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Ethan Klein H3 Podcasts: If you love satire humor, you must have heard about the famous comedians Ethan Klein and Hila Klein. If you wish to find some good Ethan podcasts to binge-listen to or watch this weekend, then you have come to the right place! 

Lucky for you…

In this article, we have enlisted 10 Best H3 Podcasts by Ethan Klein!  Now, sit back and let us take you through a short introduction of Klein and his successful podcast journey.

Let’s begin…

Comedian Ethan Klein

Ethan Klein H3 Podcasts

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Ethan Klein was born on June 24, 1985, in Ventura, California. He is a  famous YouTuber, well-known for his legendary career on YouTube. He has various channels such as h3 Productions, but today we’ll discuss his amazing content on H3 Podcasts. 

Adding in more information…

Ethan started his weekly podcast called “The H3 Podcast.” Furthermore, it was expanded and turned out to be an introduction of three distinct weekly sub-series; the flagship H3 is featuring controversial interviews with Ethan Klein, H3 After Dark – an unscripted podcast co-hosted by Ethan Klein and his wife, and Content Court, a narrative type podcast examining internet personalities as he mainly covered their controversies.

That’s not all we have…

Moreover, In September 2020, the popular series “Frenemies” was launched with a YouTube personality Trisha Paytas as Ethan’s co-host. The series consisted of 39 episodes and ended in June 2021. 

#1. Interview Papa John 

You must have seen Ethan saying the phrase “Papa Bless,” now I’ll tell you about the background of it. It’s about Papa John. In this episode of the official Podcast by Ethan Klein, he interviews Papa John and talks about his pizza company. 

Turns out…

It is directed to Papa John’s Pizza – John Schnatter, who appeared on Ethan’s podcast various times. But the kicker hits in when Youtube gives me a tough time monetizing his video.

#2. We Have Twin or Triple

On this episode of the H3 Podcast, Ethan and Hila Klein – the couple who hosts H3 Podcast, turned out to share such amazing news that they are officially pregnant with one child. As the title suggests, Triplets, people got confused the previous week, but all such misunderstandings ended when they released this podcast episode.

That’s not all…

After Dark, Ethan & Hila get pitched on baby names from the crew, watch some mega cringe TikTok POVs, get a call from the dark professor Jordan Peterson, Thriller lying about everything, and a whole lot more!

#3. Celebrate James Charles Birthday 

In this episode of H3 podcast frenemies, Ethan Klein and his partner Trisha Paytas talked about James Charles.


They pointed out various verified accounts which made comments under the post of James Charles Birthday. Since you must have heard about the controversy between James Charles and Ethan Klein, this is something other than that as Ethan is known for roasting and roasts James on his birthday. 

#4. We’re Pregnant 

On this episode of the H3 Podcast, After Dark, we get some amazing news live on air! Also, we discuss Harry Potter reality shifters, Cold Feet Steven Crowder being a dumb ass, celebrate James Charles’ birthday, and a whole lot more!

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#5. Talking Trisha To Meme School

On this episode of the h3 – Frenemies, Ethan & Trish take a break from drama just to kick it and have some fun. Also, they play the MEME GAME, where Ethan educates Trisha on some famous memes then competes, making their own! 

#6. Jake Paul Fight Was Disaster

In this episode of the H3 podcast, Ethan talks about the very famous online event, which was the fight of Jake Paul, as he is known for highlighting the trends. He was making a joke out of the fight and clearly stating his biased reviews that Jake Paul’s fight was a disaster. 

Turns out, some people got offended, and Ethan went into a crisis. 


Ethan and Hila Klein published a video that consisted of the footage from Pual’s knockout streamed from a YouTube video. But subsequently, he was sued because Triller thought his podcast was illegally distributing Jake Paul’s fight. 

#7. Ethan Destroy the New Office

On this ground-shaking episode of the H3 Podcast “OFF THE RAILS,” Ethan and the boys get to work on demolishing all the hard work building the studio over the last few weeks as Ethan goes rogue on the Gatsby- we fool around with Love’s new robot, try out the BTS McDonald’s meal. 

Ethan and the boys shift to Hogwarts, talk to President Biden, dunk on Dream the cheater and Keemstar, and speak with Andrew Callaghan.


On this official podcast of the h3 – Frenemies, Ethan and Trisha discuss LGBTQ+ Pride Month, Ethan having a second child with Hila, Eugenia Cooney, Hank Green vs. Tom Hanks, and playing a little bit of the Guess That Superhero game!

#9. Hila’s Final Episode

In this episode of the h3, They talk about Twitch’s crazy gambling problem. Also, they discuss Wendy Williams going rogue. But the kicker hits in when people are confused about this being the final episode of Hila Klein. 


Will this be the last episode of Hila Klein, or was it all a joke? Watch out to find the truth.

#10. David Dobrik Blames Ethan Klein For His Allegations

In this episode of the h3, Ethan talks about David Dobrik and his success since he turned out to be one of the richest YouTubers in the world. Later, David Dobrik considers that Ethan is responsible for all the hate or accusations because he didn’t talk about him in good words.

Conclusion: Ethan Klein H3 Podcasts

That’s all we have for today, folks!

We are sure you enjoyed such amazing content by the famous YouTuber Ethan Klein and his wife, Hila Klein. They are such an inspiration, and also they are loved because of their funny videos and unique ideas.

Ethan led a very successful life, including his career and personal life, too, and we all have a lot to learn from it. 

Those were some of the best podcasts by Ethan Klein, and we are sure you can agree. Let us know which of these were your favorite, and also, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. 

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