Nick Jonas Bio, Lifestyle, Facts (2024)[UPDATED]

Nick Jonas Bio

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Nicholas Jerry Jonas (born September 16, 1992) is an American singer, songwriter and actor. … Nick formed a new band known as Nick Jonas & the Administration, who released the album Who I Am in 2010. Afterward, Jonas shifted his focus to acting and had a recurring role on the television series Smash.

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at Nick Jonas biography; we’ll be looking at:

  • His education and career
  • His personal life and relationships
  • His book and Filmography
  • Lots more…

If you want to find out everything about Nick Jonas.

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Who Is Nick Jonas?

Do we ever have to ask that question?

I believe the question is “Who doesn’t know Nick Jonas?” 

Well, he’s only the hottest Jonas brother.

Nick Jonas started a career as a theater actor when he was still young. As a teenager, Jonas was offered a recording contract and eventually started performing alongside his brothers. 

Together, they formed the famous boy band Jonas Brothers.

All three brothers found fame – and success – with the Disney Channel.

Nick Jonas Bio

I mean, don’t all young stars that start with Disney manage to reap the rewards? Take Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake for example.

As he matured, Nick ventured into a solo singing career and has even delved into the world of film and television.

One-Line Bio

Nick is an American singer-songwriter who rose to fame after starring in Disney’s Camp Rock alongside his brothers, Kevin and Joe.

Nicholas Jerry Jonas – yes, you read that right (great choice on just opting for “Nick”) – was born on September 16, 1992, in Dallas, Texas.

Nick’s parents raised their kids in Wyckoff, New Jersey. Growing up, the three Jonas brothers really loved playing music together.

But, of all three, it was Nick who was discovered first.

Legend has it that he started getting recognized for singing in a hair salon while his mother had her hair cut.


Well, I’d like to think it was fate.

It gets better.

Did you know he also starred in a Chuck E. Cheese commercial when he was young?

Nick Jonas Bio

Not only that!

When he was seven, he began singing on Broadway where he appeared as Tiny Tim in their version of A Christmas Carol headed by Madison Square Garden Productions. 

He continued his Broadway singing career with a few roles in Beauty and the Beast, Les Miserables, and Annie Get Your Gun.

In the course of his Broadway journey, he began his songwriting career when he wrote a song with his father that was eventually discovered by Columbia Records.

What a great opportunity indeed!

In 2004, Nick Jonas would then go on to start a brand new career as a solo artist. 

Kevin and Joe, equally passionate about music as Nick, co-wrote a few songs with him. This later encouraged the three brothers to form what we now know as Jonas Brothers.

Nick has three siblings – Kevin, Joe, and Frankie.

The “Jealous” singer and his brothers are devout Christians and took pride in saving intimacy until marriage. 

Nick Jonas Bio

In fact, the three brothers wore a purity ring as a sign of abstinence from sex until marriage.

In an interview with James Corden, Joe said, “Purity rings were to wait for the right person when the time was right.”

Apparently, the Jonas brothers’ father was a pastor – so growing up and having these beliefs was expected. 

That’s also the reason he doesn’t smoke nor drink too much – well, just occasionally anyways.

Quick trivia: It was Kevin Jonas who first took off his purity ring in 2013.

Nick is approximately 170 cm (5’7”) tall and weighs over 154 lbs (70 kg).

His trademark is his dark brown hair color that matches his curly locks perfectly and accentuates his dark brown eye color.

He loves the color blue and loves to indulge in Italian food and steak.


Nick Jonas Bio

I’m with you on that, Nick!

His zodiac sign is Virgo which explains his whirlwind romance with model-actress Priyanka Chopra.

Check out his net worth here too for more juice on the heartthrob.

Known as an easy person to get along with, it’s really no surprise that Nick Jonas has a lot of friends in the entertainment industry. 

Most of his chums he’s known since his Disney days – Chloe Bridges, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, John Taylor, Jordan Francis, Jordan Pruitt, Justin Bieber, and Victoria Justice.

Personal Life & Relationships

Nick Jonas Relationships

A whirlwind romance as others would have it, Priyanka and Nick’s marriage seems to be much more than that.

After tying the knot on December 1, 2018, following lavish wedding ceremonies – yes, you read that right, “ceremonies” – the two have been inseparable ever since.

A power couple of sorts, everything started when, in 2016, Jonas made the first move on Twitter by sending Priyanka a direct message with the words, “I’m hearing from a few mutual friends that we should meet.”

Surprisingly, Priyanka responded with a cool “My team can read this. Why don’t you just text me?” 

Then she sent him her number. 

What a teenage-like butterflies-in-the-stomach kind of romance.

Their then-budding relationship went on for several months. 

Apparently, Chopra wasn’t one to publicize her relationships. 

But when it came to Nick, she just found herself saying, “What is happening? I’ve not known myself like this.

A year later (February of 2017), Nick and Priyanka ran into each other at the 2017 Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty.

As cheesy as it sounds, Jonas put down his drink and knelt down on one knee when he saw Priyanka enter the room and said, “You’re real. Where have you been all my life?”

Two months later…

…renowned designer Ralph Lauren invited the two to the Met Gala – coincidentally. 

Well, according to reports, the two had already grabbed a drink together at the Carlyle Hotel.

After a few drinks, she invited Nick to her apartment and – surprise surprise – the evening ended with a “platonic back pat.”

Nick Jonas Relationships


Talk about utter respect for women. Way to go, Nick.

Most people would opt for more than just that when invited to someone’s apartment, don’t you agree?

Nick’s brother, Joe, divulged to Vogue that Chopra “kind of knocked him off his feet. He was just this little puppy dog.”

Woah! Slow down, Joe! 

We don’t want people to get the impression Nick is whipped.

While everything seems to be all lovey-dovey in other people’s eyes, Chopra was quick to point out to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that the two of them were “just friends.”

Uhuh, sure, Priyanka!

A year later (May of 2018), Us Weekly got word from a source saying that the two were already dating.

“They’re dating and it’s brand new. It’s a good match and they are both interested in each other,” says the source.


Nick Jonas Education

Growing up a Christian, it would be no surprise that Nick and his brothers attended a Christian School. The school he went into was Eastern Christian High School. 

After finishing 5th standard, he was then home-schooled by his mother.

Nick Jonas Career

Seeing as Nick Jonas is a talented – if not the most talented – artist of his generation, it really isn’t that surprising that he’s had tons and tons of awards and nominations.

Nick Jonas (2009)

  • Won Best Fashionista (Most Fashionable) at the Los Premios MTV Latinoamérica
  • Nominated as Favourite International Personality or Actor for the movie Camp Rock at the Astra Awards

Nick Jonas (2010)

  • Nominated for Favorite TV Actor at the Kids’ Choice Awards
  • Nominated for Favorite International Male Character at the Nickelodeon Mexico Kids’ Choice Awards
  • Nominated for Choice Music: Love Song Award for his song “Stay” at the Teen Choice Awards
  • Nominated for Choice Breakout Artist (Male) Award for Nick Jonas & The Administration at the Teen Choice Awards
  • Won Young Hollywood Artist of the Year at the Young Hollywood Awards

Nick Jonas (2011)

  • Nominated for Favorite TV Actor at the Kids’ Choice Awards
  • Won the DREAM Award at the Disability Rights Legal Center (DRLC)

Nick Jonas (2012)

  • Won the “Contributions to the theater community” Award at the Broadway Beacon AwardsRug’s real height and weight;

Nick Jonas (2013)

  • Won the Acuvue Inspire Award at the Teen Choice Awards
Nick Jonas Career

Nick Jonas (2014)

  • Won the Coolest Crossover Artist Award at the Young Hollywood Awards
  • Nominated for the Artist on the Rise Award at the MTV European Music Awards

Nick Jonas (2015)

  • Won the Favorite Male Singer Award at the Kids’ Choice Awards
  • Nominated for the He’s The One – Best Male Artist Award at the Radio Disney Music Awards
  • Nominated for the XOXO – Best Crush Song Award for his song “Jealous” at the Radio Disney Music Awards
  • Nominated as Favorite International Artist at the Much Music Video Awards
  • Nominated for Choice Male Artist at the Teen Choice Award
  • Nominated for Choice Song: Male Artist for his song “Jealous” at the Teen Choice Awards
  • Nominated for Best Male Video for his song “Chains” at the MTV Video Music Awards
  • Nominated for Best US Act at the MTV Europe Music Award
  • Nominated as Favorite Male Artist – Pop/Rock at the American Music Awards

Nick Jonas (2016)

  • Nominated as Favorite Premium Cable TV Actor for Kingdom at the People’s Choice Awards
  • Nominated as Favorite Male Artist at the People’s Choice Awards
  • Nominated as Favorite Male Singer at the Kids’ Choice Awards
  • Nominated for the He’s The One – Best Male Artist Award at the Radio Disney Music Awards
  • Nominated as Triple Threat Artist at the iHeartRadio Music Awards
  • Won the Hal David Starlight Award at the Hal David Starlight Awards
  • Won the Pop Songwriter Award at the BMI Awards
  • Won as iHeartRadio International Artist of the Year for his song “Close” at the iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards
  • Nominated for the Most Buzzworthy International Artist or Group Award for his song “Close” at the iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards
  • Nominated for the Choice Music Single: Male Award for his song “Close” at the Teen Choice Awards
  • Nominated as Choice Summer Music Star: Male at the Teen Choice Awards
  • Nominated for the Choice Summer Tour Award for his “Future Now Tour” with Demi Lovato at the Teen Choice Awards
  • Won Choice Style: Male at the Teen Choice Awards
  • Nominated Song of Summer for his song “Bacon” at the MTV Video Music Awards

Nick Jonas (2017)

  • Nominated as Favorite Premium Series Actor for the Kingdom at the People’s Choice Awards
  • Nominated for the He’s The One – Best Male Artist Award at the Radio Disney Music Awards
  • Nominated for the Stuck In Our Heads – Best Song To Lip Sync To for his song “Bacon” at the Radio Disney Music Awards
  • Nominated for the I’m With The Band! – Radio Disney Favorite Tour Award for his tour with Demi Lovato “Future Now Tour” at the Radio Disney Music Awards
  • Won the Hero Award at the Radio Disney Music Awards
  • Nominated for CMT Performance of the Year for his song “Close” at the CMT Music Awards
Nick Jonas Career

Nick Jonas (2018)

  • Nominated as Best Original Song – Motion Picture for the song “Home” in the movie Ferdinand at the Golden Globes
  • Nominated as Best Song/Recording Created for a Film for the song “Home” in the movie Ferdinand at the Guild of Music Supervisors Award
  • Nominated for Best Original Song – Motion Picture for Home at the 75th Golden Globe Awards
  • Nominated for Best Song/Recording Created for a Film for Home at the Guild of Music Supervisors’ GMS Awards
  • Nominated for the Best On-Screen Team Award with co-stars Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Karen Gillan for the movie Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle at the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards
  • Nominated for Choice Scene Stealer for the movie Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle as Jefferson “Seaplane McDonough” at the 2018 Teen Choice Awards
  • Nominated for Best World Stage at the 2018 MTV Europe Music Awards

Nick Jonas Controversies

Sure, Nicholas Jerry Jonas has an image that’s as clean as his haircut. He hasn’t been involved in any sort of scandal in the past.

However, not too long after he married Priyanka Chopra, the relationship has already been riddled with so much controversy. In fact, writer Mariah Smith wrote an essay titled “Is Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s love for real?”

I mean, come on! How low can you go, Mariah? Leave these two alone!

The Chopra-Jonas union seemingly became fodder for every magazine gossip.

Other skeptics even reached the point of doubting if the two are really a couple.

According to The Washington Post, “Smith originally began her essay – which was first updated to tone down some of the language and then deleted – with the line: ‘Nicholas Jonas married into a fraudulent relationship against his will this past Saturday, December the 1st, and I’ll tell you why I think so.’ She went on to claim that Chopra insidiously planned to make Jonas her ‘forever b–’ and that ‘all Nick wanted was a possible fling with Hollywood’s latest It Woman, but instead he wound up staring straight at a life sentence with a global scam artist.’ She also made some pointed comments about Chopra’s love for luxury goods and what that apparently says about her character.

Nick Jonas Career

It gets worse!

There seems to be no stopping this woman from writing incredibly below-the-belt commentaries about the couple and even “managed to play into sexist, racist, and ageist stereotypes all at once.”

Smith insisted that both Jonas Chopra got married just so they can boost both their brands.

Get this!

Smith would go on to write that Chopra was “shopping around for the finer men,” adding Jonas to her “short list of Hollywood men.”

Crowds of Bollywood actors and Joe Jonas expressed their disgust over the article via Twitter.

Apparently, the slanderous essay was already taken down by the Cut and was replaced by an editor’s note that read:

Last night, the Cut published a post about Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s relationship that shouldn’t have gone up. We’ve received dozens of messages from readers expressing their anger. We want you to know that we hear you and we’re sorry. The whole piece missed the mark. There is no good explanation for this other human error and poor judgement. This was a mistake, and we apologize to our readers and to Priyanka and Nick.

Well, both Nick and Priyanka can kiss their haters goodbye!

Interesting Facts About Nick Jonas

  • His favorite actors are “Jack & Bobby” actors Keri Lynn Pratt and Matt Long.
  • He was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes while on tour in 2005 and uses The Bayer Contour Meter for it.
  • The Jonas Brothers has produced 7 music videos that were shown on television. However, they have made over 14 in total.
  • Nick was going solo until his agent discovered that his brothers Joe and Kevin were also talented.
  • He started performing on Broadway and was able to miss a family vacation once because of a play he needed to perform in.
  • He’s not only skilled in playing the guitar. He’s also good at playing the piano and drums.
  • His favorite song to play in a concert is A Little Bit Longer.
  • Giants and the Cowboys are his favorite football teams.
  • He co-wrote “Joy to the World: A Christmas Prayer” with his father Kevin Jonas, Sr. when he was around 8.
  • He ran with the bulls in Spain at the age of 15.

Nick Jonas Facts

Nick Jonas Filmography Movies

The list of movies under Nick Jonas’ name is not that long. However, he does a few movies he’s done over the years of his long-lived career.

In 2016, he starred as “Brett” alongside Ben Schnetzer, James Franco, and Gus Halper in the drama movie “Goat.”

A year after the film’s release, his acting role as “Alex” came to life when he starred alongside Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and Karen Gillan for the movie “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.”

Two years later, Nick’s filmography grew when, in just one year (2019), he starred in three notable movies – “Uglydolls,” “Midway,” and “Jumanji: The Next Level.”

Some of his other notable film credits include “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian” (2009) and “Careful What You Wish For” (2016).

As if that’s not enough…

… he appeared in a number of TV series, including “Hannah Montana” (2007), “Jonas” (2009-2010), “Last Man Standing” (2011), “Hawaii Five-O” (2013-2015), and “Scream Queens” (2015).

Okay, okay, we get it, Nick!


Nick Jonas Books

Not much of a writer, Nick doesn’t have a long list of books he’s ever written but he does have one that he co-wrote with his brothers Kevin and Joe at the height of their popularity as the trio Jonas Brothers – “Burning Up: On Tour with the Jonas Brothers.”.

Nick Jonas Book

The three wrote the book and released it on November 18, 2008

Nick Jonas Book

Another memoir was released by the Jonas Brothers on October 20, 2020 – “Blood: A Memoir by the Jonas Brothers.”

Nick Jonas Business Interests

It’s amazing to see young ones – like Nick Jonas – immersed in their own business ventures. To prove that he’s more than just his charms and talent, Nick released the shoe collection “1410” in 2017 in collaboration with Creative Recreation.

A year later, he launched a spring clothing line with John Varvatos that they labeled as “JV x NJ.” A few months later, the two again ventured into releasing a fragrance bearing the same label.

It gets better!

He and John also created and released their own tequila line labeled as “Villa One.”

In one of his interviews with Bloomberg, Nick talked about the business venture saying, “Me and my friends drink tequila to celebrate something the way people used to drink Champagne.”

Now it all makes sense.

Nick Jonas Lifetime Achievements

Nick Jonas is no stranger to the spotlight. Ever since he starred in that Chuck E. Cheese commercial, he rose to fame at a steady – and fast – pace.

Over all, he has numerous nominations and awards from Golden Globes, Astra Awards, Guild of Music Supervisors Awards, Kids’ Choice Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, MTV Movie and TV Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, People’s Choice Awards, Teen Choice Awards, Young Artist Awards, and Young Hollywood Awards.

We’ve laid them all out for you – check out his Career.

Top 3 Nick Jonas Quotes

“My upbringing was faith-based, but we believed you should love all others as you want to be loved, because everyone should be treated equally. That’s helped me have an understanding of people on different journeys and in different walks of life. At the end of the day, we’re all the same, because we all want to be loved.”

“Having haters is just a part of the business, and the more haters you have, the more people like you – that’s how I view it, because I try to see the positive in things.”

“People who are feeling bullied and people who feel like outsiders should talk to their parents and guardians about finding a place with likeminded people where they can feel accepted. That’s what I needed, and that’s what I found with musical theater.”

Top 3 Nick Jonas Memes

Nick Jonas Memes

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Nick Jonas Memes

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Nick Jonas Memes

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<a href=""><img src="" alt="Nick Jonas"></a>


Those are some funny memes! There’s more where those came from. Check out more Nick Jonas Memes here.

Nick Jonas Bio: 3 Lessons

  1. Don’t let the world around you defeat the belief within you.
  2. Live like you’re at the bottom, even if you’re at the top.
  3. Stop hoping, start believing.

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