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Anthony Scaramucci Net Worth, Biography & Lifestyle: Anthony Scaramucci is an American financier and political consultant appointed as the White House Communications Director. He once worked at the Goldman Sachs investment banking, equities, and private wealth management divisions from the 1980s to 1996. He eventually founded Oscar Capital management and the investment firm SkyBridge Capital, and his net worth is $200 million.

Such a huge fortune!

After hours of research, we’re stoked to bring you the details of Nick Jonas Net Worth.

Luck for you, as we will not only dive into Scaramucci’s net worth history and career, we’ll also be looking at:

  • Details on how he earned such a huge fortune, his White House director experience;
  • Career milestones and downfalls, his personal life;
  • Investment assets, properties;
  • Philanthropic works;
  • And much more…

(Once you’ve checked out Anthony Scaramucci net worth and bio – whatever you do – scroll to the end and check out our Fun Facts Section – there are a couple of surprises for you in there!)

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Who Is Anthony Scaramucci?

Anthony Scaramucci Net Worth

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Net Worth: $200 million
Source of Wealth: Financier, Entrepreneur
Spouse/ Relationship: Married
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Date of Birth: 1964-01-06
Place of Birth/Nationality: Long Island, New York, United States /American
Children: 4

Anthony Scaramucci joined the Trump Finance Committee and was the 2017 White House Communications Director. However, it didn’t last.

Wonder why?

The same year, and days after he got appointed as the Communications Director, he sparked a fiasco by verbally attacking the members of the Trump Administration in his The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza interview.

The outcome?

He was kicked out by the new White House Chief of Staff, John F. Kelly, following the recommendation of President Donald Trump. After that, Anthony became a number one critic of former President Trump and became a vocal supporter of Joe Biden during his 2020 election.


He’s also a trustee of the United States Olympic & Paralympic Foundation, a council member of Foreign Relations, and part of the New York City Financial Services Advisory Committee from 2007 to 2012.

Fact: He used to work as a Fox Business Network contributor in 2014.

How Tall Is Anthony Scaramucci?

Anthony Scaramucci stands 1.74m or 5 feet and 7 inches. Other politicians such as former President Donald Trump, who stands 6 feet and 3 inches, and Joe Biden, with a height of 5 feet and 11 inches, are both taller than him.

What is Anthony Scaramucci Age?

Anthony Scaramucci was born on January 6, 1964, in Long Island, New York, United States, and is 60 years old today.

How Much Is Anthony Scaramucci Worth?

Anthony Scaramucci’s net worth as a financier and entrepreneur is $200 million.

 Net Worth Year By Year

YearEarnings $
2011$100 million
2012$120 million
2013 $136.9 million
2014 $140 million
2015 $145 million
2016 $146.9 million
2017$150 million
2018$175 million
2019$195 million
2020$200 million
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Anthony Scaramucci Books

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Goodbye Gordon Gekko: How to Find Your Fortune Without Losing Your Soul

Gordon Gekko had become a pop-culture symbol for unbridled greed with his iconic Wall Street catchphrase “Greed is good.” However, while greed may be beneficial for one person–especially if that individual is fictional–it is not so beneficial for good people in the actual world.

In Goodbye Gordon Gekko: How to Find Your Fortune and Not Lose Your Soul, Anthony Scaramucci outlines how a deeper understanding of individuals, money, and culture may be used to improve one’s life, both financially and spiritually.

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The Little Book of Hedge Fund: What You Need to Know About Hedge Funds but the Managers Won’t Tell You

Anyone looking for the skills and information they need to invest in this profitable but mysterious sector should read The Little Book of Hedge Fund to be a hedge fund manager.

The book is presented in a straightforward and amusing language by wealth management expert Anthony Scaramucci and provides a complete insight of this murky sector of high finance.

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Hopping Over the Rabbit Hole: How Entrepreneurs Turn Failure Into Success 

Hopping Over the Rabbit Hole follows Anthony Scaramucci, the founder of SkyBridge Cinintininto this murky high finance sector,e, and rebirth, providing you a primer on how to succeed in a volatile business environment.

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Trump, the Blue-Collar President

Scaramucci discusses his long-term relationship with President Trump, including his thoughts and experiences.

Oscar Capital Management & SkyBridge Capital

Anthony Scaramucci started entering the world of investment banking in 1989 when he worked at Goldman Sachs. Well, after a year he got fired.

Yes, he didn’t resign but was kicked out.

Luckily, after two months, he was re-hired again and was put in the Equities division.

It gets better…

In 1993, he then officially became the Private Wealth Management division, Vice President.

Oscar Capital Management

Anthony Scaramucci then resigned from Goldman in 1996 to launch Oscar Capital Management with a business partner Andrew Boszhardt. Then in 2001, the firm was sold to Neuberger Berman and was passed down to Lehman Brothers in 2003.

Even so, Anthony Scaramucci served as the managing director for the firm’s Investment Management division.

SkyBridge Capital

Anthony Scaramucci founded SkyBridge Capital, a Wall Street Week-licensed global alternative investment firm. He serves as its chairman, and he also led several SALT conferences in Las Vegas, Singapore, Tokyo, and Abu Dhabi.

Interesting Fact: Anthony Scaramucci was awarded the ‘Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award,’ ‘ New York Award in the Financial Services, category and was ranked #85 in Worth magazine’s ‘Power 100: The 100 Most Powerful People in Global Finance.’

Wow, now that’s amazing! Truly, an impressive career history!

Aside from investment firms, he also runs other businesses; check it out below:

  • Hunt & Fish Club
  • Scaramucci Post

Fact: He also makes money from his appearance on political news broadcasts.

The Young Anthony Scaramucci

Young Anthony Scaramucci

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Anthony Scaramucci was born to Italian-American parents on January 6, 1964 on Long Island, New York, and grew up in Port Washington.

Anthony Scaramucci High School

Scaramucci graduated from Paul D. Schreiber Senior High School in 1982, where he spent his time as its Student Council President.

Anthony Scaramucci University

He graduated from Tufts University, earning him a B.A major in economics degree and then received his Juris Doctor degree at Harvard Law School.

Anthony Scaramucci Family & Relationships

Anthony Scaramucci Wife – Deidre Ball

Anthony Wife

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Deidre used to work in SkyBridge Capital under the investor relations division. The two first dated each other in 2011 and got married in 2014. However, after giving birth to their firstborn, the two grew apart in 2017, leading them to file for a divorce. Ball was already pregnant with their second child at the time.


A lot had happened, and they both called off the divorce plan the same year to work on their relationship and growing family.

Anthony Scaramucci Kids 

Alexander Scaramucci, Anthony Scaramucci, Nicholas Scaramucci, James Scaramucci 

Anthony Scaramucci Ex-Wife – Lisa Miranda  

Lisa Miranda was Anthony’s first wife; the two ended their marriage in 2011 following 23 years together.

Anthony Scaramucci Grandfather – Alessandro Scaramucci 

Whoa, that’s a lot, right?

Anthony Scaramucci truly has a diverse business background!  Well, one thing is sure for politicians: they’re always tied for scandals and controversies. His name became more controversial when Donald Trump won his candidacy for the presidency and became his Senior Advisor.


Read more below!

Anthony Scaramucci Controversies

Anti-Trump controversy – Trump’s behavior in the fallout of mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton was referenced by Scaramucci; throughout Trump’s trip to grief-stricken El Paso, he attacked Democratic opponents, bragged about his protest crowd sizes, and was photographed making the “thumbs-up” sign next to a baby orphaned in the shooting.

Trump’s visit was a “catastrophe,” according to Scaramucci, who added that Trump was “really dissembling a little bit, and he is becoming more and more nonsensical.” Scaramucci stated he was still a registered Republican but could not vote for Trump because “he has gone insane.”

Scaramucci was targeted in a series of tweets by Trump.

Tufts Controversy – 240 Tufts undergraduates, faculty, and alumni filed an internet petition in early November 2017 demanding Scaramucci’s resignation from the role. Scaramucci’s lawyers sent Daily a cease-and-desist notice on November 21, 2017, stating that the op-eds included factual mistakes and aimed to slander him.


Caballero and the Daily were ordered to issue a retraction and an apology for their allegedly “defamatory” words. A lawsuit was threatened if they can’t comply within five business days. On November 27, 2017, the Daily decided to keep the full text of the editorials on its site while also making the cease-and-desist letter public.

TheTufts Community Union (TCU) Senate, the university’s main student governance organization, publicly demanded that Scaramucci be removed from the Fletcher School’s Board of Advisors later that evening. Scaramucci withdrew from his job on November 28, 2017.

How Anthony Scaramucci Spends His Money

Anthony Scaramucci Houses

 Manhasset Home

Anthony Scaramucci House

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The Cape Cod-style abode is also a seriously nice spread. It has six beds, 5.5 baths, and 6,200 square feet, and its spacious layout features a soaring entry and staircase, which leads to the formal living and dining rooms.

Water Mill Home

Anthony Scaramucci House

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7,000-square-foot custom house.

Fun Facts

  • Wealth is not everything for Anthony.
  • Anthony was awarded an Honorary citizenship in the Italian town of Gualdo Tadino by the municipal council in March 2021 for his remarkable political and business achievements.
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5 Lessons We Can Learn For Financial Freedom From Anthony Scaramucci

  1. Prioritize your family’s needs first.
  2. Invest only if you’re willing to risk your money.
  3. Never second-doubt yourself when it comes to your own money.
  4. Avoid borrowing money.
  5. Invest in long-term business.
⭐⭐Anthony Scaramucci Net Worth & Biography ⭐⭐ How He Made His Fortune✔ House & Cars✔ Fun Facts✔ Family, Relationships✔ Career Highlights✔ Scandals✔

Top 3 Quotes From Anthony Scaramucci

  • “The blockchain concept was pioneered within the context of crypto-currency Bitcoin, but engineers have imagined many other ways for distributed ledger technology to streamline
  • “The most compelling economic and geopolitical story in 2017 will almost certainly revolve around China. The world’s most populous country bankrolled an economic boom with high levels of debt and leverage, with which the government is now forced to reckon.”
  • “We’re losing jobs in our manufacturing base, and those families that are going to be out of work over the holidays, that is a very sad thing. That is more governmental dependency. That is reduced tax revenue for the state and the federal government.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Did Anthony Scaramucci Graduated In College?

Anthony Scaramucci graduated from Tufts University and received his Juris Doctor in Harvard Law School.

Who Is Anthony Scaramucci’s Wife?

Anthony Scaramucci’s wife is Deidra Ball Scaramucci.

What Company Did Anthony Scaramucci Founded? 

Anthony Scaramucci founded SkyBridge Capital with Andrew Boszhardt after he resigned from Goldman Sachs.

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