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Magic Johnson Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope, and Birthstone: A basketball player? A businessman? Hmm…not sure?

Okay, how about one of the greatest basketball players who turned into a businessman?

Yes, you got that right!

It’s Earvin “Magic” Johnson, folks! Magic Johnson is not a stranger to the limelight. You probably know him if you’re a Los Angeles Lakers fan. If you’re not, then you might have just heard his name somewhere. He’s a former professional basketball player.

Magic is one of the greatest athletes in the history of basketball – a point guard who can play every position within the game.

No wonder…

… he’s one of our Hall of Famers in the NBA and one of the best in the dream team.

After playing for 13 seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, Magic retired after discovering he had tested positive for HIV. 

But wait, let me tell you something.

I know you’re not here to read his biography or whatever he’s doing outside the court, right? 

You’re probably wondering…

How did Magic become so successful? Did his success have something to do with his zodiac sign?

Well, there’s only one way to find out. Stick with me because I’ll tell you all the juicy deets about:

  • Magic Johnson’s zodiac sign
  • Love compatibility among zodiac signs
  • Other celebrities with the same zodiac sign as his
  • And lots more…

Hurry up and get those popcorn popping because you’re in for a treat. Let’s get started!

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 Birth Chart for Magic Johnson

Magic’s birth chart reflects all the celestial bodies in the sky like Mars and Uranus when and where one of the greatest point guards in the NBA was born.

The designation of the houses is centered around Magic Johnson’s birth time and starts with the rising sign (seen as a pink-colored line from the graphic’s center to the left). 

Magic’s date of birth is August 14, 1959, which only means he’s a Leo.

Okay, now that you know what his Zodiac is, let’s dive even more! 

What I’m going to tell you is a crazy story you can’t find anywhere. 

Magic Johnson Astrology Birth Chart

This story is exclusive only for those who’ll continue to read this until the last word of this article.

Are you ready? Are you excited?

Of course, you are!

Did you know  Earvin “Magic” Johnson is a successful businessman? As of 2021, Magic Johnson’s net worth is a whopping $600 million!

With this huge amount of money, The Magic Johnson Foundation by Earvin Johnson works to support organizations that address health and social needs, especially to those who have HIV/AIDs.

What a legend – inside or outside the ring, I’d say!

In 1992, Magic joined the National Commission on AIDS. He managed to help and educate people about HIV and teach others why you should not discriminate against people who are diagnosed with HIV and AIDS.

He’s truly a wonderful man and loves to help people in all aspects.

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What is Magic Johnson’s Zodiac Sign?

Magic Johnson Zodiac Sign

Leo is associated with the period between July 23 and August 22.

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What does Magic Johnson Zodiac Sign Mean?

Magic Johnson Zodiac Sign

Leo is a very powerful sign. 

Just like Magic Johnson himself, a Leo radiates energy, strength, love, and optimism. 

If you’re feeling down and needing some motivation, Leos are the best motivators – bar none!

A Leo’s energy is contagious whose optimism always helps. 

Get this…

According to Magic Johnson, “I motivate people by making sure that they are following their dreams and doesn’t let anyone tell them they can’t. If you’re motivated enough and put the work in – you can achieve anything in life that you set your mind to.”

Leo radiates energy, strength, love, and optimism.

What Does Magic Johnson’s Zodiac Sign Tell Us About Him?

Magic Johnson Zodiac Sign

Magic Johnson had a great plan for his life. 

After having been diagnosed with HIV, he still goes after what he wants in a rather confident and determined manner. His bravery in making an announcement like that was widely commended – he gained everyone’s sympathy.

And after that, he was dubbed as one of America’s most influential black businessmen in 2009.

Direct action is something Leos takes pride in – their egos usually toughen them up even if it means putting everything on the line. 

This is one of a hundred proofs that Leos are really strong. He didn’t let those setbacks bother, let alone hinder him! 

But wait, let me tell you something.

By the time Magic Johnson had reached eighth grade, he began to think about a future in basketball and scored 48 points in a single match!

Hmm…now I’m wondering – why Magic Johnson is not on the G.O.A.T. talk?

Leos don’t like people holding them back.

Interesting Facts About Leo

Leo is represented by the lion.

Leos are known for their stability, consistency, and loyalty. Just like Magic himself, remember him playing for 13 seasons for the Lakers?

The following are Leo’s traits: confident, comfortable in being the center of attention, drama-adoring, ambitious, loyal, generous, and luxury-loving. 

Under this Zodiac, the Sun transits from July 23 and August 22 each year.

It’s associated with the mythological Nemean, and It’s the opposite sign of Aquarius.


Magic Johnson Facts

Leos are built with a flair for drama and flamboyance. 

Need a Leader? I Got You!

Magic Johnson Facts

Leos are natural-born leaders, and they just step up to the plate. They’re born ready.

Dominant But Not Arrogant

Magic Johnson Facts

Just like being a point guard, Leo has a strong character and is most dominant. In Magic’s case, he is dominant, alright – both inside and outside the court.

Creativity of Leo 

Magic Johnson Facts

This is one of the strengths that can affect their whole lives. Leo can make a difference just like Magic Johnson did on basketball.

With his confidence and positive thinking, he managed to win 5 Rings and 9 NBA Finals appearances in just 13 years of playing.

What a career he had indeed!

Strong desire to be a Great Basketball Player

Magic Johnson Facts

Leo knows exactly what they want from life. When Magic Johnson was in eighth grade, he had become a dominant junior high school player who scored 48 points in a game.

Magic Johnson’s Zodiac Sign Love Compatibility

Magic Johnson and Earletha Kelly

Magic Johnson Love Compatibility

Born on 20 January 1959, Earletha Kelly or also known as Cookie Johnson.

In 1991, Magic Johnson married his wife, Cookie, who gave birth to their son, EJ Johnson, soon after.

Before their marriage, Magic revealed his diagnosis to his wife and stated that if she leaves, he’ll understand it and will not blame her.  

But Magic cannot believe what Cookie said. His wife said in an interview that she wouldn’t leave Magic and they’re gonna figure out how to beat that thing!

After that, the rest is history.

Though their zodiac signs don’t match well astrologically, their marriage remained strong against all odds.

Other Leo Celebrities

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  • Ja Morant
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Daniel Radcliffe
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Know More About the Leo Zodiac Sign

Love lifeLeos are wonderful life partners. They’re honest and hardworking. Cookie and Magic married in September of 1991, two months before the historic announcement. Even though Magic publicly announced his diagnosis, Cookie assured him that she’ll give him the unconditional support he needs.
CareerLeos enjoy careers that allow them to make good use of their artistic talents. He also led the league in regular-season assist four times. Magic won 5 NBA championships and an NBA MVP award.
FriendshipMagic Johnson is really friendly.  Leo’s friendship compatibility is strong! Johnson and Larry Bird battled each other in the Finals many times, Bird and Magic are still very good friends.
FamilyMagic Johnson and Cookie manage to strengthen their relationship and Together, Magic and Cookie share two children, Earvin “EJ” Johnson III and Elisa Johnson. I’m kinda wondering if signs are still even real lol.

How Compatible Are You With Magic Johnson?

Magic Johnson Love Compatibility

The most compatible signs with Leo are Sagittarius, Libra, Gemini, and Aries. 

On the other hand…

… the least compatible signs with Leo are Scorpio and Taurus. 

Leos hate pettiness and meanness – so beware!

Leos tend to be very loyal.

How Similar Are You With Magic Johnson?

Magic Johnson Zodiac Sign

Strengths: Brave, Leader, Protective, Fun Warm, Generous, and Charismatic

Weaknesses: Controlling, Stubborn, Demanding, Dominating, Show-off, and Vain 

Likes: Entertainments, Being Appreciated, Preparing Celebrations, and Luxurious Things

Dislikes: Inappropriate treatment, Ignorance, and Challenging Situations

15 Facts About Magic Johnson’s Zodiac Sign

Magic Johnson Facts
  1. Leos tend to be very loyal.
  2. Leos are very confident with a big ego.
  3. Leos have a lot of energy.
  4. These people generally love animals. 
  5. They’re a lot of fun.
  6. Leos like adventure
  7. Extremely brave person
  8. They like a confident woman.
  9. You should not provoke a Leo; it’s not a good idea.
  10. Leos don’t like people holding them back.
  11. While Leo is likely to be very strong, they often go misunderstood.
  12. They understand people. 
  13. They hide their weaknesses.
  14. Leos are emotionally sensitive.
  15. Aries, Gemini, and Sagittarius are their best matches.

Want to know if you have similar traits to Magic Johnson? Check out this link and enjoy!

15 Facts You Need to Know About Magic Johnson’s Zodiac Sign

What is Magic Johnson’s Birth Stone?

Magic Johnson Birth Stone

Often considered merely as the birthstone for August…

… Peridot has been under-appreciated for years. Its popularity has fallen in and out for centuries.

It symbolizes strength. It was once believed that the green found in volcanic ashes were the tears of Pele, the volcano goddess.

Associated with the Sun

Peridot is most beneficial for overcoming fear, depression, and other psychological disturbances.

Not only that…

It’s also capable of releasing jealousies in order to move forward.

Reestablishes a Sense of Self-worth

It promotes responsibility and forgiveness, instilling confidence in one’s abilities. This gem can utilize your ability to manifest abundance in all areas of one’s life – wealth, health, happiness, and love.

Yes, you read that right.

With his superhuman basketball IQ, clearly, the Peridot is really appropriate for him.

Conclusion: Magic Johnson Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope 

And that’s everything about Earvin, a.k.a. Magic Johnson. I’m pretty sure we can all agree he’s had an exciting career with his business and the National Basketball Association (NBA).

I liked the part where he shares his words of motivation.

There’s so much we can learn from his career and attitude.

I hope you enjoyed this article while reading Magic’s success!

Put the Bounce in Your Mojo Today!

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