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10 Top Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs
[UPDATED] 2022

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Top Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs: As a fan, you’re probably wondering what type of ‘Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe tried in his entire career, and you’re getting the hype to unveil each of them. Well, you’re lucky today because we got you covered with juicy details you need to know! 

But, first…

Let’s get to know him first as we dive deep into his personal life and career highlights. 

About Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe was born in Maryland, United States. He professionally sang with Baltimore Opera. You probably didn’t know this, but he became an eagle scout during Mike’s early school days and used to read aloud to students because he was interested in writing and narrating.

As a Host…

Mike Rowe, a prominent American television host, played a vital role as a narrator and a podcaster in most of his shows. But do you know most of his fame came from a show named “Dirty Jobs: Rowe’d Trip” on the Discovery channel, which made his career? 

Yes, you read that right… 

Currently, he’s a host at “Somebody ’s Gotta Do It” on TBN.

Not only that… 

… majority of his episodes ranked five stars, but this article will state the top 10 episodes he filmed. 


Buckle up because things are going to get interesting. They might take a dirty turn, as it’s from “Dirty Jobs.” Sit back, grab that popcorn, go with the flow but remember some “dirty jobs” might be annoying too!

Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs

1. Penguin Keeper

Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs

In this program, Mike Rowe visits another country, California, where he joins a construction group.

Not only that… 

… Rowe is found taking care of penguins as stated by the topic and also digging for bloodworms. 

2. Poo Pot Maker

Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs

This episode had a new concept, 

Just when Mike couldn’t find anything interesting, he was hired at a cow farm specializing in making gardening pots from cow manure. He tried to understand the infrastructure. 

3. Turkey Inseminator

Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs

In this one, Rowe crawls through rat drop and runs through the market but, as a result, makes a house more energy-efficient.

Later on, 

…he visits a turkey farm where a vast number of birds are inseminated.

4. Snake Wrangler

Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs

Then comes another fun program, 

… This job includes catching a water snake and making it vomit!

It gets worse…

The whole video is full of suspense because a snake is not an easy catch, and one wrong move and you’ll end up bitten. 

No wonder, 

 …the host, Mike Rowe, got bit by a snake. 

5. Sewer Inspector

Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs

As ugly as it sounds, Mike worked as a sewer inspector,

Mike Rowe steps in the shoes of an inspector in San Francisco. He worked with a disaster clean-up crew all day long and, in the end, helped sanitize the basement.

Put another way,

…America‘s young people won’t do it even if they were paid.

6. Shark Suit Tester

Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs

Shark Suit Tester:

This job is one of the most freaky jobs, as mike Rowe shared!  

Apparently, the suit’s design is similar to a suit of armor, and you have to be surrounded by sharks wearing it. 

But wait, let me tell you something, 

… after wearing the suit, the person has to jump in the water and create a bloodbath.

7. Chicken Sexer

Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs

Another dirty job includes chicken, 

A device to determine a newborn chick is a “he” or “she” within the first 24 hours.

…its not easy, As a baby chick’s sex organs are not something you can peek at since it’sThe blocked by albumen (white part) because the chick ingests it just before birth.

One risky task!

8. Dirty Conversation

Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs

Rowe looks at never-seen-before footage of unusual, un-scripted conversations with various people he came in contact with over the shows in this job. 

Top Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs: Act Like You’ve Made It – Check Out Top Top Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs For Fun

9. Greenland Shark Quest

Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs

Rowe heads to the edge of the arctic circle in this episode to search for a mysterious shark, The Greenland O’Reilly American Shark.

..This experience taught him a vital lesson.

10. Horse Inseminator

Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs

This one speaks for itself. In the ‘Horse Inseminator’ task, you have to collect semen from a stallion and inseminate a mare with it. With your hand, not a device!

Turns out…

Once O’Reilly asked Mike Rowe, “An American is doing this job, how much money does it pay?

Watch the show to find out. Mike says you need to have skills for this one, and only opposable thumb is not enough license. 

Conclusion: 10 Top Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs

Those were some fantastic episodes of “Dirty Jobs” by Rowe. He is involved in the world of fun business. 

If you are interested in finding out more about Mike Rowe and all his ‘dirty jobs,’ you can search him up through streaming sites. 


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