Who is Markiplier Girlfriend [Amy Nelson] Bio, Facts [UPDATED]

Markiplier Girlfriend

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Markiplier Girlfriend: Welcome to Bounce Mojo and our brand new Bio on Amy Nelson – our favorite Youtuber – Markiplier Girlfriend Bio – Lucky Lady!


We’re going to be covering:

  • Her Early Life, & Family – BF, Mom, and Dad
  • Her Personal Statistics – height/ weight/ hair color
  • How she made a name for herself
  • Top Memes of her
  • The story of their relationship so far

Lots more…

Ready to come along for the ride?

Jump on… here we go.

Who Is Amy Nelson?

Amy Nelson is the 26-year-old graphic designer, video game creator, and voice actor. We have Markiplier Girlfriend Bio the famous Youtube star Mark Edward Fischbach or simply known as Markiplier.


Written below are Amy Nelson’s basic information. 

Let’s get to know her better!

Markiplier Girlfriend Bio
Expert On: Graphic Design
Martial Status: In a relationship
Date of Birth: 21.05.94
Current Occupation: Game and Graphic Designer
Nationality: American
Languages: English
Religion: Non-religious
Height: 5 ft. and 4 in.
Weight: 122 pounds
Tattoos: None
Eye Colour: Brown
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Amy Nelson Net Worth: $12 million
Place Of Birth: Cincinnati, Ohio
Favorite Color: None
Favorite Food: Coffee
Smoking/ Drinking: Never
Friends: Kathryn Knutsen, Jacksepticeye

Now that we know Amy’s basic info, let’s find out more about her personal relationships.

Amy Nelson Family & Relationships

Mark Edward Fischbach

Amy Nelson Relationships

Her boyfriend, Mark Edward Fischbach also known as Markiplier, is a famous YouTuber, who makes series, in the USA. 

In fact, he’s spent most of his life in Cincinnati, Ohio. 


…his residential address is Los Angeles, California, USA. 

Markiplier has around 16 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. His channel is the 22nd most popular on YouTube.

Markiplier has made one of his famous series titled Who Killed Markiplier. This series has an amazing plot and talented actors. Aside from that, this series also had a spectacular setting.

Besides his YouTube career, Markiplier has  starred in some TV shows like “Grumpcade” and “Table Flip”. Markiplier net worth is $28 million.

You might wonder; How tall is Markiplier?… Markiplier height is 1.79 meters and Markiplier age is 31 years old.

Next up…

… we’ve gathered some facts about his girlfriend, Amy.

Amy, best known for being the girlfriend of Markiplier, began dating Mark in 2015, but they didn’t go public with their relationship until mid-2016.

She made her first official appearance when she accompanied Markiplier to VidCon 2016, held in Anaheim Convention Center near Los Angeles, which led to the supposition that she and Markiplier were dating.  

Amy later confirmed this on Twitter with a picture of her and Mark captioned “oh jeez”, later on replying to that same tweet with “what more do you want from us heck”. 

Amy’s first official appearance on Markiplier’s YouTube channel was in “DON’T LAUGH CHALLENGE #5”. 

Amy has made numerous appearances in Markiplier’s Youtube videos since then, namely in live-action videos.

Youtube star Mark Edward Fischbach, who loves to make series, lives with voice actor and video game creator Amy Nelson in Los Angeles.

An interesting love story!

Amy serves as one of the official judges of Mark’s live-action Markiplier Makes on Youtube.

Amy Nelson’s Parents

People have been wondering about Amy’s parents but the interactive media maker and Markiplier gf is a very secretive person; she’s not released any information about her early life to the public. 

How’s that for a dose of confidentiality…

Amy Nelson Career

Amy Nelson Career

Being the girlfriend of Markiplier, one of the famous Youtubers not only in Los Angeles, Amy has also gained a huge following on social media platforms including Instagram and Twitter. 

She’s earned more than one hundred fifty nine thousand followers on Twitter alone. She also has her own YouTube channel named Planet Peebles with 68K subscribers. 

Amy often uploads her personal pics on social media and pictures of her dog named Henry. Initially, she had only two videos. Presently, she has numerous videos and more than 67k subscribers in her Youtube account. 

Her channel is expected to continue growing, especially with her popular boyfriend from Los Angeles making regular appearances. 

The star also has a website that she uses to showcase her illustrations to the world. She also posts blogs and shares playlists on there.

You’re almost there—but you’re not quite done yet.

Let’s have a look at some of the interesting facts about Amy Nelson…

Interesting Facts About Amy Nelson

  1. She loves to make stuff with clay.
  2. Amy loves dogs…
  3. Amy finds it hard to remember the names of people she just met.
  4. She does not feel a need to upload videos on a regular basis.
  5. Amy lives together with her boyfriend, Markiplier, in Los Angeles, California.
  6. She has her own Youtube channel.
Here are some of the Interesting Facts About Amy Nelson from

Top 3 Memes – Amy Nelson

Markiplier Girlfriend Memes
Markiplier Girlfriend Memes
Markiplier Girlfriend Memes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How old is Amy Nelson? 

Amy Nelson is 26 years old.

How long have Mark and Amy been together? 

Mark “Markiplier” Fischbach and Amy “Peebles” Nelson have been dating for around 5 years already and they are both living in Los Angeles.

What is Amy Nelson’s Instagram? 

Amy Nelson (@amy_riveter) is her Instagram account.

Summary: Markiplier Girlfriend [Amy Nelson] Biography

So there you have it, I’m sure you’ll agree, Amy Nelson has had a pretty colorful life so far with a lot more still to come, we hope.

My biggest takeaway from this is how she’s low-key about her personal life and seems really genuine, but I also particularly liked how she makes Markiplier so damn happy – it’s awesome.

I hope you enjoyed this bio – you might also want to check out Markiplier’s Bounce Mojo Net Worth, Biography, and the Best memes.

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