10 Top Robert Blake Movies and TV Series


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 Robert Blake Movies and TV Series: You probably know a thing or two about Robert Blake, but do you know enough about him to call yourself Blake’s Fan?

Nothing to worry about because you’ve come to the right place! If you want to know him and would like to take a look at some of his best films to add to your watchlist, then we got you covered today.

That said…

… this article is all about ‘Top 10 Blake’s Best TV Series & Movies’ and some juicy details about his career. Now, are you all fired up? Sit back, relax and enjoy reading!

But, first…

Let’s take a look at how his career blossomed in the film scene.

Let’s get started…

About Actor Robert Blake

Robert Blake Movies and TV Series

Robert Blake born Michael James Gubitosi is an American actor. He has an inspirational career but Blake, also called Bobby Blake is well-known for his starring roles in “In Cold Blood” and “Baretta”. 

Bobby Blake started as a child actor, and he was given the name of ‘Mickey Gubitosi’ because his career skyrocketed by appearing in the movie “Bridal Suite”.

Later, Blake starred in “Our Gang Short Subjects (a.k.a. The Little Rascals)”. Bobby Blake only appeared in 40 shots and by the end, he was the lead role in the TV series. He was then called ‘Mickey Blake.’ 

In 1993, he staged an unlikely comeback, receiving an Emmy nomination. Later he received another Emmy nomination because of his crime drama film, “Judgement Day.” 

That’s when it all gets better…

Bobby Blake was featured in many TV series, including Gang Series, Naples Bus Boy, Baretta 1974 The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, Guest 2, Johnny Eagle, Little Beaver (as Bobby Blake), etc.


Blake was also cast in several movies, for instance, Money Train, The Purple Gang, Lost Highway, Pork Chop Hill, and The Big Noise. 

Now buckle up as we dive to Bobby Blake’s top movies and series! 

#1. Baretta

Robert Blake Movies and TV Series

A drama series or TV series has the most remarkable story and starring the best actor Bobby Blake was released in 1975, consisting of 4 seasons. Robert Blake had the starring role in the television series Baretta. He played the role of Detective Tony Baretta. 

Simply put…

The theme of this TV series is crime-solving. It depicts how detective Tony Baretta (Bobby Blake) fights against all the criminals.  Tony Baretta faces many difficulties through the drama series, but he tries his best to fight crime and even goes against the supervisors to end the corruption. 

The executive producer kept changing after various episodes. 

#2. In Cold Blood

Robert Blake Movies and TV Series

“Blood Feud” was released in 1967, having the theme of crime/ drama. This TV movie was written, produced, and directed by Richard Brooks. 

Perry Smith (Robert Blake) and Richard “Dick” Hickock (Scott Wilson) make a plan to rob a wealthy Kansas family. As both, the men enter the house and try to find a safe where all the money is kept, but they find nothing at all. 

But here’s the kicker…

.. they kill the entire family and run away from that house, but later they face many difficulties. From Hollywood history, the TV movie “In Cold Blood” by Bobby Blake turned out to be a hit.

#3. Our Gang (The Little Rascals)

Robert Blake Movies and TV Series

One of the TV series that featured Bobby Blake as a child actor, Mickey Gubitosi. This story revolves around the childhood of a group of children who spend their time in a neighborhood in the 20th century. It is ranked as a funny TV series as the children go through ups and downs together, but with a mixture of fun. 

#4. Lost Highway

Robert Blake Movies and TV Series

A noir/ mystery TV movie released in 1997, starring Bobby Blake. 

Robert played the role of “Mystery Man”, and this is an intersecting story in which one is about a jazz musician who gets to know that his wife is having an affair, and is suddenly accused of her murder. 

On the other hand…

The young mechanic is cheating on her boyfriend. Both the stories link up as the character of women in both the tales is played by the same actress, Patricia Arquette.

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#5. Electra Glide in Blue

Robert Blake Movies and TV Series

The action and crime movie “Electra Glide” officially released in 1973. The film stars Bobby Blake as John Wintergreen. 

In this TV movie, a police officer is assigned to patrol Arizona; Bobby Blake (John Wintergreen) hopes to break his status and join the homicide department.  

Want to know the best part?

He gets an opportunity to work on a murder case.

#6. The Purple Gang

Robert Blake Movies and TV Series

A film was released in 1959 with executive producer Lindsley Parsons and directed by Frank McDonald. 

The story is of a teenage pack of Detroit slums, The Purple Gang. A policeman hunts a ruthless hoodlum (Bobby Blake) during prohibition because the gang he was a member with smuggled liquor in the 1920s

#7. Blood Feud

Robert Blake Movies and TV Series

An American crime-drama short film series released in 1983. It is a battle between corrupt trade union Jimmy Hoffa (Blake) and J. Edgar Hoover (Ernest). The TV movie is directed by Mike Newell. And it is a great movie starring Blake. 

#8. Joe Dancer

Robert Blake Movies and TV Series

A television series, Joe Dancer, starring Bobby Blake, had many seasons from 1981-1983. 

A critical phase of Blake’s final years, as this TV series was created, produced, and narrated by the actor himself. This TV series tells several stories of a private detective, Joe Dancer (Bobby Blake). The suspense stories consist of case solving strategies.

#9. Joy Scouts

Robert Blake Movies and TV Series

A comedy short TV movie from the show “Our Gang” is one of Blake’s incredible movies. It’s about a group of boy scouts who decided to make their camping expedition. 

Are you looking for some adventure?

Don’t miss this out!

#10. Coast to Coast

Robert Blake Movies and TV Series

Coast to Coast is a Romantic-comedy movie starring Dyan and Bobby Blake. In this story, a rich woman, Dyan, escapes an asylum and meets the man, Bobby Blake, during her journey. It is a love story featuring both the actors.

As the title says, either way, he will get it in the end.

Conclusion: Top Robert Blake Movies and TV Series

I hope you enjoyed reading about Bobby Blake. He was such an inspiration in his TV series and movies as well. 

But here’s the kicker…

We learned from Blake’s life how he went through hard times and yet came back stronger than ever. 

Did you know…

Blake had to face death row because his second wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley, was fatally shot dead in an accident? 

That’s just one side of the story. 

To find out more about this detail, head to Robert Blake’s Net Worth, Biography & Lifestyle article in Bouncemojo.com. 


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