Robert Downey Jr Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope [Visual Guide]

Robert Downey Zodiac Sign FI

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Robert Downey Jr. Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope, Zodiac Sign, and Birthstone: Only a few famous people in Hollywood can hold a candle to an epic Robert Downey Jr. comeback.

It’s like no other.

It’s a comeback only an Aries can do.

This is my complete guide.

In this all-new guide you’ll learn:

  • What is Robert’s Zodiac Sign, and how that impacts his career, relationships, and partners;
  • Love compatibility between Zodiac Signs;
  • 15 Facts you need to know about Aries;
  • Lots more…

So if you want all the latest info on the Ironman actor and his Star Sign, you’re in the right place!

Let’s make a start…

 Robert Downey Jr Birth Chart 

Before we start…

A natal chart is composed of ten planets: two luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, three fast-moving or individual planets in the date of birth, Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

There are also two slow-moving planets, Jupiter and Saturn, and three very slow-moving planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Born on April 4 1965 with a birthplace in Manhattan, New York United States, Fire is dominant in Robert Downey Jr.‘s natal chart and bestowed on him energy, courage, intuition, and self-confidence.

Sounds just about right.

Robert Downey Jr Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope

People with this natal chart are inclined to be passionate and never afraid to assert their power just to achieve their dreams and goals.

One of the weaknesses of this element is the inability to step back from foolish things and that usually brings them in the face of trouble.

Trouble, indeed.

The Cadent houses are very emphasized in his chart, and it indicates the potential for communication and flexibility. 

The three most important planets in Robert’s natal chart are the Sun, Mars, and Pluto.

The Sun symbolizes charm and dignity. 

Meanwhile, Mars keeps the fire burning in Robert. 

Think about it.

It’s what kept him fighting throughout his years of drug abuse. Without this kind of willpower, he would have probably gone down like other actors.

Pluto is also another dominant planet in his date of birth. Robert can thank it for his drive in life as well as his authoritative nature.

Robert Downey’s Zodiac Sign
Source: EW.com

People with a dominant Pluto might come across as bad and wicked to other people when in reality, they just want to keep life in good order.

Among all astrological signs, Pisces and Aquarius are the least influential in his chart, with Aries being a fire sign. 

As a matter of fact…

Sagittarius causes the desire of having as many love affairs as possible…which we never saw in Robert.

Robert Downey Jr.’s birth chart reflects all the celestial bodies in the sky when and where Robert was born.

The designation of the houses is centered around Robert Downey Jr.’s birth time and starts with the rising sign (seen as a pink-colored line from the graphic’s cente to the left). It continues anti-clockwise. 

Now this is a remarkable one.

The moon in the tenth house in Robert Downey’s chart indicates a strong influence from the father…

..and having success with the help of a woman.

Sounds chillingly familiar, isn’t it?

The position of the moon indicates the need for assurance, recognition, and popularity. 

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What is Robert Downey Jr Zodiac Sign?

Born on April 4 1965, Robert Downey Jr is a fiery Aries. 

Generally, Rams are known to be headstrong and outspoken people. They are adventurers who have a great lust for life and are always looking for something new. 

And once they find their favorite thing, they become so passionate about it, whether it’s a hobby or a person. 

This can be seen in the way Robert prepares for his film characterization.

As a matter of fact…

…he doesn’t only read the scripts. 

Robert Downey Zodiac Sign

He dives deep into a character and their personality. 

As an example, he even taught himself how to play the violin in preparation for the film Chaplin. 

People with the zodiac sign Aries are also naturally energetic and competitive. 

And if they don’t happen to like you, prepare yourself for some sharp words. 


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…Aries’ fiery nature also comes to play. 

When they love, they love hard. 

And there is never a dull moment with them as they are always looking for something new to spice up a relationship. 

Interesting Facts about Aries

Robert Downey Zodiac 04 1

Patience, Child

Rams are irritated by anything slow. Gadgets, traffic, or people. 

Honest Bee

There are only 4 types of people that tell the truth unconditionally: Kids, the drunk, the angry, and Aries

No man is an island…really?

An Aries knows what he wants. And he is confident that he can do it with or without your help. 

Fact it

Brutally honest and straightforward, Aries likes to reply only on facts rather than emotions.

Iron Men

Aries people can come off as very cold and calculating to most people. It is because of their authoritative nature.

Aries are Determined and Strong Nature, Aries are doers, Aries in love is like an open book, Aries are romantic in nature, Short Tempered – Find out More

Robert Downey Jr Zodiac Sign Love Compatibility

Robert Downey and Susan Levin

Robert Downey and Susan Levin

Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Levin’s love story captured the world for a while. 

Born on November 6, 1973, Susan is a Scorpio.

Mostly being mistyped as a fire sign, Scorpio is actually a water sign. 

And that makes this couple absolute opposites.

Scorpios are highly intimidating people. They are natural-born leaders. And we can see it with Susan’s work ethic.

After all…

…there’s a reason why she became an Executive Vice President of Silver Pictures.

Scorpions can be very realistic and blunt and have a tendency to be harsh. But deep inside, they are very emotional people craving a real connection.

Remember when she repeatedly rejected Robert because she was expecting that it would never work out with him?

In love…

Scorpions are either all or nothing. They prefer serious commitment, which made Susan very compatible with Robert.

How they value a relationship is their greatest bond. 

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Other Ram Celebrities:

  • Pharell Williams
  • Lady Gaga
  • Reba McEntire
  • Chance the Rapper
  • Scott Eastwood
  • Jessica Chastain
  • Big Sean
  • Celine Dion

As was mentioned earlier, an Aries is a very fiery person. In every good and bad way.

So if you are planning to date an Aries, make sure to stock up on your patience. It’s not that they are difficult, but they sure are real fighters.

On the brighter side…

…they never like summer flings. The Rams are in for the long ride. So before you get yourself involved with one, make sure you are also ready to settle down. 

Know More About the Robert Downey Jr. Zodiac Sign

Love lifeRobert only had 3 relationships in life, and all of them were fairly serious. This is a fine example of an Aries loyalty and commitment.
CareerThey are very devoted to every project they take on. Robert is known to study his characters in depth before filming.
FriendshipAn Aries’ fiery nature causes them to sometimes be bossy with their friends. But they will also protect them at all costs.
FamilyRams value family life as much as they value their romantic relationships and would go to great lengths just to keep the peace within the household.

15 Facts About Robert Downey Jr Zodiac Sign

  1. Aries people have the ability to see through people and would certainly know if you’re lying.
  2. They’re a very impatient bunch
  3. Most of these rams have very small circles of friends. They don’t value quantity. They value quality, instead.
  4. Very observant and intuitive creatures. Your actions alone can tell an Aries what you want to say.
  5. You don’t want to mess with an Aries. They’re very competitive in nature.
  6. Aries people will almost always insist on being independent, even in situations where they really need help.
  7. An Aries sense of humor is the best. Black at its finest.
  8. Aries people take love very seriously, so go away if you’re only looking for a summer fling.
  9. Most rams love to swear… a lot. 
  10. They love some good PDAs.
15 Facts About Robert Downey Jr Zodiac Sign Aries You Should Know

What is Robert Downey Jr Birth Stone?

Robert Downey Jr birthstone is Diamond. 

Who doesn’t know this gem? It’s a household name just like Robert himself. 

It’s famous for its hardness and its Greek name actually means “unbreakable”.

Again, just like Robert. 

Diamond symbolizes many things but it all boils down to utter greatness. 

Diamond is seen as a symbol of light and the sun. 

But more than that…

Robert Downey Birth Stone

It’s also a stone of commitment, purity, and faithfulness between husband and wife. 

Now that sounds very fitting for his latest romance.

Conclusion: Robert Downey Jr Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope 

More than any great movie he has ever made, Robert Downey Jr life is the best thriller there is.

We love how he used his traits – positive or negative – to bounce back and rebuild his life path. 

We just love this Aries superhero!

If you’d like to know more about Iron Man, check out Bouncemojo’s Robert Downey Jr Biography and Net Worth

Put the Bounce in Your Mojo Today!

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