10+ Best Tamar Braxton Songs & Albums [Of All Time]
[UPDATED 2023]

Tamar Braxton Top List

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Tamar Braxton Songs & Albums:  Tamar Estine Braxton, best known as Tamar Braxton, is a famous American singer and founder of “The Braxtons.” She was a significant part of an R&B singing group. Braxton released one after the other album, which was the reason for her success. 

I bet you came here to discover more music to add to your playlist, and you’re in the right place as we got you the list of our exclusive favorites! 

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Tamar’s Career At “The Braxtons”

Tamar Braxton Lyrics

Tamar Braxton started her career by releasing her first successful single, “Good Life.” Then, she and her sisters released another album named “So Many Ways,” ranked at No. 26 on Billboard R & R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.

A massive success in Tamar’s life was when singer Toni Braxton, her youngest sister, featured her and the Braxton group in a music video, “Seven Whole Days.” 

As if that’s not enough…

One after the other, Tamar Braxton’s songs were on top of the billboard. She also released her solo debut album including, “Get None,” “Let Him Go,” “If You Don’t Wanna Love Me,” and more.

This leads us to…

A list of top 10 songs by Tamar Braxton, get your notes ready as things will,But, as get fun from here!

#1. The One

Artist/ Singer: Tamar Braxton

Album: Love and War

Released: 2013

Songwriter: Sean Combs

The most successful song and video in her entire career are “The One.”  Tamar Braxton had a soulful voice, and therefore, she had put her heart into the lyrics.

Tamar Braxton lyrics are about her one true love, and she sings to let him know it was all a dream; she says in the first stanza,

But I’m the only one to wake you up, baby

(It was all a dream, baby)

Baby… Reminisce the way we kissed; it looked so personal

You took the chance to get my love, and now you know

(It was all a dream baby)

It was all a dream

#2. All The Way Home

Artists/ Singer: Tamar Braxton

Album: Love and war

Released: 2013

Songwriter: Amber Streeter

The lyrics are about taking a break! In the songs, she adds that things are going too fast in her love life. For instance, 

Wait for a minute, baby, going too fast

Imma turn back; oh boy

And I don’t even know one baby 

Without you, I’m an incomplete baby

Clearly, she states that everybody’s life has fast turns and short drives, but she insists upon taking a break, having some rest, and then moving on. 

 Not just that…

Even later, Tamar Braxton sings that she has been thinking about her love all the way home, but she had a chance to refresh her mind and then come back new, with no pros, no cons.

#3. Love And War

Artist/Singer: Tamar Braxton

Album: Love and War

Released: 2013

Songwriter: Tamar Braxton

A studio album by Tamar Braxton, It was released by Epic Records and Streamline Records. It was the first song of her album that got out after 13 years and became a massive success in her life.

Simply put…

The title track of “Love And War” received a positive response from music critics, and the song added that it turned out the way it should’ve been. 

Because we made it this far on for better or worse

I want to feel it even if it hurts, baby

If I have to cry to get to the other side, 

let’s go because we’re going to survive, oh

#4. Let Me Know

Artists/ Singer: Tamar Braxton, Future

Album: Let Me Know

Released: 2014

Songwriter: Harmony David Samuels

A song by Tamar Braxton includes lyrics about her heart’s feelings. She is talking about her love life and addressing the issues being faced. She adds that everyone goes through ups and downs, but the important thing about a relationship is understanding and letting each other know.

Simply put…

The lyrics began, 

Do you feel it? Like I think it?

When you know when it’s right

You don’t let go; You don’t let go

Do you feel it in your heart?

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#5. Wanna Love You Boy 

Artists/ Singer: Tamar Braxton

Album: Bluebird of Happiness

Released: 2017

Tamar Braxton pours her heart out in this song,” Wanna Love You Boy,” as she talks about false hopes in the lyrics. 


In the lyrics, Tamar Braxton says that her partner asked how she feels now, and she is confused if this is the wrong feeling or isn’t it fake?


Tamar Braxton still waits for her love to come back as she is longing to hear his voice, and she wants to feel his existence again. 

As the lyrics say,

Do you want to love me, boy, wanna love me?

Do you want to love me, boy, wanna love me, boy?

…In the lyrics, Braxton just wants something that means anything…

#6. If I Don’t Have You

Artists/ Singer: Tamar Braxton

Album: Calling all Lovers

Released: 2015

Songwriter: Marcos Palacios

The song “If I Don’t Have You” by Tamar Braxton received the Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance. It ranked at number 18 on the Hot R&B Songs Billboard. 

Moving on… 

Tamar Braxton’s lyrics focus on a love that she could never have; she adds that she is incomplete without her partner. It is also a romantic song signaling her love bond between two persons and talks about the end of a relationship.


Tamar Braxton uses her upper register to sing:

Because I want to be right next to you

If you’re going to talk

Baby, come on through

Before it’s all done

#7. Hot Sugar

Artist/ Singer: Tamar Braxton

Album: Love and War

Released: 2013

Songwriter:  LaShawn Daniels and Mandakeba Riddick

“Hot Sugar” is a song by the famous singer Tamar Braxton. American producer Kyle “k2” and Tamar Braxton produced this song together. The response to this song was of mixed emotions, some people praised it, but other critics didn’t like it.

Lyrics include,

He wants to piece of something sweet all night

He wants that good to the last drop like mine

He wants that sugar; he wants that sugar

The lyrics revolve around maintaining a happy relationship between two people. 


It ranked within the top 50 on Billboard’s Hot R&B Songs chart.  Critics also compared this song to a video of American singer Beyonce.

#8. My Man

Artists/ Singer: Tamar Braxton

Album: Bluebird of Happiness

Released: 2017

Songwriter: Mark Rooney

A personal song from Tamar Braxton’s fifth studio album, “Bluebird of Happiness.” 

Simply put…

It was written by Tamar Braxton and Cory Rooney and produced by Bob Robinson. The lyrics are about her personal life story – she wrote it after the divorce of her mom and dad because his dad had another relationship. 

Not just that…

As the lyrics say,

When you were broke, I didn’t leave you

Somehow though it all, I believed in you

No, no, no, not my man

Tamar Braxton also added her own relationship experience from the past. It was highly ranked on Billboard’s Adult R&B Songs and Hot R&B Songs. It also had a video featuring Braxton while she’s confronting her lover. 

#9. Prettiest Girl

Artist/ Singer: Tamar Braxton

Album: Love and War

Released: 2013

Songwriter: Aaron Rogers

One of her best songs, the lyrics tell a story about a happy relationship between two lovers. As Tamar Braxton adds up, her partner makes her feel special.

Not just that…

Lyrics add, 

See, I got the best man in the world

What more can you ask for, ladies

When he makes you feel like you’re the prettiest

She is fond of the care he shows by bringing breakfast for her and doing things she likes. Even if she is not looking good, he still calls her beautiful. This song received an increased amount of love from people because it reflected positive energy, and everyone was able to refer to it. 

Don’t miss out on a chance to hear this one out!

#10. Blind

Artists/ Singer: Tamar Braxton

Album: Bluebird of Happiness

Released: 2017

Songwriter: Rodney Jerkins 

The lyrics told a story of a man cheating on his partner. Tamar Braxton gets cheated, and she says that it’s better for me to go blind than to see you with someone else. 

Lyrics say,

I’d instead go blind, blind, blind

Then to see you with her tonight

I’m done with your lies

But I can’t say goodbye

She is broken into pieces, but the love she has for someone cannot fade that quickly. Tamar Braxton is left confused and depressed by her partner, and now she cannot figure out a way to move on. 

Conclusion: Tamar Braxton Songs & Albums

I hope you liked all the songs of the star singer – Tamar Braxton, and no wonder her lyrics were able to win my heart too. 

…My favorite is “All a Dream.”

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