10+ Best Steve Perry Songs & Albums [Of All Time]


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Steve Perry Songs: Steve Perry, also known by his real name, Stephan Ray Perry, was born on January 22, 1949. He is primarily known as the lead singer of a rock band named Journey from 1977 to 1987. 

Not just that…

In the mid-1980s and 1990s, he had a successful solo career. 

Enough said…

We know you are here to note down some of his unique songs and albums, right? But that’s not all; because we will give you a lot of juicy news about the career of Steve Perry too! 

Let’s get started… 

Steve Perry Sings

Steve Perry Songs

The American singer and songwriter started his music career with a band and played drums.  He then started his journey with a band named “Journey.”  Perry began his early career in 2000 when he moved to Sacramento and formed a band with the 16-year-old Scott Matthews. 

The band worked day and night to be successful in the music industry.

It gets worse…

Unfortunately, the band fell apart as there was no management.

Let me tell you something interesting…

For the first time, Perry sang as a lead singer while he was away, and due to his talent, the band’s manager informed them that Perry would be the new lead singer. 

Solo Albums

Steve’s solo albums were titled  “Street Talk,” “For the Love Of Strange Medicine,” and Traces.” 


We bring you the top list of Steve Perry Songs below! 

#1. You Better Wait

Artist: Steve Perry, Moyes Lucas (video)

Album: For the Love of Strange Medicine

Released in: 1994

Written By: Paul Taylor, Steve Perry

This song You Better Waitwas the first single from a solo album by Steve Perry. On the US Billboard Hot 100, the song ranked at number 29 and also ranked number 1 in Canada. 

Did you know…

The lyrics are about a little 17-year-old girl who wants someone to hold her and love her. As it says,

You better wait

Stop yourself before you fall

You better wait

Stop before you lose it all

Somewhere there’s love

In this track, the singer emphasizes the fact that you better wait before you make a decision. And the fact that someone is always there for you. Just find the right one.

#2. Missing You

Artist: Steve Perry, George Hawkins

Album: For the love of strange medicine

Released on: July 19, 1994

Written By: Perry Stephen Ray

This song is from one of his bonus tracks. 

Missing You is a sentimental song by Steve Perry from my favorite album, For the Love of Strange Medicine.” This song peaked at number seventy-four on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1994. 

Did you know?

This song was shot in a secret location in Rome, Italy.

Steve Perry sings, 

My hearts in your keeping

Here I am

Oh, here I am

Missing you

The singer emphasizes that he misses his/her partner.

#3. It Won’t Be You (Writing Demo)

Artist: Steve Perry

Album: Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased

Released in: 1998

Written By: S. Perry

A beautiful song by Steve Perry explains the singer’s sorrow, as the partner will be gone and it won’t be you!

Summer’s here; now you’re gone.

I will remember your touch.

So my dear, after all.

Life still goes on without you.  

My favorite part of Steve Perry songs is that they are always relatable, and everybody enjoys them, Don’t you?

#4. Foolish Heart

Artist: Steve Perry

Album: Street Talk

Released in: 1984

Songwriter: Perry Stephan Ray

A soft rock song with the B-side, Oh Sherrie, was written and performed by Steve perry.  The song ranked as the fourth single from the album Street Talk.”

Simply put…

In this song, the singer tells a story about having his heart broken several times, which is why he called itFoolish Heart.” 

The lyrics of the song are,

Foolish heart, hear me calling

Stop before you start falling

Foolish heart, heed my warning

You’ve been wrong before

Don’t be wrong anymore

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#5. Stop Believin

Artist: Journey

Album: Escape

Released in: 1981

Songwriter:  Cain Jonathan

A hit song by the band Journey, it was released as the second single from their seventh album. It ranked as number 9 on Billboard Hot 100. 

A magically inspirational song that emphasizes believing and not giving up hope. 

Don’t stop believin’

Hold on to that feelin’

Streetlight, people

Let me tell you something interesting…

This song brought the whole cast of Journey back again in 2015.

#6. Oh Sherrie

Artist: Steve Perry

Album: Street Talk

Released in: 1984

Written By: R. Goodrum

It’s one of the fantastic songs Oh Sherrie by Steve that became sensational. This song has been regarded as an honorary Journey song. 

Let me tell you something interesting…

This song by Steve Perry was the biggest hit as a solo artist, and he wrote it for his girlfriend back then, Sherrie Swafford. 

You should’ve been gone

Knowing how I made you feel

And I should’ve been gone

After all your words of steel

Oh, I must’ve been a dreamer

And I must’ve been someone else

And we should’ve been over

#7. When You Love A Women

Artist: Journey

Album: Greatest Hits

Released in: 1988

Written By: Steve Perry, Neal Schon, and Jonathan Cain

Another track from the band Journey and the song reached number one on the US Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary chart. It was nominated for a Grammy Award too!

As the lyrics include…

When you love a woman

You see your world inside her eyes

When you love a woman

(Well) You know she’s standing by your side

#8. Wheel In The Sky

Artist: Journey

Album: Infinity

Released in: 1978

Written By: Diane T. Valory

Wheel in the sky is an American song by the band Journey.  The band decided to make a new composition by recording hard rock. 

The lyrics say;

Wheel in the sky keeps on turnin’

I don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow

Swirl in the sky marks on turnin’

#9. Most Of All

Artist: Steve Perry 

Album: Traces

Released on: 2018

Written By: Steve Perry 

In 2018, Steve Perry, also known as Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, returned after a long wait and released this album, Traces.” 

Moving on…

…The album depicts inspiration and love as reported by critics all around the world.


The rock song is about Golden memories as the singer says that they won’t fade away. He says that dreams and goals are impossible to replace. Lyrics add,

That won’t fade away.

Golden memories

That we’ll never erase

All the plans and dreams

So hard to replace

#10. Only The Young

Artist: Journey

Album: Frontiers

Released in: 1983

Written By: Steve Perry

Another rock song by Steve Perry and also featured Jonathan Cain. Bruce Broughton produced it. The song had a beautiful story as a sixteen-year-old kid first heard the music, and he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. The song brought life to him. 

The song says,

Only the young can say

They’re free to fly away

Sharing the same desire

Burning’ like wildfire

You need to hear this one out!

Conclusion: Steve Perry Songs & Albums

Those were some of the best tracks by Steve Perry; I hope you are ready to update your playlist.

Aren’t you?

I know you got your favorite, but mine was It Won’t Be You”…

That’s not all…

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