Tiger Woods Height, Age, Weight
Body Statistics [UPDATED]

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Tiger Woods Height, Age ,Weight: Tiger Woods, also known as Eldrick Tont Woods, is a world-famous professional golfer, endorser, businessman, and philanthropist. 

He became widely known for his gold medal during the 1997 U.S. Masters at Augusta and called one of the greatest players of all time.

However, we won’t be discussing his golf skills today.

Instead, we’ll be taking a look into Tiger Woods Vital Stats. 

  • From how tall he is
  • To his weight
  • His favorite golf shoes
  • And lots more…

Prep your game face on.

We’re starting in a while.

Tiger Woods Man Vital Stats

Tiger Woods Man Vital Stats

How tall is Tiger Woods?

In case you’re curious…

… the golf superstar, Tiger Woods is actually 185 centimeters tall. 

This fact means Mr. Woods is six feet, which is tall for an average American.

How tall is Tiger Woods?

You can see in the image above how Tiger is a little taller than David Feherty who happens to be 178 centimeters tall. 

What is Tiger Woods’ weight?

If you’ve been following the golfer’s journey since the 1990s, then you’re probably surprised with his ‘weight gain.

Before you panic…

Tiger gained weight to add more muscle into his quite lanky body in the past. (You can see his old pic in the 1990s below  to compare his present weight from it).

What is Tiger Woods’ weight?

For reference, Woods is now 84 kilograms (kgs), while in the past he was known to weigh around 70 kgs. 

How was Tiger able to maintain his weight throughout the years? 

Thanks to his Navy Seals-inspired workout…

… the master golfer has achieved his toned body after a while.

That’s a massive improvement you’ve made there, Tiger!

What are Tiger Woods’s other measurements?

Due to his weight gain…

… Tiger’s chest and waist size have added a few inches – his chest size is now 41 inches, while his waist circumference is measured at 33 inches. 

Besides that, the golf prodigy, who is a known Nike fan… 

has a shoe size of US Mens 11.

tiger wood vital stats 04

Woods surely loves his Nike kicks, as he’s wearing a pair of Nike Presto React in the photo above. 

Fun fact: Woods’ used to promote Nike in the past, but due to his infidelity scandal – the company decided to end his contract with them.

Sooo, if you keep on seeing Woods wearing his Nike…

it’s because he has a lot of them in his closet as a former Nike ambassador. 

Tiger Woods’s Style

Tucked-in shirt, slacks, and his cap – that description certainly matches Tiger’s go-to style. 

He’s often seen with his staple outfits, especially when he’s golfing. 

Tiger Woods’s Style

It’s probably because the golfer wants to make sure he’s comfortable, while playing. 

On the other hand, Tiger also suits up whenever needed. 

He’s often seen comfy with his matching suit and pants…

… during his foundation’s events or at gala nights. 

Conclusion: Tiger Woods Height, Weight, Age

Yay! There you have it. 

Tiger Woods’s Vital Stats – I wonder what vital stat of his surprised you the most

Mine would probably be his weight gain.

But hey, I’m also amazed Tiger sure does love his Nike’s…

… though I’m particularly surprised at how he’s been able to keep his sense of style for decades. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this. If you wanna know more about him, you can check out Tiger Woods’s Bio and Net Worth article on BounceMojo.com. 

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