Chris Brown Height, Age, Weight
Body Statistics [UPDATED]

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Chris Brown Height , Age, Weight: Chris Brown is a well-known R&B singer, actor, songwriter, and producer. 

But today, we won’t be talking about how amazing he is as an award-winning musician.

Instead, we’ll be taking a look into Chris Brown Vital Stats. 

  • From his height
  • Weight loss journey
  • Shoe size and fave sneakers
  • Many more!

Are you ready? 

Off we start!

Chris Brown Man Vital Stats

Chris Brown Man Vital Stats

How tall is Chris Brown?

Chris Brown Height

For those of you who don’t know…

… Chris Brown is actually 185 centimeters tall. 

This means Mr. Breezy is six feet, which is quite tall for an average person.

Did you know about this fact? If not, feel free to tweet us your reaction as we love to hear from you. 

What is Chris Brown’s weight?

Chris Brown’s weight

In 2014, his Team Breezy fans were shocked when they saw Brown 15 kilograms heavier than he was post-jail. 

But, it wasn’t just the fans who weren’t glad about his new weight gain.

Chris Brown himself wasn’t happy with his weight gain and even said he ‘felt insecure’ about it. 

Fast-forward to 2019 and Brown surprised his Team Breezy loyalists once again. This time, it’s for his stunning weight loss transformation. 

He went from being 97 kilograms (kgs) to maintaining his 82-kilogram weight. 

The “Heat” singer shared his constant dancing, strict diet plan, and frequent workouts all contributed to his massive weight loss. 

Way to go, Breezy! 

What are Chris Brown’s other measurements?

Thanks to his weight loss journey…

… Chris’ chest and waist size have trimmed down to 41 inches (chest) and 33 inches (waist). 

Aside from those, the R&B singer, who is known to be a sneakerhead… 

has a shoe size of US Mens 11.

Now, we know about his shoe size – let’s talk about the ‘Indigo’ star’s insane sneakers collection. 

Breezy probably has every dope shoe you can think of – from Nike Air Force 1’s, Kanye West’s Yeezy, Air Jordans, to the classic Converse. 

Also, during his 2017 Party Tour, the singer revealed he brought not just three pairs of shoes…

… but 1000 in his concert tour! 

I wonder how many bags he had to bring for those amounts of shoes.

Anyway, enough of his kicks. 

Chris Brown’s Style

Chris Brown’s Style

Street. Boujee. Sleek. 

Those words best describe the R&B singer’s style. 

If you’re an OG Breezy fan, then you know Brown is famously known for his sense of style. 

He’s often seen with brands like Tommy Hilfiger, DSquared2, Raf Simons, and his ultimate favorite, Balenciaga

Conclusion: Chris Brown Height, Weight, Age

Ayt! There you go. 

That was Chris Brown’s Vital Stats – fill me in on what your favorite Chris Breezy outfit is.

Mine would probably be his all-street white aesthetic above.

Anyway, I’m also surprised Brown is 6 feet tall…

… but, I’m particularly amazed at how he was able to lose a lot of weight through time. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this. If you wanna know more about him, you can check out Chris Brown’s Bio and Net Worth article on BounceMojo.com. 

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