Soulja Boy Height, Weight, &
Body Statistics [UPDATED]


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Soulja Boy Vital Stats: Soulja Boy height, weight, age & body statistics…

…we have it all.

If you’re wondering how tall, his age, or body statistics the well-known rapper and hip-hop star Soulja Boy is, then you’re in the right place.

Now, Soulja Boy, tell ‘em…

Kidding aside, in this article we’re gonna spill the beans on the most common questions about Soulja Boy’s Height and Measurements.

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So, stay tuned…

We’ll start in 1, 2, and a 1, 2, 3…

Question #1: How tall is Soulja Boy? (Soulja Boy Height

Soulja Boy Height: You can clearly see the height difference between Soulja Boy and YouTuber Logan Paul (who is said to stand at circa 188 centimeters).

For those of you who’re curious…

… DeAndre Cortez Way, popularly known as Soulja Boy, is actually 175 centimeters tall.


5 feet and 9 inches, in case you want to know how tall that is in feet.

Soulja Boy Height, Age Weight, Body Statistics

Question #2: What is Soulja Boy’s Chest Size?

Soulja Boy’s Chest Size: If you’re an OG fan of Soulja, then you’re already no doubt familiar with his tattoos.

You’ll have seen a bunch on his 37-inch chest, on his face, and in almost every crease, crack and crevice of his body.

In fact, the platinum-selling rapper is actually tatted up from his head to his toe.

The Crank Dat singer even said during an interview that the reason why he has so many is that he ‘feels like he won’t be able to land a ‘normal’ job anyway.’

Nothing to stop him then, I guess.

Soulja Boy Height, Age Weight, Body Statistics

Question #3: What is Soulja Boy’s Waist Size?

The rapper’s birthday is on the 28th of July. He was born in Chicago but raised in Atlanta. His upbringing greatly influenced his choice of style and fashion trends.

For example, take a look at this outfit that emphasized his 30-inch waistline.

Soulja has been known for his edgy 2000s street style.

Besides that, you’ll also see the rapper sporting some luxury goods – he’s fond of them too.

In fact, the world was shocked when they heard that $500,000 worth of luxury items were stolen from his Los Angeles mansion in 2019.

This rapper knows and loves his Fendi just as you can see in this photo below.

Soulja Boy Height, Age Weight, Body Statistics

Question #4: What is Soulja Boy’s Shoe Size?

Aside from Soulja’s height, you may also have a hunch about his shoe size.

What is the shoe size of the Kiss Me Thru The Phone singer?

Based on reports, he’s actually a Men’s US Size 9!

That’s quite a shocker knowing that a guy as tall as him has these ‘not-so-big’ feet.

But hey, at least he won’t have a hard time looking for shoes that fit.

Fun fact: In case you haven’t heard…

…Soulja Boy released his own sneakers line in 2015 which he named SBeezy Lights.

Soulja Boy Height, Age Weight, Body Statistics

Conclusion: Soulja Boy Height, Age, & Vital Stats


There we have it – the answers to the most common questions about Soulja Boy’s Vital Statistics.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did digging into all the facts about his measurements.

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