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Shannon Sharpe Vital Stats

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Shannon’s Height, Weight, Age, Vital Statistics, Career:  Shannon Sharpe is a former American football tight end, former NFL star wide receiver, and TV presenter. 

He was a member of the National Football League (NFL) Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens squad. Shannon also served as an analyst for CBS Sports during NFL broadcasts until his retirement.

Now let’s move on…

He’s presently working as a TV presenter and co-host in the program “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed with Skip Bayless.”


I’m guessing you’ve come here because you’re a fan, or because you did some internet research and want to learn more about him. So, let’s learn more about Shannon Sharpe net worth, early life and personal life, and body measurements amng many other exciting info.

Aside from that, check out some facts that we will be looking further too as get to know Sharpe Shannon! 

Today we’re going to be looking at:

  • Shannon Sharpe’s athletic measurements and how he’s maintaning it today;
  • His NFL Analyst for cbs career, tight end years, NFL career, as well as his super bowl games;
  • Sharpe’s birth chart, his zodiac sign, how his sign reflects him as a person, and his career through the years;
  • His workout routine and diet;
  • And lots more!

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Let’s get started…

Shannon Sharpe Vital Stats (2024): Height, Weight, Age & Lots More…

How old is Shannon Sharpe?

Shannon Sharpe is 55 years old and his date of birth is, which makes him a Cancer Zodiac Sign.


Let’s get to know Shannon Sharpe better as we take a little look back on his personal and early life before he reached his stardom today. 

Shannon Sharpe Bio

Full name, Shannon Sharpe (birth place: Chicago, Illinois, United States) was born on June 26, 1968, to his mother Mary Alice Dixon, and his father Pete Sharpe. As most die-hard fans of Shannon know, he is the younger brother of Sterling Sharpe, a former NFL star wide receiver during his pro football years. 

Did you know… 

Sharpe Shannon accompanied the Tigers’ football team to one of their best prospects in team history in 1989. He was also enlisted into the Division II Football Hall of Fame in 2009.


He went to Glennville High School and later on, got admitted to Savannah State College (Savannah State University) where he commenced his athletic career and started playing football and basketball.

 Sharpe also ventured in track and field and graduated with a degree in criminal justice.

Eventually, Shannon was included and hailed as a three-time All Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference candidate and was also granted  the SIAC Player of the Year award in 1987.

Skip and Shannon Undisputed

Shannon is now a TV personality who co-hosts the Fox Sports 1 sports talk show Skip and Shannon: Undisputed with Skip Bayless. 

Following official launch in 2016, the sports talk show has reached average viewership ratings with 107,000 views per episode, peaking at 155,00 back in 2017. 

Not only that…

Shannon Sharpe also co-hosts Sirius NFL Radio’s Opening Drive Morning Program with Bob Papa.


Proves that he’s a good entertainer, yeah? 

Football Hall of Fame

Sharpe was one of seventeen candidates for induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2009. In a group which included Bruce Smith, Ralph Wilson, Derrick Thomas, and Rod Woodson, he was skipped through during his first year.

That said…

Sharpe was inserted into the NCAA Division II Football Hall of Fame in October 2009, and the NCAA Division II Football Hall of Fame confirmed that he’d be drafted in December of that year. 

Sharpe’s No. 2 jersey was also retired by Savannah State University.

But hold on, there’s more…

Shannon Sharpe was named a semi-finalist for appointment into the 2011 Pro Football Hall of Fame in November 2010, alongside Art Modell and other players, where was later incorporated into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2011.

As for his personal life, and his own family…

When it comes to revealing details about it, he has become very private. 

Unlike his professional career that leads the headlines, he has kept his mouth shut when it comes to discussing his relationship or marital life.

Furthermore, it’s unknown if he’s actually involved with anyone. 

So, just to be sure, let’s assume he’s single.

He hasn’t spoken about his dating or marriage life, but he is the father of three girls, Kayla, Kaley, and Kiari.

There’s no more detail on their mother; he was rumored to be dating Katy Kellner. 

However, their romance didn’t last long, and Katy Kellner revealed that she was expecting a child with another man in 2018.

It’s likely that you were unaware of this…

In 2010, Shannon was embroiled in a saga in which a woman claiming to be his girlfriend sought a restraining order against him in an Atlanta courtroom. 

He was accused of sexual harassment and death-threatening the woman. However, the case was dismissed after a woman was found to have fabricated her allegations.

You must be wondering…

With all the fame he got from his football career to his being a sports analyst in his retirement, just how much is Shannon Sharpe worth?

Shannon Sharpe Height

How tall is Shannon Sharpe ?

Shannon Sharpe’s height is 73.3 inches or 6″1 in ft. I can say that with his height, he can really fit in a lot of sports. 

How much does Shannon Sharpe weigh?

Shannon Sharpe weighs 221 pounds or 100 kilograms! For someone, who’s playing football and has to put weight on their body to attack and to block on the field, it’s pretty much normal especially because Shannon has athletic build. 

Below are his complete measurable information:

Height: 73.3 inches / 6”1 ft
Weight: 221 pounds / 100kg
BMI: 29.62
Arm Length: 33.00 inches
Hand Size: 10.00 inches

Shannon Sharpe Workout Routine

Shannon Sharpe Vital Stats

Sharpe also describes some of his more difficult CrossFit routines, such as 150-200 squats with 53-pound kettlebells in each hand and a rowing/pushup series wherein the athlete must row 500 meters and then complete 20 pushups. Insane, right?

If you think you’re done… 

Well, nope. He then increases the rowing meters by 250 meters at a time until he reaches 1,000 meters and completes 20 pushups to complete the loop.

As for his diet plan…

Shannon loves a balanced diet that he knows will nourish and strengthen him. 

Lean meat, vegetables, and complex carbs like beans and brown rice are all part of his daily diet. He also ensures that he stays hydrated during the day by drinking plenty of water.

Shannon Sharpe Net Worth

Shannon Sharpe Vital Stats

Now given all his social media fame, and athletic background, here’s what Bouncemojo knows about his net worth; Shannon Sharpe is reported to have a net worth of $12 million. His 15 years in the NFL make up the large portion of the retired athlete’s net worth.

Check out Shannon’s personal and family details below: 

Full name: Shannon Sharpe
Profession: Former Tight end football player, TV host
Hair Color: Black
Birthday: June 26, 1968
Father: Pete Sharpe
Birth place: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Eye Color: Black
Sibling:  Sterling Sharpe
Mother: Mary Alice Dixon


Moving on to one of the best parts of this article, especially for the zodiac and astrology enthusiasts we have here today. Check out more facts about Shannon below:

Shannon Sharpe Astrology Birth Chart

What is the Shannon Sharpe Birth Chart?

Shannon Sharpe’s birth chart reflects all the celestial bodies in the sky when and where Shannon Sharpe was born.


Let’s jump to another interesting fact about his zodiac sign, and how his sign reflects his personality and if it somehow affects his career.

Shannon Sharpe Astrology Birth Chart

What is Shannon Sharpe Zodiac Sign?

Shannon Sharpe Zodiac Sign

Cancers have a strong sense of intuition, and their psychic powers emerge in the following ways: Cancers, for example, can easily pick up on the energies in a setting.

Did you know…

These crabs are both extremely perceptive and fiercely protective of themselves. 

Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign, and the crab is its symbol. They’re known for being emotional, caring, and compassionate, while also being vulnerable and nervous at times.

Although it may look like Shannon Sharpe is a tough man based on his looks, he may also be a softie. When an emotional person turns passionate, it’s different. 

Just look at where his career led him to today. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Shannon Sharpe Net Worth?

Shannon’s net worth is $12 million,coming  most from his sports career.

What teams was Shannon Sharpe a part of during the NFL?

He was part of the Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos during the National Football League years.

Conclusion: Shannon Sharpe Height, Weight, Age

There you have it! Did you have an informative read today? 

To be honest, I really loved the fact that he still maintains a healthy lifestyle despite retiring from his sports career.

His impact and iconic role in the football field still remains as an inspiration to some aspiring athletes who want to achieve the same recognition he obtained as a player. 

In case, you want more of his bio, net worth, quotes and more, just visit Bouncemojo.com! 

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