20+ Best Shawn Mendes Memes (2020)

Amelia Anderson
By Amelia Anderson
Shawn Mendes Memes
11 October 2020
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So you want to see some Shawn Mendes memes?

Hell yeah!

Join the club.

We’ve put together a teeny selection of our favorite memes of this crazy talented Singer to give you a few lols.

Are you ready?

Then we shall begin…

1.“But friends don’t know the way you taste la la la”

Me: I want to be Shawn’s “friend”

Shawn Mendes Memes

Ohh la la la

Wouldn’t it be nice to be “friends” with THE Shawn Mendes.

This meme went viral right after the release of “Señorita” by Shawn and his girlfriend, Camila Cabello.

2. You woke up stressed but you remember you’re Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes Memes

I woke up like this 

This is probably what Shawn says as soon as he sees himself in the mirror – first thing in the morning. 

Maybe we should ask Shawn Mendes about his skincare routine – – – soon.

3. Looking at my photos from high school like 

Shawn Mendes Memes


There are things that ought to be remembered…

While throwback photos are meant to be forgotten…

Let’s leave them all in the past, shall we? 

4. Him: She’s just a friend

Your face when you know she’s not

Shawn Mendes Memes


Is she really just a “friend?” 

Or maybe you are too afraid to admit your feelings for her coz you might get friendzoned? 


5. Looking at my bank account after I just ordered $2000 worth of makeup

Shawn Mendes Memes

It looks like someone’s going on a “forced” intermittent fasting tonight…

Here’s to next months pay check already…

6. When mom says “I’ll order more pizza” and you’re already halfway into your 100th sandwich

Shawn Mendes Memes

Whyyy now?!

7. When you accidentally open the front camera

Shawn Mendes Memes

Candid *camera clicks* 

Admit it, we’ve done this so many times yet it still surprises (and horrifies) us every time. 

8. Him: “You’re the only girl I talk to.”


Shawn Mendes Memes

Sounds so good to be true huh. 

Usually is then.

9. Shawn Mendes looking at me in my dreams

Shawn Mendes Memes

When Shawn Mendes stalks you in your dream and you willingly let him follow you. 

Because, well duh, he’s Shawn Mendes.

10. Me accidentally drinking tequila with jager

Shawn Mendes Memes

That face of regret when you realize you chugged tequila with jager and there’s no turning back. 

*Swallows in pain*.

11. “Pineapple doesn’t go on pizza!” 

Me: Wait what?

Shawn Mendes Memes

You don’t like pineapple? 

What an uncultured dude! 

Pineapples do go with pizza, end of story. 

(Kidding aside)

12. Him: “Let’s move on.”

Me: “Okay.”

Him: “I want you back.”

Shawn Mendes Memes


This meme totally describes how an ex reacts when a former partner wants a comeback.

13. Looking at my crush from afar like

Shawn Mendes Memes

Isn’t she lovely… Isn’t she wonderful…

What a beautiful day it is to see your crush from afar. 

Ever felt this? 

Tweet us your reaction whenever you see your crush.

14. Me being stressed that I’m quarantined with my annoying roommate because of COVID19

Shawn Mendes Memes

What to do, what to do.

You panic when you realize you’re going to be stuck with your roommate for quite some time because of Miss Rona.

15. When my crush finally answers my 147th call with “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!”


Shawn Mendes Memes


Even if your crush yelled at you, you still smile and get giddy because your crush answered your call. 

We’ll take anything we can get.

16. Only Shawn Mendes can look this hot after getting beaten up

Shawn Mendes Memes

What kind of sorcery is this?

How can Shawn Mendes still look so great and h o t – despite getting beaten up?

17. Friend: Your crush is coming. Act cool.


Shawn Mendes Memes

In 3… 2… 1…

Let’s admit it, we’ve acted like this in front of our crush before. 

It’s probably embarrassing now that we think of it, but hey, those were one of the best moments in our lives. *wink wink*

18. 2020 got us like

Shawn Mendes Memes

2020 came into our lives like a bang – nobody expected it. 

No one came prepared for the pandemic, no one thought we’ll be quarantined for most days in the whole freakin’ year.

19. They’re “just friends.”

Shawn Mendes Memes

If only you could have a dollar everytime these two have labeled themselves “just friends.”

But we’re glad they’ve finally admitted that they were dating in 2019. The couple first met during an Austin Mahone concert in 2014 and has been close friends since then.

20. We all went through this phase

Shawn Mendes Memes

If there’s one thing that we know about Shawn Mendes, it’s the fact that.. 

Puberty certainly hit him hard.

I mean look at how Shawn Mendes turned into a grown beautiful man from being a bit of a gawky teenager 

Conclusion: 20+ Best Shawn Mendes Memes

There you have it, rather gorgeous isn’t he, and with a voice to die for.

I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing these as much as I enjoyed putting them together, but I doubt it.


Anyway – next up – why not check out our other Shawn Mendes articles? You can learn about how minted he is in our Net Worth article, or check out his vital stats in our Bio – OR, just have a laugh at our jokes…

Over to you…

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