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Brief Overview:

Is it or it isn’t? Are Ramsey’s ELPs worth it?

To be honest, it’s a YES and a NO!

Want to know why I have two answers? Find out more in the latter parts.

Before we start, let me give you a brief overview of who Dave Ramsey is (just in case you have no idea who he is).

And after that, we’ll be digging more into the whole Dave Ramsey ELP program and assess whether or not it’s worth the time and investment.

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Who Is Dave Ramsey?

In case you didn’t know.

Dave Ramsey’s known to be one of the most trusted financial advisers in the United States of America…

… and his “The Dave Ramsey Show” is among the US’s top radio programs.

Additionally, Ramsey’s also a recognized motivational speaker, author, businessman, and TV personality. If you’re curious about his life, you can check out his bio at BounceMojo.com for more juicy details of his life.

To make it simple, he technically rose to fame by teaching people how to save and use their money.

Later on, he ventured into advertising and launched his ELP program that we’ll be talking about in a few.

What Is Dave Ramsey ELP?

Well, Ramsey’s ELP stands for his Endorsed Local Providers…

…they are professionals whom the finance guru advertises.

To give you more context to this, let’s take a look at Dave’s website.

Once you arrive at his site, you’ll see this:

Dave ramsey ElP

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The site’s front page gives you an idea of what kind of services his ELPs offer.

Insurance – if you’re wondering which insurance suits you best – an insurance ELP can assist you in this matter at any time.

Also, Dave’s known as a firm believer in life insurance…

He believes that you should invest in homeowner’s or real estate insurance whenever you plan to rent or own a house to help you save costs from repairs.

On the other note, taxes can be overwhelming…

So, having a little help from people who know more about it can be beneficial for you.

Hence some ELPs offer tax services to assist you with your tax concerns.

Lastly, gaining more profit from selling your home or any real estate can be quite tricky…

But did you know that real estate agents can help you earn more from your real estate’s worth?  

Yes, hiring one of Dave’s real estate ELPs can even help you gain more profit for your sales (that are usually more than 39K)!

But you have to keep in mind that once you mark a real estate property as sold with the help of an ELP Dave Ramsey endorsed, you’ll have to pay a commission of 5-6% to settle the deal.

Nonetheless, if you aren’t satisfied with the services given by any elps you also have the right to negotiate for a lower commission.

Additionally, if you’re looking for your next place…

…they can also guide you in choosing the perfect home for you.

Anyway, I bet you’re curious about how Dave chooses who becomes his reliable elps…

Well, here’s how!

Dave’s team also evaluates each potential ELP to guarantee that they:

  • Offer the best Customer Service.
  • They Are An Independent Insurance Agent
  • They Firmly Agree With The Values Of Financial Peace University
  • They Are Of Standard

But the real question is — how can you contact an ELP?

Here’s how you can contact any Dave Ramsey ELP:

  1. After taking a look at Dave’s website, you can book your first appointment by inputting your details on his site for a lead.
  2. Later on, a Dave Ramsey ELP will contact you and send you the info of his or her office for your visit.

Take note that Ramsey ensures everyone that his people are “certified” and that you’d have the best customer service you’ll ever need (or is it?).

We’re spilling more about this after a few points.

#1. You need to pay to be an ELP.

Yes, you’ve read that right.

To become one of Ramsey’s ELP, you’ll need to invest some of your hard-earned money.

How so? Whenever an ELP receives a referral from Dave – – – the ELP’s need to give Mr. Ramsey $45-$60 of their total earnings for it.

Besides that, you also need to earn Dave’s endorsement before you can start working as one of his long term financial advisors.

Imagine this, you are trying to sell your services, but you have no idea how to reach people…

So, what you do is – you look for an advertiser to promote your services and make them known to the public.

In this case, Dave Ramsey is your advertiser. That’s why you need to pay him for the leads he gave you.

But — did you know that before you become a certified ELP, you’re required to invest in Ramsey’s Solutions?

Unfortunately, yes.

You must subscribe to his tutorials so that you’ll earn an endorsement from the finance guru.

Afterward, you also need to pay some hundred bucks to his company and “agree to have the heart of a teacher.”

In total, it means that you’d need more than a hundred dollars to be one of the most trusted Dave Ramsey ELP. 

⭐⭐Dave Ramsey ELP ⭐⭐Endorsed Local Providers ✔best Customer Service ✔Independent Insurance Agent ✔ Lot More

#2. You can’t pick the ELP

Sadly, you have no means to pick an ELP of your choice when planning to invest in the services of any  Dave Ramsey ELP.

It’s because once you’ve given the website your personal information, it will immediately turn into a lead.

The website will then give your lead to an ELP around your area…

… and later on, call you for more details about your appointment.

To sum this part up, the website will be the one to choose the match for you, and all you can do is meet up with the ELP.

#3. Not all ELPs are the best.

Just like any other service provider, not all Dave Ramsey ELPs are the best.

It means you can probably meet up with an endorsed local provider that doesn’t suit your needs.

Hence, the number of “bad” reviews on the internet regarding his program’s track record.

Most of these reviews explicitly said that some of Ramsey ELPs disappoint them…

The reason for these bad reviews? Many people experienced lousy customer service from these ELPs who received Dave’s endorsement.

For example:

A financial advisor Dave Ramsey endorsed a client he met up with because of the former’s unfortunate financial position.

Here’s what happened, a client wanted to make sure that the financial advisor had the qualities it takes to have Dave’s endorsement.

Unfortunately, during the meetup, the FA only talked about the debts and financial problems the Ramsey ELP had instead of inspiring the client to save more.

It totally bothered and frustrated the client how a Dave Ramsey ELP handled their meetup, which made him swear he won’t want to meet up with any ELP ever again.

Another example happened to a woman who tried out the tax services from an ELP in New York…

In her case, she already paid a partial payment to the accountant who promised her that he’ll send back her documents in two weeks before their meetup.

Unhappily, two weeks turned into five months before she finally received her documents.

Lastly, most customers who’ve tried out the program didn’t like the idea…

… of them going out to meet up with the ELPs as it’s time-consuming and full of effort on the consumer’s end.

Those stories about encountering an ELP Dave Ramsey recommended can be your basis whether or not you think the whole program is worth a try.

But, take note that not all ELP Dave Ramsey supports are bad…

…so, it still boils down to what type of elps you encounter during your appointment.

Conclusion: Dave Ramsey ELP Top List

In the end, is Dave Ramsey’s ELP program worth it?

Well, it depends on why you need the program per se.

If you’re looking for someone to give you more knowledge on factors like real estate, tax services, and insurance…

…then it’s best to read Dave Ramsey’s books instead.

These books are much cheaper than paying for a Dave Ramsey endorsed local provider.

At the same time, you can gather more information on those topics FOR FREE on his website.

Yes, you can check out the Dave Ramsey website for his exclusive deals and offerings.

But if you’re willing to risk some dollars, you can try and invest in an ELP (just make sure to have a contract and NEVER PAY IN FULL without an assurance).

In case you want to discover more about the life and net worth of Dave Ramsey, feel free to check out BounceMojo.com for his Bio and Net Worth.

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