20+ Best Lil Tecca Jokes [FUNNIEST COLLECTION] 2024

Lil Tecca Jokes FI

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Lil Tecca Jokes: Tyler-Justin Anthony Sharpe, a.k.a. Lil Tecca, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He’s also one of the most popular rookies in the rap industry today.

Born in August 2002, Lil Tecca might be younger than most of us but his achievements so far are something to be taken note of!

Studying in Lawrence High School, the future Lil Tecca was actually an aspiring NBA player at that time. 

There was no sign of his musical future except for some occasional quick diss tracks with his friends over the microphone on his Xbox. 


Tyler eventually started losing interest in basketball during his middle school years and considered taking music more seriously. 

His first track to gain a significant amount of popularity was Tectri in 2017, made with his friend Lil Gummybear. (Seriously, what’s with the Lil guys?)

After one year, his career began to take off to serious heights with the single Ransom, which was originally uploaded as a video on Cole Bennet’s YouTube channel, Lyrical Lemonade. 

Boy struck gold. 

Just after months, his song and videos had accumulated over 800 million plays on Spotify, 300 million videos for the YouTube video, and a peak at number 4 in Billboard Hot 100. 

His rise may just be one of the fastest and most epic ones in the industry today. 

Now, if you love hearing and making jokes about these mad famous celebrities, then you’ve come to the right place!

Buckle up, take a look, and have a good laugh at these Lil Tecca Jokes.

Let’s get started…


Lil Tecca really is that guy in chemistry class that raps the whole periodic table.

But skips Oxygen.

Lil Tecca Jokes


If Lil Tecca is working on a rap song about Drugs and Money

It’s called “I can’t afford that insulin.”


Why do rappers like to date chicks in the IT department?

Cause they know how to back it up and dump it.

Lil Tecca Jokes


Which program does Lil Tecca love to use to write down their lyrics?

Word. Yo. 


What’s the difference between a joint and rappers these 2021?

You get more than one hit out of a joint. 


Which rapper always has a straight face while rapping? Lil Tecca

Lil Tecca Jokes


What does Lil Tecca like in his drinks?

Ice Ice Baby.


What did Lil Tecca say when his bro asked to borrow a backpack?

He said he had Tupacs. 


Why didn’t Lil Tecca ever dine at the steakhouse?

He gots no beef with them.


Why does Lil Tecca always wear so much fake gold jewelry?

Faux show!


Which kind of fake hairdo Lil Tecca stutter use?


Lil Tecca Jokes


What is it called when a Filipino rapper goes to the gym for a quick workout?

Alexa. Play Lil Tecca.


What does Lil Tecca’s mom say to her son?

Come here, you ‘Lil shit.


What is Lil Tecca’s favorite toy?

Green YoYo.


What happened to Lil Tecca, who used cannabis-infused citric chewing tobacco?

He spits out some dope lines, people.

Lil Tecca Jokes


Are there any medium rappers?

They’re always Big or Lil.


If Lil Tecca decided to give his three-year-old sister a rapper name

She’s Lil Shit.


Why is Lil Tecca so afraid of algebra?

Cause X gonna give it to ya.

Lil Tecca Jokes

Conclusion: 20+ Best Lil Tecca Jokes 

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