10 Best Kevin Gates Albums & Songs Of All Time

Best Kevin Gates Albums & Songs

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Kevin Gates Albums & Songs Top List: Kevin Jerome Gilyard also known today as Kevin Gates is a famous American musician from Bread Winners’ Association and Atlantic Records. 

He is best known to several fans through his debut studio album, ‘Islah’ launched in 2016 and debuted at number 2 on the Billboard 200 chart! Not only that, Kevin even got more fame following the release of his mixtapes including, ‘Stranger Than Fiction,’ ‘By Any Means,’ and ‘Luca Brasi 2.’

That said…

You’re probably wondering what to add more to your hip-hop and rap playlist, right? With many tracks and mixtapes he released, we are delighted to bring you our top picks to put on your playlist! 

You’ve come to the right place and we got you covered today, mate.


First, we’re going to go through Kevin Gates personal life and music career, before all the fame. Don’t worry; we’ll talk about Kevin Gates’ songs later. 

Kevin Gates Personal Life & Music Career


 Best Kevin Gates Albums & Songs

Kevin Jerome Gilyard, known professionally as Kevin Gates, born on February 5, 1986, is an American rapper, singer, and entrepreneur. 

Well, he is known for having a strong voice that speaks to his fans and listeners, too! 


Our American hip-hop singer, rapper, and artist was born in New Orleans, Louisiana then relocated to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States.

His music career boomed through a record deal with label Atlantic Records. 

As we all know, Kevin Gates has officially signed his current music label, the Bread Winners’ Association.

Islah, Kevin Gates debut studio album, was released in January 2016 and managed to peak at number two on the Billboard 200 chart in the United States.

Did you know…

Even before his debut album, Islah, Kevin Gates produced various mixtapes, including Stranger Than Fiction, By Any Means, and Luca Brasi 2, all of which charted in the Billboard 200 Chart, landing at top 40 best mixtape and song.


Like other rappers and hip hop artists in the music industry, Kevin Gates proved just how great of a rapper and singer he is through his Billboard successful song and mixtape. 

Gates dropped The Luca Brasi Story, a mixtape, on his Bread Winners’ Association record label in early 2013.

According to Pitchfork, the mixtape “imbues trap’s claustrophobic bleakness with an emotional nakedness, competent lyricism, and melodic certitude many of the genre’s recent breakout stars have missed.”


Stranger Than Fiction, Kevin Gates’ first major record label mixtape, was introduced in July 2013.

Are you aware that…

…the mixtape covers a variety of topics, including depression and Gates’s time in jail?

Yes, you read that right…

Despite being significantly shorter than Kevin Gates had anticipated, the mixtape received good feedback. Stranger Than Fiction was also the first mixtape by Gates to chart on the Billboard 200, reaching number 37.


We’re done going through all Kevin Gates personal life and music career. 

We’re now down to the best part of this article! 

Buckle up and take a look at some of Kevin Gates’ top songs and albums to add to your playlist! 

Let’s get started…

List Entry #1: ISLAH

 Best Kevin Gates Albums & Songs

This is a good recommendation for every Kevin Gates fan to start streaming to.


One of the most iconic albums our best hip hop rapper and artist had in his entire music career.

This totally grabbed all the attention during the time of its release, making people love this artist more. 

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List Entry #2: I Don’t Get Tired Feat. August Alsina

 Best Kevin Gates Albums & Songs

“I Don’t Get Tired” is a hit song by Kevin Gates, featuring artist August Alsina. 

Initially, the rapper launched this song as a song from his Luca Brasi 2 mixtape in December 2014 

Then in 2018, the album was officially certified platinum by  the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for having sold a million units in the United States. 

Did you know…

Following the success of the album, Gates released an energy drink of the same name in 2014.

There was also a pineapple flavor!

Also, I Don’t Get Tired was used on the soundtrack for the Keanu Reeves film.

List Entry #3: Know Better By Feat Suicide Squad Album

 Best Kevin Gates Albums & Songs

Know Better is a song from the Suicide Squad: The Album, which Atlantic Records launched back in 2016. 

For your information…

The track has gained good music feedback and reviews from critics and even got a Grammy Award nomination under the category Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media in 2017.

Not only that…

Know Better won the 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards for Favorite Soundtrack category! Wow, people really loved Kevin Gates songs that much…

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List Entry #4: By Any Means

 Best Kevin Gates Albums & Songs

Big Gangsta by Kevin Gates is from one of his albums, Only the Generals Gon Understand. 

Did you know…

This track was released in 2019 and was based on Kevin Gates’ personal life experiences, narrating his life in prison, about his daughter, his wife, as well as his whole family. 

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List Entry #5: Behind Enemy Lines

 Best Kevin Gates Albums & Songs

Behind Enemy Lines is an album by Kevin Gates co-produced with the 2014 Dead Game Records in 2009. 

The Deluxe album features 21 tracks in it, and buddy, you have to give this a chance since Kevin made commentary audio in it! 

Now that’s interesting!

List Entry #6: The Leak Feat. Max Minelli

 Best Kevin Gates Albums & Songs

The Leak is a mixtape album that is by far the most underrated one he ever had in his career.

He worked on The Leak with artist Max Minelli. 

Not only that…

Kevin Gates, of course, worked with the most talented artists and rappers for this album. 

Some of the songs like Can I Help You featuring Level, It’s My Life (feat. Malachi X), Fuck You Bitch (Feat. Reno), and Numb 2 Da World (Feat. Ronny My.) 

Release date: July 6, 2012

Running: 109 mins

List Entry #7: Really Really

 Best Kevin Gates Albums & Songs

Kevin Gates, our American rapper, has a song called “Really Really.”

It was the second single from his debut studio album Islah, which was launched in 2015.

In 2016, “Really Really” topped the charts at number 94 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. 

Following its popularity, the single was certified triple platinum in the United States with cumulative sales and streaming data of over three million units.

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List Entry #8: Luca Brasi 2

 Best Kevin Gates Albums & Songs

Luca Brasi 2 is one of Kevin Gates famous mixtapes. 

With his record label Bread Winners’ Association and Atlantic Records, the mixtape successfully debuted in 2014.  

Following good musical reception from people and music critics, Luca Brasi 2 debuted at number 38 on the US Billboard 200. 


It was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America for million unit sales!

List Entry #9: 2 PHONES

 Best Kevin Gates Albums & Songs

Did you know…

That this track is one of Kevin Gates’s successful singles in his Islah album, as it debuted at its highest peak, #17 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart back in 2016!

Pretty epic!

List Entry #10: Time For That

 Best Kevin Gates Albums & Songs

Time For That is a track by Kevin Gates, produced in 2016.

It managed to enter music charts, specifically Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles, landing at number 19. 

After the track’s music video was released, Robin Hilton said, “The new video from Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates is a sultry slow-burner beautifully shot against an arid landscape, with Gates standing amid the ruins of a dusty, burned-out building.”

Conclusion: 10 Best Kevin Gates Albums & Songs Of All Time 

That’s all for our Top Kevin Gates Songs and album y’all! Did you enjoy having an informative read today?

Were your favorite Kevin Gates songs included in the list? 

I bet! 

To be honest, just like many people who love his discographies, Kevin Gates never ceases to amaze me through his incredible lyricism! 

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