20+ Best Soulja Boy Jokes [FUNNIEST COLLECTION] 2024

Soulja Boy Jokes

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Top Soulja Boy Jokes: Soulja Boy (DeAndre Cortez Way, aka Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em) is an American Hip hop artist, most popularly known for the songs “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” and “Tell ‘Em”. 

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Soulja Boy Jokes
Source: Matichen Online

1. My mom said to me, ‘Guess who’s doing the dishes tonight?’ I hit that Soulja Boy and said, ‘YOOOOOUUU!’”

2. “Chris Brown feuding with Soulja Boy is only slightly less pathetic than Donald Trump feuding with CNN.” – Michael Blackman

4. “Soulja Boy is CANCELED for encouraging people to kiss through the phone without being married. I’m literally SHAKING rn omfg.” – Markey Macias

Soulja Boy Jokes

5. “I ain’t never seen Nina Turner this calm before. She knows that Joy Ann Reid will sooflex her if she tries to pull that ‘Sistah Souljah’ crap on her show.” – Covfefe Jones, King Of Shade

6. “Kids today will never know the feeling of downloading a new album from limewire and hearing the YOUUU and having that feeling of being soulja boy’d.” – Shan Mustafa

7. “Thanks for all your sacrifices, Soulja Boy.” – Lee Mays

8. “I keep my stacks conveniently on top of stacks of other stacks. #souljaboyswag.” – Robert Punchur

Soulja Boy Jokes
Source: Hartford Courant

9. “#MyIdeaOfHellWouldBe Crank Dat Soulja Boi on repeat.” – Aaron David

10. “Lois Lane is definitely not a fan of Soulja Boy.” – Warren Holstein

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11. “I consider myself an overachiever but I have to admit…I never learned how to crank that Soulja Boy.” – DianneGallagher

12. “Friend: Wyd

Soulja Boy: chillin…Watching Netflix

Friend: What show?

Soulja Boy: YOU! Ha get it?

Friend: *hangs up*” – Markey Macias

Soulja Boy Jokes
Source: TUDN

13. “The Five Rappers you Meet in Heaven (biggie, Tupac, Easy-E, Nate Dogg, Soulja Boy…he’s not dead but his career is) #HipHopBooks @midnight” – Dan LaMorte

14. “i want soulja boy to perform the theme song of my tv show” – Caesar

15. “Earlier this week: Soulja Boy violates probation, going to jail for 240 days.

Today: Yu Darvish walk up music is “Crank That” by Soulja Boy” – ChicagoVince

16. “The Avengers is actually based on the life of Soulja Boy” – Mike Blanchard

Soulja Boy Jokes

17. “Soulja Boy is nowhere near Drake’s league.” – Corey Crow

18. “Someone needs to take Soulja Boy’s crackpipe away” – Markey Macias

19. “Cranking that Soulja Boy only resulted in a disturbing the peace violation” – Patrick McLellan

20. “Soulja Boy is launching his own gaming console. If he doesn’t call it the We-YOUUUU I’m gonna be pissed.” – Markey Macias

Soulja Boy Jokes

21. “What if you died and went to heaven and seen everyone dressed up in baggy clothes like Soulja Boy in 2005.” – Markey Macias

22. “Floyd Mayweather Jr. is training Soulja Boy to fight Chris Brown, and this is the most conflicted I’ve ever felt about something.” – Josh Levesque

23. “Chris Brown wants to fight Soulja Boy in a boxing match. Chris already has the advantage, he’s undefeated against women.” – Lee Mays

24. “SouljaBoy fans outraged by his use of Codeine&Suzzurp. But really aren’t they just mad at a man who made his $ on songs like #SupermanDatHo” – Trashcan Jones

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