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Former football coach and sportscaster John Earl Madden, popularly known as John Madden, is more than a sports master. He won a super bowl as head coach of the Oakland Raiders and is a well-known personality in the national football league history. 

He is famously known for lending his name to the long-running video game series “Madden NFL.” But we are here to discuss one of his unique talents. John Madden Books are published as a series of books. Most of them are based on none other than his favorite subject.

Yes, you guessed it right, football.

Here we present you the list of John Madden’s top reads to help you have all of his good reads in your library as a football lover.

Before we begin…

Let’s discuss how John Madden started his journey. 

Let’s get going…

John Madden The Author

John Madden Career

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On April 10, 1936, John Madden was born in Austin, Minnesota, the U.S, to Earl Russell Madden and Margaret Madden. In his early days, his financial situation was not very satisfying. He searched for a better living and moved six-year-old Madden and other family members to Daly City, California. 

Madden attended Our Lady of Perpetual Help and graduated in 1950. For his higher education, he went to study at Jefferson High School. 

In the beginning…

In 1960 after his knee injury, he got a chance to coach at Allan Hancock College as an assistant coach. His talent and love for football helped him grow to a head coach in a short span of two years. 

This was the beginning of his coachingprovesCollegeCollege career. He became a defensive assistant coach at San Diego State University till 1966.  

In 1967 Madden joined the Oakland Raiders football team as a linebackers coach. He was promoted to head coach at 32, making him the youngest football head coach professionally. 

Adding to that…

After retiring from coaching with the most wins in Raider’s history, he became a commentator and sportscaster for the National Football League (NFL).

John Madden has also worked as a color analyst for all four major networks, including CBS (1979-1993), Fox (1994-2001), ABC (2002-1005), and NBC (2006-2008). 

He has also served as a commercial pitchman for various products and companies and starred in Tv commercials. 

Today he is happily married to Virginia Frields. He has two boys and settled in Pleasanton, California.

We are not done yet…

The multi-talented Madden had also tried his luck in the film industry. He was featured in films like “Little Giants,” “Christine,” “The Replacements,” and “When the Game Stands Tall.” proves he has also directed several movies like “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Shakespeare in Love,” “The Widowmaker,” and “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.

Isn’t it interesting?

Now that you are all set to know more about John Madden’s books, I won’t make you wait longer. 

It’s time for the real treat!

1. Hey, Wait a Minute

John Madden Books

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Author: John Madden

Publisher: Villard Books

Date of Publication: 1984

Language: ‎English

Hardcover: 240 pages

Genre: Biography

“Hey, Wait a Minute” is a book written for true sports lovers, especially football fans. The book shares the experiences of John Madden as a couch. Probably all the stories and discussion are pretty much what made Madden a great football coach. 

It conveys how Madden worked hard but enjoyed what he did to be where he is today. 


The book talks about football and sports; it specifically carries insights into Madden’s approach towards everything. His life and experiences, learnings, and philosophies. It highlights many of John Madden’s personal experiences as a football coach. 


Like his personality, John Madden has some amazing talent for storytelling. However, there are lots of stories in the book. There is no chance that you’re not going to enjoy each one of them. Thanks to Madden’s humor and perfect timing that makes “Hey, Wait a Minute” a great read.  

Check Out: Hey, Wait a Minute

2. One Knee Equals Two Feet (And Everything You Need To Know About Football)

John Madden Books

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Author: John Madden 

Publisher: Villard Books

Date of Publication: 1986

Language: ‎English

Hardcover: 225 pages

Genre: Sports, General

One Knee Equals Two Feet” got some cool insights about America’s favorite sport, football. This time the book is all about football and not John Madden as a coach. After enriching teams on the field, the great coach has shared useful details about the sports for the young generation. He has tried to train all football lovers to be the best at the game through his writing. 

In simpler terms…

John Madden has explained the positions and what the player does. He has also shared strategies to judge what kind of player you are or what type of player you must play at a certain position. 

Now the real surprise…

John Madden in “One Knee Equals Two Feet” has also shared his “all-time favorite position.” The book is not only a great help to those who play on the ground, but it is a must-read for football lovers. 

Following the detailed explanation, you will find yourself understanding the game deeply after reading this book. You’ll be able to understand the player’s techniques and jordans better. 

What a great chance to flex your football knowledge before a group of friends is deeply involved in the game. 

Don’t delay any further…

Give this book a read and enjoy a clear understanding of commentators that used to confuse you before. There is no way a true football fan can miss this one. After all, why would no one want to understand and discuss the game like a pro?

Check Out: One Knee Equals Two Feet

3. All Madden: Hey, I’m Talking Pro Football!

John Madden Books

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Author: John Madden

Publisher: HarperCollins

Date of Publication: 1996

Language: ‎English

Hardcover: 224 pages

Genre: Sports, Football 

All-Madden: Hey I’m Talking Pro Football” is the third book in the John Madden series of football books. Being the best color commentator at NFL football, John has shared a fascinating journey inside the NFL. 

The best part of the book is that it sounds exactly like how John Madden talks. The fun and carefree writing keeps you hooked till you land on the last page. 

It is an exclusive book about the NFL with all the details needed to understand the commentary. It includes all the aspects of the game, including hard-nosed battles, how to be a great football announcer, the movement of franchises, and his opinion about the high salaries that have become a permanent part of the game. 


The book holds a complete topic on legendary coach Vince Lombardi. The topic is engaging due to the approach of the author. To me, the most important point discussed in this book is about Fame center Jim Otto. 

Unlike most players, knowing that he made a mistake, Otto would say “Run it again” instead of letting it pass. He even used to watch it over five times to understand his lacking point fully. 


It is a good read by New York Times best-selling author John Madden about NFL football. The book proves his love and involvement in the game, making him a pro coach and football commentator. If you are a true football fan, it is hard to miss this one.

Check Out: All-Madden: Hey I’m Talking Pro Football

4. One Size Doesn’t Fit All

John Madden Books

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Author: John Madden

Publisher: Villard

Date of Publication: 1989

Language: ‎English

Hardcover: 227 pages

Genre: Biography, general

One Size Doesn’t Fit All” proves that Madden was not just a great commentator but an amazing person to talk to. He has a talent for information speaking, and so does writing. 


Besides being an old book, it seems relevant to date only because of Madden’s tone throughout. The book is written spontaneously with stories and information about Madden, his life, family, and passion for football. 

In this book, John has discussed various topics with a casual approach. Some topics are not even connected, but it still feels nice to read about them. The author has talked about his approach to various things that is the key point of the book. 

In my opinion…

A true book reader and observer won’t find it hard to take out some great learnings from the book. A true Madden fan would discover every detail of him in this book. From food to his claustrophobia that made him take trains, Madden has discussed unknown information about himself, the book’s main attraction. 


The transparency of Madden makes you feel confident over your flaws. You may consider it a light-hearted conversion about a man who has seen great things in life.

Check Out: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

5. John Madden’s Heroes of Football

John Madden Books

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Author: John Madden

Publisher: Dutton Juvenile

Date of Publication: 2006

Language: ‎English

Hardcover: 80 pages

Genre: Biography, autobiography

In “John Madden’s Heroes of Football,” Madden wrote everything he knew about football. 

To be specific…

The book is all about how football started, including all the events that made this sport a worldwide love. The author has mentioned useful information about the history of football. From the earliest name and method of the game to the legacies of all the earliest players, you’ll find everything. 

Now coming to the interesting part…

This book is the pictures it carries. It makes you feel like you are living history again. If you are a true John Madden and Football fan, you may want to give it a shot. After all, it is always satisfying to learn the history of things you know. There is no way one can describe the history of football in a better way than John Madden. 

Check Out: John Madden’s Heroes of Football

6. John Madden’s Ultimate Tailgating

John Madden Books

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Author: John Madden

Publisher: Viking Adult

Date of Publication: 1998

Language: ‎English

Hardcover: 320 pages

Genre: Sports, Foods, and Drinks

We don’t call John Madden a multi-talented man for no reason. The book proves his extensive knowledge of various things and skills he possesses other than sharing his opinion on football players.


Unlike previous books of John Madden, this one is less about sport/football and more about his second love, food. In this book, John Madden discusses why tailgating and football are people’s two most favorite activities. 

With a humorous approach, America’s most popular broadcaster, football commentator, and author of three best-selling books talk about American’s two great obsessions, i.e., food and sports. Have discussed how both combine into a great tailgate party. 

The author has shared how he is like all the American’s out there. How much he is in love with the combination of food and sports. You will find stories about how he has mostly been a part of such parties throughout his travels to football stadiums. 

Due to his claustrophobia, John Madden has spent a good part of his life traveling through trains and buses around the country. Through his extensive traveling, he got a chance to learn more about general street food and tailgated than an ordinary being. 


If you too love the combination of sport and tailgating, “John Madden’s Ultimate Tailgating” is for you. The book includes more than 80 recipes for tailgating, all sorted by region. John has kept all the easy-to-make recipes in the book that require no skills or special equipment to cook. 

To your surprise…

John Madden has kept regional history, origins, and personal observations or opinions for each recipe parallel to it.

Check Out: John Madden’s Ultimate Tailgating

Conclusion: John Madden Books

This brings us to the end of our discussion on John Madden’s top reads. I hope you enjoyed reading the article as much as I did while crafting it for you.

Undoubtedly there is a lot to learn from John Madden, especially about football. We may say that it is hard to find better books on sport than the ones mentioned above. 

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