DJ Khaled Astrology Birth Chart
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DJ Khaled Zodiac Sign

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DJ Khaled Astrology Birth Chart & Horoscope:


Let’s admit it. This cameo has become such a staple in every American song today and we all know who this is. 

But in case you’re still wondering who’s that DJ Khaled that seems to dominate most hip hop and RnB songs…

Well, let me tell you something.

DJ Khaled (Khaled bin Abdul Khaled) was born on November 26, 1975, and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, by his Palestinian parents who migrated to the United States with his brother Alec Ledd.

Khaled bin Abdul Khaled developed an interest in music at a young age because his parents were Arabic musicians. The future DJ Khaled’s first interest was in Rap and Soul Music. 

Even though DJ Khaled was born in the United States, he’s a very proud Muslim. He always turns to his faith for help in his everyday life. 

This made his parents even prouder than ever.

He had worked in a Merry-Go-Round record store and this event had laid the foundations for his future career. 

Khaled bin Abdul Khaled didn’t hesitate, thanks to the support coming from his parents and brother. 

In 1993, he met Birdman and Lil Wayne while working in his first job in New Orleans. 

After leaving the record store where he worked, he began his career as a DJ in reggae sound clashes, mixing dancehall and hip-hop. Khaled’s career immediately blew up as he got invited to a radio gig on a Pirate Station.

Khaled DJ became acquainted with several young artists like Lil Wayne, Mavado, and Birdman.

But wait – there’s more.

The young man moved to Miami and co-hosted The Luke Show on WEDR “99 Jamz” with 2 Live Crew’s Luther Campbell. Khaled DJ started hosting a radio show on 99 Jamz called The Takeover in 2003.

DJ Kahled Astrology

Khaled used the names “Big Dog Pitbull”, and the “Arab Attack” during his time with the Terror Squad hip-hop group. 

DJ Khaled explains the “Arab Attack” nickname as an “attack with Music.”

When the September 11 attacks happened in 2001, he discontinued using the moniker since it looked offensive and disrespectful towards the victims of the attacks.

In the midst of his young success…

DJ Khaled made his debut album “Listennn… the Album,” which was released by Koch Records on June 6, 2006. 

The said album premiered at number 12 on the US Billboard 2002.

The album was followed up by “We the Best (2007) Album,” featuring T-Pain, Rick Ross, Akin, Trick Daddy, Fat Joe, T.I., Plies, and Birdman. One of their singles peaked at number 28 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and became one of the US Hot Rap Tracks. 

Khaled DJ’s “We Takin’ Over,” was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in 2007.

That same year, he won two Ozone Awards for Best Radio DJ and Best Video for “We Takin’ Over.”

DJ Khaled is still enjoying a remarkable career while collaborating with the biggest names and conquering today’s music industry.

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 Birth Chart for Khaled

The birth chart of DJ Khaled reflects all the celestial bodies in the sky when and where Sun Sign was born.

These traits come from strong communication. It is hard for everyone to listen and absorb information passively.

The designation of the houses is centered around DJ Khaled’s birth time and starts with the rising sign (seen as a pink-colored line from the graphic’s center to the left). It continues anti-clockwise. 

The Sun is in Sagittarius

Cheerful and friendly. The Sun in Sagittarians is generally on the go.

DJ Kahled Astrology Birth Chart

People who are born with Sagittarius signs have a strong love of freedom. These people are quite easygoing; they can easily make friends with others. 

Their optimism is infectious but it can also get them into trouble most of the time. 

In addition to that…

…the most dominant element in DJ Khaled’s natal chart is the element of fire. 

People with a dominant fire in their charts are energetic, driven, courageous, and confident most of the time, opening more doors for troubles!

The least dominant element is water. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Khaled is an emotionless psycho. It could be that he can’t express what he feels as easily as other people. 

In some cases…

This usually leads to feuds and fights, with the Sagittarian most often being misunderstood. But as we can see, it hasn’t been a cause for trouble in DJ Khaled’s case. 

Venus is one of the top 3 dominant planets in this birth chart. 

This suggests that DJ Khaled is most likely very pleasing in his private life. His desire to please, along with his charms and seduction abilities, are ever-present elements in his whole personality. 

No wonder his relationship with Nicole is still going strong. Man knows how to please!

As was mentioned before…

DJ Khaled loves his freedom and originality, and his zodiac sign also reflects that. 

Well, hold your horses, because his second most dominant planet, Pluto also suggests so!

Pluto symbolizes independence, freedom, and even rebelliousness. 

This can be seen in the way DJ Khaled produces his music. He doesn’t like being confined to one style and category only. He never stops experimenting, even if it means deviating far from his original musical image. 

He also tends to rationalize situations, cases, emotions, and other abstract things with nonchalance, jagged affectivity in the very least. 

In short…

People with a dominant Pluto in their birth chart are always after originality and in an artist’s case, creative freedom. 

Another one of the three dominant planets in DJ Khaled’s birth chart is Jupiter.

Jupiter symbolizes organization and power. People with a dominant Jupiter in their birth chart are most likely lovers of peace and order. 

They are benevolence and power combined. 

Aside from this…

This unique trait and capability can also come in handy when it comes to their social lives. They are not only able to make powerful friends and connections but also build a network that could come in handy in improving their careers. 

Now, while all of these may sound too good to be true, there are, of course, the drawbacks.

One of these drawbacks is the over-confidence that could occur in the worst-case scenarios. This over-confidence could lead to a very materialistic desire and superficial relationships with people. 


It seems like everything is still peachy as ever with Khaled DJ’s Jupiter. 

Next to Sagittarius, Libra is also a dominant sign in DJ Khaled’s birth chart. 

Libras love pleasing the crowd using their well-honed elegance and finesse. 

While DJ Khaled isn’t someone you can call elegant, he sure has gained a lot of friends and connections due to his witty and sociable personality!

On the other hand…

DJ Khaled’s Sun being in Sagittarius means that he is a man of action. 

Sunny and energetic, these traits are combined with the Sagittarian’s natural drive to success, which makes a powerful fuel that pushed Khaled to stardom and success!

This infectious sunny quality can also be reflected in his romantic life. 

What more can I say?

His and Nicole’s love is near perfect so far. They have no scandals and controversies and the famous DJ is evidently still head over heels with his fellow Sagittarian wife!

Solar Sagittarians love their freedom, and with a dominant Uranus in his chart, combined with a solar Sagittarian’s love for liberation, most of these folks have a high rate of breakups in their romantic lives. 

We’re only all too glad to see that DJ Khaled is using this particular trait in improving his relationship with Nicole and their beautiful children!

Ever wondered when will DJ Khaled be retiring?

Well, all we can say is, it’s not anytime soon!

This freedom-loving trait can also cause a Solar Sagittarian to further explore outside his niche, widening his horizons and knowledge, and giving him more materials to work and craft with. 

They have too many things in their minds and they are more than motivated to accomplish them all. 

So settling down into a quiet and uneventful life in their roaring forties wouldn’t be something sunny Sagittarians would want to do. 

They will experiment and create until they can do it no more or until the pull of fatherhood and family gets stronger than the drive to have a remarkable career.

Well, we’re more than happy to have the coolest DJ to create more bop tracks in the decades to come!

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What is Khaled Zodiac Sign?

DJ Khaled Zodiac Sign

Born on the month of November, Khaled DJ has the Ninth astrological sign that’s associated with the Constellation Sagittarius. This is where the sun transits between November 23 and December 21. 

The half-human and half-horse, Sagittarius, is the centaur of mythology. 

It has a high level of intelligence that can form a bridge between Heaven and Earth. It’s also known as the Archer that represents the symbol of the bow and arrow.

Sagittarius never fails in hitting the mark, and it’s the goal. This depiction implies the power of prophecy. Hence, it was claimed by prophets who are born in this sign.

Just like Leo and Aries, the Sagittarius sun is a part of the Five Trigons as the last of the reproductive trinity. It follows Virgo and Gemini with the third of the mutable signs that future changeable quality.

Yes, you read that right

However, the astrological sign, as a human, doesn’t carry practical consequences for interpretation. 

DJ Khaled is the 492nd most popular with this sign.

DJ Khaled Zodiac Sign

What does Khaled Zodiac Sign Mean?

DJ Khaled Zodiac Sign

People born on November 26 have the Zodiac sign Sagittarius.

The southern constellation is most commonly pictured as a Centaur that shoots arrows and points at the sky where the Milky Way center is located.

But what are the Sagittarian’s special traits?

Sagittarians are usually mutable, which means that they are flexible and can use passion or intellect to create significant connections between other people or ideas that normally wouldn’t interact.

In other words…

These people are great Cosmic Networkers!

As a Sagittarian, DJ Khaled is good at saving money, too!

Even though they look like free spirits without care for material things, that might just be their frugality. They might seem naive at some times, but they’re usually right when it comes to practical matters.


Their love for freedom doesn’t wane but it will depend on their partners. 

A strong need for commitment could scare these archers off, which will make them wander more. But with an understanding and laid-back partner, they can be super passionate and devoted lovers. 

They woo their object of attraction through humor and if the other party shares the same humor as the Sagittarian, it makes for the best romance ever!

Tell that to the perfect Sagittarian couple!

Sagittarians are usually mutable, which means that they are flexible and can use passion or intellect to create significant connections between other people or ideas that normally wouldn’t interact.

What does Khaled Zodiac Sign Tell Us About Him?

Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarians are great companions for wild occasions, especially in jolly places like Vegas!

That’s all thanks to their optimistic, progressive, and restless personalities.

On the other hand…

DJ Khaled’s career was tremendous and made a significant impact in the Hip-Hop industry because of his restless attitude towards his craft. 

In fact…

… DJ Khaled manages his own career because of his constant drive to make it to the top. Khaled DJ is also a Record Producer, Songwriter, Actor, Rapper, Media Personality, Author, and Radio DJ.

Khaled top songs are:

  1. I’m The One – Featuring Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper, and Lil Wayne. The song peaked at #1 on May 20, 2017.
  2. All I Do Is Win – Featuring T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, and Rick Ross. The song peaked at #6 on May 29, 2010.
  3. For Free – Featuring Drake. The song was peaked at #2 on August 20, 2016.
  4. Do You Mind – Featuring Chris Brown, Jeremih, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, and Future. The so was peaked at #7 on December 10, 2016

Interesting Facts About Sagittarius

Attention Seeker

Attention-seeking is one of many well-known traits of these archers. May it be in a good and amicable way or just plain needy way, they just love having the spotlight on them!

Optimists That Dream Big

Enthusiastic and optimistic about the future. Sagittarians are not afraid to aim high because they are so driven that they’re confident that they can make all of their goals come true. 


You just can’t control their actions and they especially hate it when a rule is being enforced on them by people who don’t have any rights in their eyes. 

Sagittarius can read you.

They are so crazy intuitive that most Sagittarians can read you by just looking at and observing you.  

They think ten steps ahead.

Always way ahead of their peers, Sagittarius folks love to speculate and predict- and they’re almost always not wrong!

Khaled Zodiac Sign Love Compatibility

DJ Khaled Zodiac Sign Love

DJ Khaled and Nicole Tuck

Born on December 7, 1975, Nicole Tuck is an American businesswoman. She is the wife of record producer, media personality, hip hop artist, and songwriter DJ Khaled.

But wait – there’s more.

Nicole Tuck is also a Sagitarrius! 

DJ Khaled started dating Nicole in 2013.

After more than a couple of years, Nicole Tuck gave birth to their first child, Asahd Khaled, on October 26, 2016.

The two have been engaged a couple of years before Nicole gave birth to their first son, Asahd.

Nicole Tuck and DJ Khaled welcomed their second child on January 20, 2020. The second baby is named Aalam Tuck Khaled. 

A couple of years shy from their 10 ear anniversary, this Sagittarian couple proves that opposites don’t always attract. Sometimes, perfect is just that. Perfect.

Other Sagittarius Celebrities

  • Miley CyrusBirthday: November 23   Age: 28
  • Don Cheadle: Birthday: November 29  Age: 57
  • Chrissy Teigen Birthday: November 30  Age: 35
  • Britney Spears Birthday: December 2  
  • Nicki Minaj Birthday: December 8 
  • Jamie Foxx Birthday: December 13 
  • Taylor Swift Birthday: December  13
  • Brad Pitt Birthday: December  18  
  • Samuel L. Jackson Birthday: December  21
  • Jay-Z Birthday: December 4
DJ Khaled Zodiac Sign

Know More About the DJ Khaled Zodiac Sign

Love lifeSagittarius is attracted to a confident woman. DJ Khaled and Nicole Tuck have both confidence in their careers. They enjoy challenges, and they will do everything for their marriage and relationship. The couple has two children and has a strong connection in their romantic life.
CareerThey always have an excellent imagination and creative skills that can surely help them be a top player. DJ Khaled hustle hard and continue believing in himself despite the challenges he faced. Khaled DJ now has a $75 Million Net Worth because of his hard-working mindset.
Friendship Loyal and Loving. These are the two most dominant Sagittarian traits when it comes to friendship. People who are born with this sign are incredibly loyal and will not hesitate to let you know if they see something bad on you.
Family DJ Khaled is very dedicated to their family, and he will do everything for them. They may be territorial of their loved ones, but one thing’s for sure is it’s because of his love and care.

15 Facts About Khaled Zodiac Sign

  1. They have no time for selfishness
  2. Sagitarrius folks hate drama
  3. They don’t let people into their lives easily
  4. A Sagittarian is likely to be competitive with Leos.
  5. Sagittarians are quite competent in getting what they want.
  6. They are natural adventurers
  7. Don’t try to control a Sagittarius.
  8. Sagittarius has the strength of character and will stand up for what they believe in.
  9.  Don’t break Sagitarrius’ trust; you won’t ever get it back.
  10. Sagittarius are great thinkers but they always tend to worry.
  11. Sagittarius always cares too much.
  12. They sometimes can’t show their love or shout it out to the world, but when they love you, there’s nothing they wouldn’t do for you.
  13. Sagittarius doesn’t tolerate cheaters.
  14. Sagittarius is observant.
  15. Sagittarius gets irritated easily by stupidity or ignorance.

Want to know if you have similar traits as Khaled? Check out this link! Enjoy!

15 Facts You Need to Know About Khaled Zodiac Sign

How Compatible Are You With Sagittarius?

Sagittarians are almost always very picky with people they will be associating themselves with. 

Sagittarius folks are generally considered compatible with the Leo, Aries, Aquarius, and Libra.

The least compatible signs are Pisces and Virgo. 

DJ Khaled’s birthdate and Chinese Zodiac sign also coincided with the Year of the Rabbit,

How Similar Are You With DJ Khaled?

Strengths: Open-handed, idealistic looks, and incredible humor. 

Weaknesses: Inability to fulfill promises, lack of patience, and lack of tact. 

Sagittarius Likes: Independence, journey, philosophy, and outdoor activities.

Sagittarius Dislikes: Tenacious identities, being straightened, and detailed things.

What is Khaled Birth Stone?

DJ Khaled Birth Stone

People who were born in November have a warm and sunny-colored stone called Citrine for a birthstone. 

It is said to be a gift from the sun, and it is a healing gemstone. This gem is the most desired for its rich orange color.

On the other hand…

The word “Topaz” came from the Latin word Topazus and from the Greek Τοpáziοs.

It’s been said that a wearer’s digestive health could benefit the most from wearing the yellow Topaz stone. It can also be a useful healing stone for liver and bladder problems and can give you a great chakra.

Best of all,

The yellow Topaz is also known as The Stone of Communication. It’s believed to create good human relations that can result in many opportunities for sociability.

Hey, after all, the simple music record store crew that DJ Khaled was became friends with the local musicians that resulted in the start of his musical career!

Can I get my own Topaz now?

Conclusion: DJ Khaled Astrology Birth Chart, Horoscope 

We cannot deny the fact that DJ Khaled is a really good producer and songwriter.

With his cameo in every song that we loved, and the way he stepped up and made an impact in the hip hop industry, he, along with his dynamic personality and perfectionism sure changed the landscape of music forever. 

 As DJ Khaled said,

“Stay focused and secure your bag, because they want you to fall and they don’t want us to win.”

The mindset that he has is undoubtedly inspiring that it makes us hope that he inspires more people with his music.

Are you a Sagittarian, too? How similar are you to DJ Khaled?

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