OJ Simpson Height, Age, Weight
Body Statistics [UPDATED]

OJ Simpson Vital Stats

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OJ Simpson Height, Age, Weight & Body Statistics: Orenthal James Simpson, best known for his nickname “OJ Simpson,” is a former American national football league player, actor, broadcaster, endorser, and a convicted lawbreaker.

He was best known for his football and acting career.

But, we won’t be talking about those today.

Instead, we’ll be digging more into OJ Simpson’s Vital Stats.

  • From his height
  • To his weight loss (he lost weight while in jail!)
  • His famous Bruno Magli shoes
  • And lots more!

Put your game face on as you read through this OJ Simpson Vital Stats article. Let’s begin.

OJ Simpson Vital Stats (2024): Height, Weight, Age & Lots More…

How tall is OJ Simpson? 

OJ has been known as one of the most controversial athletes in history, but this time we’ll talk about OJ Simpson’s height and not his career. 

In case you didn’t know, the former National Football League (NFL) player is actually 185 centimeters tall.

This fact tells us that Simpson has a height of six feet and one inch, which means he’s taller than an average American.

In the photo above, you can see how Simpson stands out whenever he’s in a crowd.

How did OJ Simpson lose weight?

OJ Simpson Height

If you’ve been following the “trial of the century” since the 1990s, then you’re probably surprised by OJ Simpson’s weight loss.

It turns out, OJ lost a hundred pounds (45 kilograms) while behind bars.

Curious? Read on.

OJ Simpson Height

According to sources, Simpson gained so much weight when he went to prison because of his unhealthy lifestyle.

That’s why the former football star decided to lose all that weight while he was in jail because he wanted to “look better” once he goes out of prison.

Seems reasonable to me.

But I’m sure you’re curious how Simpson was able to shed off a lot of his unwanted fats.

Well, thanks to his 2,600-calorie diabetic diet in prison, the former NFL star trimmed down to 200 pounds (90.7 kgs) from 300 pounds (136 kgs).

That’s a significant improvement you’ve done there, OJ!

What are OJ Simpson’s other body measurements? 

Due to his weight loss…

… OJ’s chest and waist size have lost a few inches – his chest size is now 44 inches (111 centimeters), while his waist circumference now measures 34 inches (86.4 cm). 

Now, in case you didn’t know…

… OJ Simpson’s shoes made headlines during the trial of the century.

To give you an idea about what happened, a size 12 Bruno Magli shoe print was left at the crime scene and was assumed to be OJ’s footprint.

Well, that’s because the athlete owns a pair of Bruno Magli and also wears his shoes in size US Men’s 12.

OJ Simpson Vital Stats

OJ Simpson Style

OJ Simpson Style

Before OJ went to jail, his style is usually sleek and versatile, which means you’ll see him either in a suit and tie or a simple t-shirt and pants combo.

It’s probably because the athlete prefers a comfortable but aesthetic outfit whenever he’s out and about.

Conclusion: OJ Simpson Height, Weight, Age

So, we’ve let you in on the inside scoop on OJ Simpson’s Vital Stats. I wonder which part surprised you the most. Spill the beans now.

Mine would be his weight loss – hands down.

I mean, I’m amazed at how he was able to lose a hundred pounds while in jail.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. If you wanna know more about him, you can check out OJ Simpson’s Bio and Net Worth article on BounceMojo.com. 

Feel free to share with us your most surprising OJ Simpson vital statistics.

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