10+ Best Nick Jonas Haircut (2024)

Nick Jonas' Haircut

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Nick Jonas’ haircut has been through a lot – and I mean A LOT – of changes.

But one thing always remains the same – his curly hair.

Hey, Nick Jonas’ curly hair is what turned him into the Nick Jonas that every young girl has swooned over since the mid-2000s.

He rocked that curly, undone style when he starred alongside his brothers Kevin and Joe in Disney’s Camp Rock.

That’s precisely how his boy-next-door image started.

And he’s remained true to that even to this day.

…well, somehow.

So, you wanted to check out this list of 10 Best Nick Jonas’ Haircuts?

I’ll guide you through it.

Let’s get started.

1. The Long Curly Locks

Nick Jonas Haircut


Hey, Nick!

I mean, could you not give us a day when your hair looks messy and disheveled?

Every Nick Jonas’ haircut out there adds a thousand points to his already topnotch charm.

I mean, what style can you not rock, Nick?

We need hair tips!

2. The boy-next-door shag

Nick Jonas Haircut


When anyone mentions the name Nick Jonas, this is the kind of ‘do that crosses my mind.

I mean, after all, way back in 2008, when The Jonas Brothers were still starting their career alongside fellow budding artists such as Demi Lovato – he rocked this look.

Heck, he even enjoyed banging his head rockstar mode while singing “Play My Music” on stage.

I mean, could you even look this guy in the eye?

He’s oozing with sex appeal and charm.

If I didn’t know any better, I think Shawn Mendes was trying to replicate Nick Jonas’ image.

Who knows, right?

In the photo above, Nick wore his curly dark brown locks in tousled layers that put a spell on every Jonas Brother fanatic.

…and for good reason.

Not your typical ‘do for a fella but he rocked this style by 15 over 10.

3. The Classic Superman-looking Curl

Nick Jonas Haircut


Adding further charm to his boy-next-door personality – both in and out the movies he’s been making since the early 2000’s – he changed his ‘do and made his curls a little less spirited.

This look by Nick Jonas is iconic and one that sticks to the heart of every Nick Jonas-loving fan out there.

To generation Z kids out there, this Nick Jonas haircut set him apart from his also-good-looking brothers and gave him that signature boyband singer look.

Any tips on that hair, Nick? 

We’d love to know more about how to effortlessly rock a curly ‘do.

4. The Short Curly Hair 

Nick Jonas Haircut


Anyone who’s ever been charmed by this handsome guy is guaranteed to swoon over this short hairdo. 

You got me, Nick, I love it!

Rocking relatively short hair, he’s even wearing a bowtie in the photo. 

I mean, come on, Casanova. 

You’re good-looking, alright!

It’s almost official, Nick Jonas can rock any hairstyle!

He’s like, I’ll style it however I want. 

It’s like he knows he’ll still be gorgeous whatever the difference in style.

Nick Jonas’s haircut may not be the primary reason for his fame, a stylish hairstyle and look never hurt.

5. The Buzz Cut Beau

Nick Jonas Haircut

Just wow!

Okay, I’ll finally make it official! 

Nick Jonas can rock any hairstyle! 

Bar none.

Here, Nick Jonas’ short hair transitioned him from being a boy to being a man – the man!

If you notice, he’s projecting a different come-get-me smirk. 

And I’m gonna say that this slightly-serious-smirk adds 100% more points to his overall awesomeness!

6. The Prison Break-looking Shaved Head

Nick Jonas Haircut


Come on, how many guys can proudly say they rock a shaved head?

In this photo, Nick Jonas can be seen being confident with his newly-shaved head as if to say I know I shaved my head and I know I still look pretty damn good.

7. The Low Fade Cut

Nick Jonas Haircut

In a word, gorgeous!

Ever since Nick cut his hair short, he’s been looking as attractive as can be – even more attractive than his sibs, if I do say so myself.

While Joe Jonas was the instant eye candy in the group, it can’t be denied that Nick Jonas is an instant attention grabber too.

Nick Jonas’ haircut is what helps him stand out above the rest.

8. The Classic Tapered ‘Do

Nick Jonas Haircut

Would you just look at that side profile? 

Whatever we do, we just can’t find a ‘do that doesn’t suit Nick! 

What did you do with your hair, Nick?

…or what did you do to us? Haha.

Here, he had his hair clipped super short on the sides and back  – and had it blended to a few inches at the top.

This has remained a fan favorite indeed!

When Nick Jonas shocked the Jonas Brothers fandom with his buzz cut, he rocked it with his constant neat ‘dos like this one.

Nick Jonas’ short hair has been a constant and we’re loving it!

Want a Nick Jonas classic haircut? Tell your hairdresser you want a very tight fade with hard edges

9. The Pompadour-rocking Man

Nick Jonas Haircut

Ahh…the classic pompadour!

This Nick Jonas haircut is another one of his fans’ favorites. With a classic puff of long hair at the top, he cut his hair short on the sides.

I mean, the cute smile just adds even more points to the look!

10. Cute Look

Nick Jonas Haircut

In the photo above, Nick Jonas’ haircut adds pizzazz to his cute AF look.

With short hair on the sides, a rather messy tousled top, and those pouty lips? 

I’m seeing why Priyanka just couldn’t say no.

Conclusion: 10 Best Nick Jonas Haircut

There you have it!

This boy next door rocked every single one of these various haircuts.

You already rocked it in the looks department. 

We can’t say we’re surprised you nailed your hair too, Nick.

And among men’s hairstyles…

… which one was your favorite? 

Which Nick Jonas haircut did you love the most? Which one did you not?

If you’re a man looking to find inspiration for a new hairstyle for your next party or night out, which of Nick Jonas’ haircuts do you fancy?

My fave is number 4 – just love it.

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