney’s wife is way too young is just added comedy. A new guy, Jim, chaperoning the senior citizens finds a love interest in Julie but the busy schedule of Jim, keeps them apart.

Let me tell you something interesting…

A grandson of the senior citizen onboard finds love and tries to tie another connection.

All this chemistry of connections leads to… ahem…

You’ll have to watch it to find out who ended up happy or who ended up breaking bonds?

Check Out Scott Baio Top 10 Movies of All-time 

#5.”Diagnosis Murder”

Scott Baio Top List

Directed By: Joyce Burditt

Executive Producer: Dean Hargrove

Starring:  Dick Van Dyke, Barry Van Dyke, Victoria Rowell

Released on: October 29, 1993

An American action-comedy-mystery-medical crime drama television series featuring Scott Baio. 

The story is about a retired Army doctor in a MASH unit, who served for many years. But after retirement, he decided to be a consultant and physician with the local police. 

Not just that…

…Another character comes in, who is a doctor’s son, and also a Detective. They both started solving mystery cases together, and also assisted Dr. Sloan and Dr. Jack Stewart – who was cast in the first season and which later added a season two. 

Watch the series and see them both solving the mystery cases.

#6. Baby Geniuses

Scott Baio Top List

Directed By: Bob Clark

Executive Producer: TriStar Pictures

Starring: March 12, 1999

Released on: March 12, 1999

A comedy-adventure TV movie, “Baby Geniuses” starred Scot Baio.

The story of two scientists, Dr. Elena Kinder and Dr. Heep who use genius babies to fund a BabyCo’s park named “Joyworld”. According to the doctors, babies are born with vast knowledge and a secret yet hard-to-read language called BabyTalk. 

Moving on…

Most of the babies living in the research center were adopted from orphanages and transformed into geniuses through experiments. 

And that’s just one side of the story…

One of the babies, named Slyvester, continuously tried to escape the research facility. One day he succeeds in going into the world and meets his long-lost twin brother, Whit. 

Here’s the kicker…

Accidently the research facility captures Whit, mistaking him for Sly. 

…Everybody is shocked at the fact they were both swapped and the doctor finds it yet another interesting experiment. 

You need to watch this movie and find out your favorite experiment!

#7. Zapped!

Scott Baio Top List

Directed By: Robert J. Rosenthal

Executive Producer:  Jeff Apple

Starring:  Scott Baio, Heather Thomas, Erin Moran

Released on: July 23, 1982

Scott’s third live-action movie, “Zapped!” 

The story of this TV movie is about a few High school students, a bookish student (Scott Baio) who performs several experiments on a rat. Until his friend retrieves him for a class assembly, that is. 

…He tries his best to involve Barney in some girls’ matters or find him a girlfriend but no luck. Barney promises to help his friend in taking photographs, but because of another one of his experiments, he does not meet his friend.


Later one day, he fantasizes about a girl and a board falls on her head, and just a few minutes later her shirt bursts open.

That’s where the fun begins, as Barney gets to know his superpowers and he tries to practice them. But he decides to keep them a secret. 


One after the other experiments by Barney made his powers stronger. But with time, he realizes that they might not work perfectly at all times. 

Sometimes they turned out to be a disaster. 

A perfect movie if you’re in the mood for a laugh! You can also say its a bit of a gangster movie because Scott turned evil due to his powers. 


#8. See Dad Run

Scott Baio Top List

Directed By: Tina Albanese

Executive Producer: Scott Baio

Starring: Scott Baio (David Hobbs), Ryan Whitney

Released on: October 6, 2012

This American TV sitcom froth (series) was aired on Nick at Nite on 16 October 2012. 

In the series, “See Dad Run” David Hobbs (Scott Baio) has been TV’s favorite father for 10 years. 

Do you want to know something interesting?

…Scott Baio not only appeared as a star but he was the executive producer in this series.

The story revolves around the story of a dad who hosts a show of the same title as the series. But he soon realizes that it is not easy to be a stay-at-home dad in real life.

As if that’s not enough…

He had to take care of his three children, Emily, Joe, and a baby girl, Janie. David decides to compromise and become a stay-at-home dad just so his soap opera star wife could be in the limelight again.

Check out the whole series and watch the ups and downs they all face, especially David.

#9. Senior Trip

Scott Baio Top List

Directed By: Kenneth Johnson

Executive Producer: Kenneth Johnson

Starring: Scott Baio, Faye Grant

Released on: December 30, 1981

A Comedy movie with the starring role of Scott Baio and Faye Grant.

The story is about a group of students who graduated and to celebrate their success, they decide to take a High school trip to Brooklyn, New York City. 

Not just one…

But everyone had their passion and dreams in life.

Roger Ellis, aiming for success in big business, David – an aspiring rock star, Judy Matheson – wannabe Actor, Denise – working hard to attain a degree of sophistication. 

Moving on…

All these friends enjoy their time in New York and make a ton of memories to return with. 

This comparatively short film with a running time of 96 minutes turned out to be a huge success. 

#10. Baby Talk

Scott Baio Top List

Directed By: Amy Heckerling

Executive Producer: Bernie Orenstein

Starring: Tony Danza, Scott Baio, Peter Whelan (James Halbrook)

Released on: March 8, 1991

Another one of Scott Baio’s TV series, “Baby Talk”  released on March 8, 1991.

The story revolves around the adventures of a baby, Mickey, and tells about the love he received from everybody.

Simply put…

In one season, Mickey’s mother decides to be a single mom because Mickey’s father got her pregnant at a young age and wasn’t with her because he was in love with his ex-wife. 

Mickey’s mother decides to part ways with the father but decides to keep the baby. 

Not just that…

Mickey, being a kid, noticed how he hadn’t had a father around since childhood and he tried to figure out the intentions of people around his mother.

Later on…

Scott Baio was featured in the show as a new love interest of Mickey’s mother. 

A different yet fun series that had its fanbase! 

Conclusion: Scott Baio Movies & TV Series

I hope you have a long list of fun TV series and movies to watch for the weekend.

…Please remember to share it with your friends, see what they think of Happy Days, The Fonz’s cousin, and the rest of Scott Biaos productions – we loved him.

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