Michael Phelps Height, Age, Weight
Body Statistics [UPDATED]

Michael Phelps Vital Stats

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Michael Phelps Height, Age, and Body Stats: Michael Fred Phelps II holds the record title of the world’s most decorated Olympian with an outlandish net worth of $80 million!

In this column, you’ll learn what it physically takes for this flying fish to run his laps as fast as a bullet in H2O!

He literally has the PERFECT body for swimming!

Get your meters ready and let’s take a look at Michael Phelps.

Let’s get started…

Michael Phelps Vital Stats (2023): Height, Weight, Age & Lots More…

Michael Phelps Height
Height:1.93 meters (6.4 ft)
Weight:88 kilograms (194 lbs)
Wingspan:2.03 meters (6.66 ft)
Chest Size:44 in (111.76cm)
Waist Size:34 in (86.36cm)
Shoe Size:Size 14 (US)

Whether you’re a football, basketball, or soccer player, gymnast, or swimmer – elite performers tend to have a certain type of build to get the best out of the sport.

Phelps just so happens to be the ideal example. 

Let me tell you why…

First: Phelps has the ultimate combo of a very long torso and ‘short’ legs.

Due to physical conditioning, it’s normal for swimmers to develop shorter legs and torsos longer than the average person’s.

Amazingly, Phelps has the torso of a man who’s supposed to be 4 inches taller, and legs 8 inches shorter… 

These proportions are heavenly! With a large chest, it allows him to plow through the water and with shorter legs, there’s lesser water resistance with each stroke! 

Second: His wingspan of 2.03 meters is almost 3 inches longer than his height! 

The longer the wingspan, the farther your reach is – every split second counts in swimming, and a few inches can affect the race. 

Third: His legs have a strong resemblance with flippers.

Pretty straightforward here. 

If they’re actual flippers, it’ll be cheating and he’d be disqualified. 

And with the butterfly stroke as his specialty, a dolphin-like motion on the water is not impossible. 

Phelps is also said to be double-jointed along his ankles and bends 15% more than his competitors. He’s also hyper-jointed in the chest which means he can propel himself with much stronger force! 

As if that’s enough, Michael Phelps also has double-jointed elbows! 

With his flipper ankles, this time his elbows are like two large paddles!

This guy is super! 

Fourth: He produces less lactic acid. 

Researchers have found out that Michael produces only half of the normal amount of acid – and the only way to secrete these acids out is to rest. 

Thus, less lactic acid equals quicker recovery time… 

And lastly: He has an otherworldly lung capacity – twice that of an average human! 

I think you can figure out where this conversation is heading…

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Conclusion: Michael Phelps Height, Weight, Age

And one last thing…

Michael is a perfectionist. He perseveres until he perfects his techniques.

Sure – his genes may be an unfair advantage, but his physical attributes aren’t exactly a correlation for success. 

We cannot deny the fact that he became who he is now because of his hard work too. 

His dedication and determination to succeed sinks any opposition!

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