6 Best Eric Thomas Books
[Author of The Secret to Success]

Eric Thomas Books

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Eric Thomas Books: Eric D. Thomas is an author, motivational speaker, and minister. He is the author of four exciting books. Eric Thomas’s motivational speeches are super famous on Youtube. His energy and creative messages are critical to his success. With every video, Eric Thomas comes with a unique plan to motivate the youth.  

A global star indeed!

Eric Thomas is famous in America, and after his recent tours to Australia, Africa, and other countries, his popularity has skyrocketed globally. 

Want to hear more? 

Eric Thomas Career

Eric Thomas Books

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Eric Thomas did not rise to fame in one day. Instead, his early days reflect the obstacles he has been through. He mentions hard work as the only way to success.

Yes, that’s right!

He dealt with homelessness, parents’ disapproval, and so on – which made his journey extraordinary and inspiring for us all.  Eric  Thomas even struggled with his education, such as lack of personal finance, but he never gave up. In 2015, Eric Thomas received his Ph.D. from Michigan State University in Education Administration.

Did you know…

While studying at Michigan State University, Eric Thomas developed an academic advisory program for disadvantaged students at Michigan State University. For example, he developed programs and served as senior pastor at A Place of Change Ministries (APOC Ministries) in Michigan. Eric Thomas is considered one of the powerful motivational speakers whose advice on success and dreams can be life-changing. 

He is even a CEO!

Eric Thomas owns a consulting firm that is approached by rising youth. He is the founder and the executive director of his consultancy firm. His consulting firm is also based upon his idea of success through hard work.

One of the most potent Eric Thomas quotes is: “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful.

He emphasizes taking advantage of opportunities and concludes that making sacrifices is part of hard work. 

Motivational Speakers

Yes, he is a great motivator too! Eric Thomas is known to be a hip-hop preacher. His motivational videos on Youtube will truly inspire you to work dedicatedly towards your goal and become a better person for your family and the community. He emphasizes the need to make sacrifices if one wants to succeed. 

Eric Thomas’s videos mainly deal with dreams, the world, passion, motivation, and success.  He believes that everybody has a plan and needs it to change it into success by artwork and sacrifice things, such as morning sleep. 

As if that’s not enough…

Eric Thomas pushes the audience towards wanting success as much as they want to sleep. Eric Thomas quotes even mentions that it “broke people sleep.” Another Eric Thomas quote similar to this ideology goes as: “If you are going to go to the next level, your values are going to have to change. No alarm clock needed”. 

Today we will focus on Eric Thomas as a writer rather than a motivational speaker. First, however, we will show you how he has proved to be an excellent motivator for the youth through his books. 

Are you excited now?

Let’s get started…

1. The Secret to Success by Eric Thomas

The Secret to Success by Eric Thomas was published in 2012. The powerful Eric Thomas quotes: “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful,” comes from this book. 

Eric Thomas might be the hip-hop preacher you see on Youtube, but he has attracted a global audience through his several books. 

In this novel, Eric Thomas shares his struggle when he lived on the streets of Detroit. It was then that he struggled to create a difference since he was a high school dropout. However, no one believed in him since he did not complete school.  


The book allows the readers to dive into the realm of Thomas and his struggle. Eric Thomas does not glamorize any of his work. Instead, he defines them as hardships that affected him emotionally and physically. 

As the reader reads through this book, they will feel connected to Eric Thomas since it is written from the first-person perspective. His story is not very hard to relate to and is inspiring for everybody regardless of age and background. 

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful.”

This quote by Thomas holds immense power and is emphasized throughout the book. Using his life experiences as an example, Eric Thomas hopes to pave the way towards success for others.  

Wait, there is more in this book…

His passion and determination to achieve something are highlighted throughout the book. In his book, he revisits his perseverance and hard work that turned his life around.

The content of the book is highly versatile. It talks about an array of principles, from what it takes to get the most out of the student to create a positive environment and the necessity of a healthy body and mind.

One of the inspiring Eric Thomas quotes is: “When you are great, you attract great. When you are average, you attract average.” 

By telling us about his life events, Eric Thomas wants to demonstrate that everybody wants to have a successful life, but we need passion and inspiration to achieve our dreams. 

Here is why…

His unique story is genuinely a game-changer for all our lives and provides us enough motivation to find success in this world. For him, there is no gain without any pain. Pain is what pushes us forward towards our goal. 

Eric Thomas gives great importance to real friendship.

Check The Secret to Success Book Out Here!

2. How To Start a Home-based Food Truck Business by Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas Books

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A very light-hearted book written by Eric Thomas. He records his experience as a food truck operator.

Eric Thomas gives meaningful advice such as the start-up necessities that will be necessary and the pitfalls. The author focuses on giving startup advice, and wherein someone may find some motivation or successful tips.

You see….

Eric Thomas commented that we need to use our imagination so that we can create a successful business. One of the Eric Thomas quotes includes: “Don’t make a habit of choosing what feels good over what’s good for you.” 

Check How To Start a Home-based Food Truck Business Book Here

3. Greatness 21 (Character Bootcamp Book 1)

Powerful Eric Thomas quotes include: “We have not because we act not.” The book by Eric Thomas was published in 2014. It is a book that focuses on strengthening the individual image of the person. 

It has different volumes based on narrative accounts, including poems, essays, short stories given by other people whose daily reports may inspire us. The book focuses on self. 

The most significant necessity for our personal development is the need to think about ourselves as solid and good people. We should be full of energy because passion wakes the inner beast that helps us conquer the world. 


We cannot be successful just because we want to. We have to put in the effort. Thomas emphasizes that success is not for weak and uncommitted, sometimes it’s going to hurt too. 

In our life, we need to be real beasts to be determined towards our dream and goal in the world. And if we are not where we wanted to be, if we have yet not achieved our objective, Thomas wants us to take responsibility and take a “look in the mirror” and ask ourselves “why.” 

Think about it…

From Eric Thomas’s quotes, we find that: ‘Everybody wants to be a beast until it’s time to do what beasts do.

Check Greatness 21 (Character Bootcamp Book 1) 

4. Greatness Is Upon You: Laying the Foundation

This first part of Eric Thomas’ “Greatness Is Upon You” book series deals on the significant lessons and principles that are critical for having the right character development. To be able to achieve a goal in life, one must have the right attitude, and self-development needs to avoid giving up. 

Check Greatness Is Upon You: Laying the Foundation Book

5. Greatness is Upon You: Abandoning Average and Seizing Greatness (Book 2)

Eric Thomas talks about the principles he had to stay goal-oriented and focus on the goals he needed to accomplish. This book will truly amaze you, especially if you lose the will to move forward. 

This can boost your morale and productivity in your chosen career and academics.

Check Greatness is Upon You: Abandoning Average and Seizing Greatness (Book 2)

6. Greatness Is Upon You: How Sacrifice and Humility Positioned Me for Greatness

The book Greatness upon you by Eric Thomas was published in 2014 in three volumes: laying the foundation, Abandoning Average and Seizing Greatness, and How to Sacrifice and Humility Positioned Me for Greatness. 

This series talks about life from a very different perspective. It does not speak of life and success. It talks about challenges, failures, disappointments, mediocre thoughts, creativity blocks, broken promises, and much more. 

What makes it different!

The series is very different from the previous works of Eric Thomas since it does not talk about hard work, motivation, and success. He talks about how greatness is not accidental, and failure is the first step to success. 

There is no accidental greatness.

No one becomes excellent accidentally; we have to put in our best. It is the point in our lives where the situation requires us to put in our best efforts. It is when we decide not to lose or surrender. 

We should remain steadfast in the face of failures and obstacles. 

No wonder…

Eric Thomas highlights in this book that we become significant in the process of not giving up to difficult situations and when we spend days and nights working hard. 

Eric Thomas lists 24 tried and tested ways based on his values and principles that he tried and tested in his life. Eric Thomas talks about self-fulfilling accomplishments and life-changing principles that everyone needs in their lives. 

Not everybody needs to follow all the 24 tips to achieve greatness, but we need to make the most out of it for meaningful success. 

Check Greatness Is Upon You: How Sacrifice and Humility Positioned Me for Greatness Book

Conclusion:  Eric Thomas Books 

Conclusively Eric Thomas is another name for motivation. He started from scratch, and now he is only successful because of his determination and hard work.

Well undoubtedly…

The most famous Eric Thomas quote is: “I do not take constructive criticism from people who have never constructed anything.” It is not enough emphasized, but from the life of Eric Thomas, we should note that there should not be any limit to judging a person’s ability mainly based on degrees and the school they attended. 

Eric Thomas emphasizes extensively on self-discipline and is firmly against the blame game. His speeches are genuinely inspiring and one of their kind that helps us feel pain and live our dreams. 

We need to get out of our comfort zone, our particular place, and we have to stop playing small and aim for the moon. He acknowledges that it would be a pain, Thomas’s, but we have to breathe through it.

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