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Best Margaret Atwood Books: Margaret Atwood full Margaret Eleanor Atwood is a Canadian writer who has written more than 50 books. Her masterpieces include fiction, critical essays, and poetry. She lives in the hearts of her readers due to her inspiring feminist themes.


Her remarkable work,The Handmaid’s Tale,” is globally popular for its truthfulness. 

Now that you’re all set to unfold her magical tales resting inside the fascinating covers. Let’s begin with the list of Margaret Atwood’s Novels.

Let’s get started…

1. The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid’s Tale

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The Handmaid’s Tale is one of the most popular and loved novels by Margaret Atwood. People will never forget Margaret’s thoughtful composition of words, ideas, and reality in this book. 

The blend of fiction and perfect humor is what makes this book an ideal read.

No wonder…

The novel has been a source of inspiration for activism against patriarchy. Published in 1985, the book predicts the 17th-century patriarchal regime that restricts women’s rights.

The story is about a woman trapped in a society where her only purpose of living is to conceive a child of a powerful man. Besides being 40 years old, the book is still relevant to what is happening around women.

Want to know the best part?

“The Handmaid’s Tale” won Artwood her second Governor General’s Literary Award. The book was also nominated for the Booker Prize. A sequel to “The Handmaid’s Tale, The Testaments” caught people’s attention in 2019.

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2. The Testaments

The Testaments

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The Testaments is the second part of “The Handmaid’s Tale” and as popular as the first novel. It was introduced in September 2019 as a surprise to Atwood’s writing fans.

The beauty of this novel is the collection of three perspectives to narrate one story.

Yes, you read that right…

The novel includes three women—two girls and legendary Aunty Lydia, a character from the first novel. The Testaments won the Booker Prize for Atwood along with a British novelist Bernardine Evaristo.

3. Oryx and Crake

Oryx and Crake

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Released in 2003, Oryx & Crake is the first in Atwood’s Maddaddam trilogy. It is a perfect example of speculative fiction like “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

The series revolves around the potential consequences of genetic research, environmental collapse, pharmaceutical engineering, and scientific ethics.

There’s more to that…

The novel focuses on a snowman as a sole survivor of an apocalypse. He’s stuck with a cracker, an engineered generation.Oryx and Crake got nominated for the Man Booker Prize in 2003 and Orange Prize for fiction in 2004. It was also selected for Canada Reads in 2005.

4. The Blind Assassin

The Blind Assassin

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Ten days after the war ended, my sister drove a car off the bridge.” sounds familiar?

“The Blind Assassin” is Marget Atwood’s 10th novel and set in Canada. The story is a masterpiece of storytelling. With the perfect fusion of suspense and incredible thrill, it holds a special place.

The satisfying layer and twist are what make it a bestseller. It is a tale of love, revenge, and greed.

We’re not through yet…

Released in the 2000’s “The Blind Assasin” is a true example of mater piece. It includes a novel within a novel with family drama that spans between World War I and the present. The story is a perfect twist of historical fiction. 

It revolved around two sisters Iris and Laura. Iris Chase is the narrator as she describes the past events of her life.

There’s more about it…

The novel holds a second story within the first one that is by Laura, the other sister. The novel is one of the two books that won the Atwood The Man Booker Prize.

5. Cat’s Eye

Cat’s Eye

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Published in 1988, “Cat’s Eye” revolves around a semi-famous controversial Canadian painter. Elaine Risley is the lead character who is unable to leave her past. 

Her girlhood best friend and bully Cordelia disturb her career and art. The novel is a breathtaking masterpiece about a girl who’s trying to escape from her tangled life.

On the other hand…

The story is set in the time of World War II to the late 1980s. The novel covers complicated themes, including religion, art, and science, identity, and feminism. It is a perfect example of how one’s youth influences their life and career.

The book won Artwood her second Booker Prize nomination. It also got nominated for Governor General’s Literary Award for fiction.

6. Robber Bride

Robber Bride

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Inspired by “The Robber Bridegroom,” “Robber Bride” was released in 1993. The novel is set between present and flashback set in Toronto and Canada.

It holds three female characters that tell the story from three different perspectives.

This leads us to…

The epic blend of Romance, loss, and betrayal. The novel describes the construction of female identity. Each main character narrates the story from a different perspective. Though with one thing in common is Zenia “is the professional liar.”

The novel won Artwood a nomination for Governor General’s Literary Award for fiction.

7. Stone Mattress: Nine Tales

Stone Mattress: Nine Tales

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After a series of successes, Margaret Atwood released “Stone Mattress: Nines Tales” as her new venture to explore the world of short stories in 2006. 

She quoted it saying, “calling a piece of short fiction a ‘tale’ removes it at least slightly from the realm of mundane works and days, as it evokes the world of the folk tale, the wonder tale, and the long-ago teller of tales,” and that these stories “owe a debt to tales through the ages. Margaret Atwood After”

Margaret Atwood being humorous, has explored the magical world of dark humor and playful games. Being a fine writer Margaret Atwood has managed to surprise her audience. 

8. The Edible Woman

The Edible Woman

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Going back to where Margaret Atwood’s writing career started, “The Edible Woman” is her debut novel. The composition of dark humor with splendid observation has always been the pride of Atwood’s work.

Published in 1969, the novel explores women’s experiences who see themselves as a consumable product by men and society. 

Often referred to as Atwood’s breakout fictional work, the book is about Marian, a market researcher.

Marian, after quitting her job as a market researcher, realizes that marriage is not for her. To the point of realization of how most women feel after marriage. The character finds herself unable to eat that symbolizes the pressure placed on women.

It’s true…

As a result of various experiences, she starts seeing her physical self as a separate identity. The character finds herself unable to eat that symbolizes the pressure placed on women. The novel proves that Atwood was ahead of time where women must be presentable without flaws.

9. Lady Oracle

Lady Oracle

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Atwood has proved her brilliant writing skills. The fun and lighter note of writing are what people loved most about it. Published in 1967, “Lady Oracle” is a super hit since then. 

The third novel follows the themes of her first two novels but with a different approach. 

The story revolves around a character called Joan Foster. She had a miserable childhood that continues to disturb her adulthood. 

The main character is running and switching identities for as long as she can remember until she settles as a writer. She uses modern writing techniques and manages to craft bestsellers.

There’s more to it…

The story covers various feminine themes such as blackmail, sexless marriage, and identity crises. The trauma and past life events of Joan Foster lead her to fake her own death and hide away in a village. Full of entertainment and some serious ups and downs, “Lady Oracle” is a must-read from Atwood’s works. 

10. Alias Grace

Alias Grace

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Margaret, being a universal writer, has explored historical mystery in this remarkable Alias Grace novel. Published in 1996, the book takes place in the nineteenth century in Canada. It involves a woman accused of murdering Thomas Kinnear and his servant Nancy Montgomery.

Adding more to it…

The book is a blend of suspense, mystery, thrill, and romance views through a feminist perspective. 

The book holds the crown to keep you hooked through the unpredictable tension. You can’t guess what’s in Grace’s heart nor what will happen to her because that was never the point in this science fiction by Margaret.

11. Margaret Atwood Novel: Life Before Man

Life Before Man

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“Life Before Man” is yet another masterpiece from Margaret with a feminine touch. Published in 1998, the novel revolves around three characters all in midlife, dealing with midlife crises.

You might be wondering…

People loved the novel to carry the elegant writing through a multiperspective approach. The story is about people bound to make choices after the rules have changed.

Elizabeth is stuck with the wrong person in marriage. At the same time, Nate is dealing with a lost love from her gentle husband. Lesje, the third character, is more interested in dinosaurs than men. 

The inevitable climax is both disturbing and entertaining for Margaret’s readers.

12. The Heart Goes Last

The Heart Goes Last

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“The Heart Goes Last” is a novel published in 2015 that puts the innocent human heart into the utmost trials. The story is about a married couple, Stand and Charmaine, trying to survive an economic collapse. 

The crises have limited them to live in their car, making them vulnerable to the world of criminals.


To reverse their situation, the Positron Project seems to be the best option. According to the project, the residents of Consilience must leave their homes and work as inmates in the Positron prison. 

After completing the months of service, they can return to their homes.

Coming to the actual point…

At first, the deal seems pretty much in favor of the couple but things soon change. The real drama begins when Charmaine gets involved with a man living in the house when the couple is in prison.

A series of situations become a life threat to Stand. The situation seems less like an answer prayed and more as a chilling prophecy fulfilled. 

As a result of the realistic conditions put together in the novel, it is universally loved.

Conclusion:  Best Margaret Atwood Books 

And now we’re done. Which of the above books will you read first to enrich your knowledge in the most fun way?

Being a suspense thriller fan, I will go for “The Heart Goes Last.” 

If you’ve enjoyed our extensive research on Margaret Atwood’s novels, you surely will enjoy knowing her Lifestyle and Net Worth as an individual. 

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