10+ Best Fantasia Songs & Albums Ever

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Fantasia Songs & Albums: You’re probably someone who loves Fantasia, her songs, and shows. Also, I’m guessing the other reason why you’re here is you seek to add more performance shows to your watchlist to watch this weekend. Well, lucky for you because we have compiled all of our exclusive favorites. 

Not only that…

We have included some important details about her life and career, so you’ll get to know your idol more!  Isn’t that amazing? Now, you keep reading below to unveil those juicy details yourself. 

Best Fantasia Songs & Albums

Barrino performed in American Idol 2004 and chose soulful songs from an album matching her voice. Plus, after a heartwarming performance along with 65 million votes, she was able to win the title of the youngest winner at the age of 19. 

Fantasia’s Debut Album

Fantasia released her debut album, featuring the songs “I Believe,” and also appeared in many music albums and released famous rock songs, including “Hood Boy”( with Big Boi). She was the singer of “Two Weeks Notice”’s theme song, “Bittersweet,” “Selfish” (I Want U 2 Myself) R&B song featuring Missy Elliott and Kelly Rowland. 

Let me tell you something…

Fantasia won her first Grammy award for ‘Best Female R&B Vocal Performer’ for “Bittersweet.”

Missy Elliott

… she also worked with fantastic songwriters for debut songs, including the famous Missy Elliott, Kelly Rowland, R&B, and Harmony Samuels.

Best Fantasia Songs & Albums

Fantasia Released Her Songs 

Fantasia was around 20 years old at the time when she landed her first single music chart in 2004. Then her music stopped entering major charts in 2013, following the rise of many artists today. 

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Buckle up as we get to the best part of this article! 

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#1. American Idol

Fantasia appeared in this American Tv series in 2004. She chose songs that melted the judges’ hearts, not just in the first or second episodes but all the way straight till the end.

She was crowned with ‘Youngest Idol’ on the Billboard for the year 2004. This hit made her career. 

Let me tell you something interesting,

… Fantasia’s brother also participated in the same contest but couldn’t make it to Billboard and failed even before the Hollywood round.

#2. Life is not a fairytale; The Fantasia Barrino story

A book named Life Is Not A Fairytalewritten on the life of the famous artist, Fantasia Barrino, was released in 2006. The book depicts the story of Barrino and how she faced many ups and downs throughout her life; The book was written by – the artist – Keith Glover.

Did you know…

A film was created based on this book, featuring the artist Fantasia, Viola Davis, her beautiful songs, albums, and much more. Although Barrino was a free woman and a true artist, she had to face this world’s truth and bitter reality. 

Not only that… 

She faced poverty, and over the decade, she learned how the two women, her mother and grandmother, are precious in her life despite being in an unfortunate state. 

Life truly is not a fairytale, indeed. 

Simply put…

 The film charted as a hit over a few weeks.

#3. Fantasia For Real

A reality show named Fantasia For Real’’ was released in 2010. 

This show depicts an exciting story featuring Fantasia’s life as she earned a lot of fame not just because of her R&B songs or soulful songs but from her singing and winning contests. So far, things were going smoothly.


…things took a turn, and she faced negative publicity. Also, she talks about her future falling between her eyes of financial problems and people give her way too much hate to handle. 

She also had to take care of her little daughter and a house of a big family to deal with.

#4. Soul Kittens Cabaret

A charted hit musical named “Soul Kittens Cabaret” feat. Fantasia. 

.. It was directed by Nicci Gilbert and was officially released in 2011. Fantasia, starred as ‘Good Conscience’ and Faith Evans was ‘Bad Conscience,’ they both worked together to help seven women through the journey of self-discovery. 

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#5. An Evening of Stars

Complementing the truth that fantasia is not just a good artist, but America’s star through day and night due to her every song/album. The R&B singer was featured as a tribute performer inAn Evening Of Stars,’ and she was able to win many people’s hearts by singing beautiful songs. 

… they turned out to be a great hit too.

Running: 105 min

#6. Super Bowl Gospel Celebration

Another hit TV program, by Grammy-winning R&B singer Fantasia, you must have heard about it, the ‘Super Bowl Gospel Celebration.’ Fantasia performed in the show in 2012, and it was one of the best song performances!

#7. Celebration of Gospel: Taking You Higher

Best Fantasia Songs & Albums

A music show named ‘Celebration of Gospel’ brought Fantasia a lot of popularity since she appeared and performed. Due to her public stunt in the show, many of her albums and songs became chart hits, as she proved how wonderful of an artist she is through this show. 

Kelly Price

… This show also featured Kelly Price. As you might say, it produced many stars and will bring out more in people eventually.

#8. The 2016 Triumph Awards

Another award-winning TV program featuring Fantasia is called The 2016 Triumph Awards.’ Fantasia, the prominent R&B singer – made an entry performance following the success of her recent releases that year. 

#9. Fantasia Special

Fantasia was considered an artist with raspy, soulful, and gritty music, which is quite clear from her songs. The show features the singer serenading her fans with her chart-topping music hits of all time back in 2016.

#10. Taking the Stage

Fans are gushing over Fantasia and her performance after this show. Soon after she performed, netizens got mesmerized by her singing skills and named her one of the most ‘underrated’ artists of all time.

Conclusion: Best Fantasia Songs & Albums Ever

That was a long dive-in into the journey of Fantasia, the charted future of music, as she had been through a lot, and yet the success in her life makes her a queen. 


An inspirational figure to aspiring musicians today. You should view her most famous music albums on the chart, including rock music like Sketchbook, Free Yourself, Back to Me, and much more. 


You have your list of shows to watch her performance for the week! If you want more of her content like Net Worth, Vital Stats, and more, just visit Bouncemojo.com.

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