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Jon Taffer

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Jon Taffer is an American entrepreneur and television personality who was born on November 7, 1954. Taffer belongs to a family of entrepreneurs and had multiple jobs before rising as a television and podcast host. 

Did you know…

Jon Taffer has worked as a bartender for Barney’s Beanery in West Hollywood and got his first management job at The Troubadour nightclub.


If you are looking for some genuine advice and encouragement to leave behind all the excuses, you have come to the right place. The Jon Taffer podcast will not let you embrace any excuse and will present you only the solution. 

Award-Winning Hospitality Legend

Jon Taffer Podcast

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Jon Taffer is famously credited with creating the NFL Sunday Ticket pay programming package. It was launched in 1994, becoming instrumental in marketing, sales, and distribution. For its extreme popularity, Taffer was given the opportunity to serve on the board of NFL Enterprises for three years. 

Taffer studied at the University of Denver, majoring in political science and minoring in cultural anthropology before relocating to Los Angeles. 

Undoubtedly, Jon Taffer is best known for being the host of the reality television series ‘Bar Rescue’ which premiered on Paramount Network. 

Taffer even hosted a spinoff for Paramount Network, a show called ‘Marriage Rescue.’ The series involved 12 couples resolving their issues as Jon Taffer used Gestalt Therapy to help them. 

Turns out…

Jon Taffer is the host and executive producer of the show ‘Bar Rescue.’ Apart from being the New York Times best-selling author, he is the founder of Tavern Mix and Taffer’s Tavern. 

So if you want to watch some celebrity guest interviews taken by award-winning hospitality, the legend you have come to the right place. 

Did you know?

Jon Taffer also worked as the president of Night club and Bar Media Group, a design of Questex Media Group. Jon was one of the first six inductees whose names were included in the Nightclub Hall of Fame. 

That’s not it!

Jon Taffer is also a best-selling author. He has written two books until now named ‘Don’t Bullshit Yourself (2018)’ and ‘Raise the Bar(2013).’

These were the details about the early life of Jon and his career, but now we will be focusing on his career as a host, especially his podcasts. So buckle up!

Let’s get started…

Jon Taffer Podcast

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Jon Taffer is the host of the podcast ‘No Excuses,’ which is extremely popular among the audience. Taffer interviews celebrities and discusses the current topic or the topic that needs the most attention. 

The podcast airs on Tuesdays on the Podcast One network. Jon Taffer’s description from the podcast’ Shut it down and listen’ made the podcast series legendary.

The award-winning hospitality legend Jon Taffer brings his audience this podcast for a straight talk and deep dive into current affairs and celebrity news. 


Another catchy phrase for the description of ‘No Excuses’ includes ‘your day isn’t complete until Jon tells you it is.’ This podcast has made the host and personality of ‘Bar Rescue,’ Taffer, more famous and recognized all around the world.  

Another amazing episode, right!  

Jon Taffer’s podcast offers us exciting episodes every week. So to give you a full insight on the episodes of his exclusive podcast of ‘No Excuses,’ we have bought you a list of recent episodes and their details.  

The description of the podcast is as catchy as its content. The host, Jon Taffer, is an award-winning hospitality legend, a New York Times best-seller, and a top-rated television personality. 

Wait! there is more…

Jon Taffer comes with a new and interesting theme and conversation for all his episodes. He has a new episode every week.

Jon Taffer Podcast

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One of the week’s discussions on ‘No Excuses’ was on Yelp and whether it was suitable for restaurants and bars. Jon Taffer discussed whether the yelps were helping or hurting small businesses. 

The podcast centered around the idea that there were many complaints from many small business owners, and they would also share their awful experiences with using Yelp.

That’s not it!

Jaffer always states his podcast as unfiltered, and even in this amazing episode, he included unbiased opinions on his subject and customer reviews.

Jon Taffer Podcast

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This episode looked upon the highlight of all the previous episodes that Jon Taffer has done. Taffer breaks down as he looks upon some of the most profound episodes and moments from his previous podcasts. 


With his celebrity guests, Jaffer discusses what it truly means to be a winner and adopts his traditional way of doing podcasts that is ‘straight talk and unapologetic.’

Jon Taffer Podcast

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This episode’s guests were the veteran experts Phil Wills and Chef Jason Santos. The special thing about this episode was that together all of them had over eighty years of experience in bar and restaurant management. 

Wait, there is more!

Phil Wills and Chef Jason Santos discuss the current state and conditions of the hospitality industry in general, with Jaffer and also give the audience hints of the upcoming ‘Bar Rescue’ season 8.

Jon Taffer Podcast

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This episode’s guest on ‘The Jon Taffer Podcast’ was Scott ‘Carrot Top’ Thompson. Scott debuted around twenty-five years ago and has been making his audience and the world laugh for more than three decades now. 

Did you know?

With one of the globally recognized entertainers, Jon discusses chat marketing and changes in our lives during pandemics and many more. Thompson joins Jon in giving genuine opinions,  straight talk, and unapologetic podcast sharing his experience and tips on making the world laugh.

Jon Taffer Podcast

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In this episode, Dr. Phil McGraw joins the ‘Jon Taffer Podcast.’ Phil Mcgraw is a trusted mental health professional, a doctor for mental health issues. He is also the host of ‘Daytime Talk Show.’ 

That’s not it!

The conversation between the two revolves around mental health issues during pandemics and concerns around vaccinations. The episode famously became known as the Taffer and Phil chat mental health.

Jon Taffer Podcast

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Daymond John joins the Jon Taffer podcast for this week. Daymond is a New York Times bestselling author, a branding expert, and the original cast member of the four-time Emmy Award-winning series ‘Shark Tank.’

Did you know?

Daymond John joins the Jon Taffer podcast to discuss what it means to seize the opportunity. Their conversation then takes a turn towards pandemics. Taffer and John explain how difficult it is for them, like everybody else, to heal from the global pandemic.

Jon Taffer Podcast

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In this episode, Dr. Ian Smith joins the Jon Taffer podcast. He is an author and also the television host for the show ’The Doctors.’ 

Ian Smith dive deep together with the host Jon Taffer into the New Year’s resolution. They give genuine opinions and do straight and unapologetic talk about the improvements they want to have in their life in 2021, which made this episode one of the most profound episodes.

Jon Taffer Podcast

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For this episode, Taffer is back with his genuine opinions, straight talk, and unapologetic podcast. Taffer brings back the theme of the podcast that is to stop making excuses and die into your decisions. 


Taffer emphasizes bringing our best version in the coming year and leaving behind all the excuses that are holding us back.

Jon Taffer Podcast

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For New year’s eve, Jon Taffer brings something special for his audience. Taffer breaks down for the listeners and explains to them it is difficult to have a successful year.  

As if that’s not enough!

Taffer advises his viewers to let go of the past since it has not been very beneficial for everyone around the world because of Covid-19. Taffer shares his genuine opinion that we should be thankful for the vaccine.

Instead of looking back, we should make sure our future is bright and safe. Taffer encourages the audience to get vaccinated as soon as possible and get started with their New Year in health mode. 

In case you might be asking yourself!

For his future podcasts, Taffer shares the plan of recording a series that will focus on individual health issues and professional well-being. This category of Jon’s podcast is based on ideas from his book ‘Don’t Bullshit Yourself.’ These categories include ego, time, fear, knowledge, circumstances, and scarcity.

Conclusion: Jon Taffer Podcast

Jon Taffer Podcast

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Jon Taffer’s amazing podcast discusses an array of topics in its weekly podcast. From celebrity guests to trusted mental health professionals, Taffer calls them all. Not only do the celebrity guest interviews get high viewership, but his other episodes are also very popular. 

By now, you should know…

Taffer recalls some of his unforgettable interviews and also discusses them in his podcast. Through this podcast, Taffer proves to be a phenomenon host apart from being a hospitality legend, best-selling author, and television personality.

Best of all…

This has been our insightful article on the Jon Taffer podcast. Jon Taffer podcasts offer unforgettable interviews, so if you want to watch his podcasts get ready for genuine opinion, great talk, and unapologetic approach to present life.

The Jon Taffer Podcast is available to access on podcast apps like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and other applications too. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about your favorite podcast host Jon Taffer. You can read more of these people’s biographies, lifestyles, quotes, and memes on our site, Bouncemojo.com

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