15+ Best Lil Yachty Jokes

Lil Yachty Jokes

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Lil Yachty Jokes: This article will show you the top jokes of one of this generation’s hottest rappers, Lil Boat – aka Lil Yachty. We’re going to illustrate how his songs got some of the biggest hits in the rap game.

If you want to be the funny one in your group or just to brighten your or someone’s day, you’re in the right place..

In this article, we’re gonna show you how Lil Yachty jokes can be a funny person and a great rapper at the same time.

Buckle up, take a look at, and laugh at these 10 Lil Yachty jokes of the one of the hottest rappers in the game right now, Lil Yachty .

Let’s get started…

#1. Is that a boat – a small boat? Why don’t you want a big yachty? -Leslie Jones

Lil Yachty Jokes

#2. My sister says that Lil Yachty looks like Mase wearing a Raggedy Ann wig. – @TinulaVictoria

#3. Lil Yachty went to the hidden leaf village and got that fresh Ino haircut

Lil Yachty Jokes

#4. I know you want this for life, taking pictures with all my ice, but I can’t have no wife, I just want you for the night.  – Lil Yachty

#5. Lil Yachty Music Joke

“I think it’s really progressive and innovative. And, you know, I think at the forefront of that movement of music that should be forgotten about is rapper Lil Yach-ee. I think that guy is just an innovator of music that should never be referenced or heard by human beings again.” – Drake

Drake joked about Lil Yachty in his song Oprah’s Bank Account. In the Music Video, Lil Yachty portrays “Boprah,” inspired by Oprah Winfrey.

#6. Rapper Joke

Lil Yachty Jokes

A mumble rapper gets out of prison…

Everyone starts praising them for finally finishing a sentence.

Lil Boat is one of the hip-hop artists who lead the new wave of rap culture to the forefront of the music charts

#7. Are there any medium rappers? They’re always Big or Lil.

Lil Yachty Jokes

#8. Pardon Me Joke

Gotta have @KodakBlack1k & @LilTunechi on the pardon me remix now. – Lil Yachty

In one of his final acts before leaving the White House, President Trump gave Kodak Black a full commutation and Lil Wayne a full pardon.

Lil Yachty tweeted, gotta have @kodakblack1k and @liltunechi on the pardon me remix now.

You may recall Lil Yachty had a song called Pardon Me.

#9. “I don’t even listen to Uzi/These n*ggas d*ck in the booty/They are confusing the community… I don’t even listen to Yachty/He don’t even be dropping no knowledge.” -Drake

#10. “One thing Kid Cudi did that I always wanted to do was the crop top, but I need to get in shape if I want to do that.” – Lil Yachty

#11. Joke By Lil Boat

Lil Yachty Jokes

“I had braids before. They were really long, and they were black, but my mom made me cut them for the McDonald’s job. Then, when I got the job, everybody had long braids and colored hair.” – Lil Boat

#12. Scary Joke

I told my brother that I’m scared by Raggedy Ann, he said right after that he’d be scared too if he saw Lil Yachty under his bed.

#13. Yo @lilyachty, why does your hair look like shoelaces? – @Voltaic.YT

Lil Yachty Jokes

#14. This dude lookin’ like Gizmo Guy from seven-year-old show Lazy Town. – MicheTrock

#15. Joke By Kodak Black

Lil Yachty Jokes

When Kodak Black said, “Obtuse Rubber Goose Green Moose Guava Juice Giant Snake Birthday Cake Large Fry Chocolate Shake,” I felt that. – @Spikethegoat

Conclusion: Best Lil Yachty Jokes Ever

And that’s a wrap for our list of Lil Yachty Jokes. 

He may just be one of the mumble rappers, but let’s be honest…

… his songs are great!

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