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Cee Lo Songs Top 10: I bet you’re here for some CeeLo Green tracks to play when the gang comes over for a party on the weekend or perhaps, a fan who’d like to add more songs to the Cee Lo playlist to tune to while daydreaming.


Like always, we got you covered. Get excited because not only will we be unveiling our exclusive list of his hit songs, but you’ll get the bonus of knowing him more as an artist as we take you to a little throwback on his humble beginnings.

Surely, this will put you into thinking, “I just idolized the right hip hop artist.” 

Are you ready to vibe?

Let’s take a deep dive into our singer’s career, success, and the life story and see how fame hit him so hard.

Let’s get started…

#1. Bright Light Bigger City

Album: The Lady Killer

Released on: 2011

Artist: Cee Lo Green

Songwriter: Thomas Callaway

The song “Bright Lights Bigger City,” written by Thomas Callaway, is the fourth single from American soul singer CeeLo Green. It’s from his third studio album, “The Lady Killer.” 

Let me tell you…

The song became an incredible hit as it topped the charts in Israel and peaked at number thirteen in the United Kingdom. The song “Bright Lights Bigger City” is about nightlife and having the freedom to live for the weekend.

As everyone works pretty hard the entire week and at last, the weekend arrives to ease and recharge everybody. 

As the lyrics of the song add up, 

I have been living for the weekend

But no, not anymore

Because here comes that familiar feeling

You can feel the electricity

Check Out: Bright Lights Big City

#2. Crazy

Album: St. Elsewhere

Released in: 2006

Artist: Gnarls Barkley, Cee Lo Green

Songwriter: Brian Burton

A debut single by American soul duo Gnarls Barkley from the album “St. Elsewhere.” The song peaked at number two on Billboard Hot 100 in the whole world. 

Not just that…

The song also won a Grammy Award and was nominated for Record of the Year. The song is actually about how people won’t consider a person an artist until he is crazy, as in the lyrics Gnarls Barkley and Cee Lo Green adds, 

I remember when

I remember I remember when I lost my mind

There was something so pleasant about that place

Even your emotions have an echo in so much space

And when you’re out there without a care

Check Out: Crazy 

#3. F*ck You 

Album: The Lady Killer

Released in: 2010

Artist: Cee Lo Green

Songwriter: Bruno Mars

A single by Cee Lo Green, who is a famous soul singer. The song received a huge amount of success as it ranked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 plus many positive reviews by the critics.

Let me tell you...

The song was titled “Fuck You,” or some people regard it as “F.U” or “Forget You.” This song is about the heartbreak and music industry itself as it says, 

See you driving ’round town

With the girl I love, and I’m like

Forget you

(Ooh, ooh, ooh)

I guess the change in my pocket

Wasn’t enough; I’m like

Forget you

And forget her too

Check Out: Fuck You 

#4. Fool For You

Album: The Lady Killer

Released in: 2010

Artist: Cee Lo Green

Songwriter: Callaway Thomas

The song is a masterpiece by the artist Cee Lo Green from his third studio album.


The song won Grammy Awards in two categories such as Best Traditional R & B Performance and Best R & B Song. The song is actually about the betrayal one gets from his partner, and he thinks that he is a fool for her. As the lyrics suggest,

I love her in and out and up and down and ’round and ’round

And over and over again

So rare they swear that you just don’t exist

And It’s only one person I can think of that makes me feel like this

And I’m a fool, such a fool for you!

Check Out: Fool For You 

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#5. Kung Fu Fighting

Album: Kung Fu Panda 

Released on: 2008

Artist: Cee Lo Green, Jack Black

Songwriter: Carl Douglas

Considering his love for Kung Fu Panda, like some other singers, Cee Lo Green also made a song. 

As it is found that…

The song is giving a complete motivation not to give up and keep fighting. In the lyrics, he adds that everyone is fighting despite the fear of the future, and also, your life is a book written by you, so why not make it incredible.

Let me add the lyrics…

Everybody is Kung Fu fighting,

Your mind becomes fast as lightning

Although the future is a little bit frightening

It’s the book of your life that you’re writing

Check Out: Kung Fu Panda

#6. Music To My Soul 

Album: Heart Blanche

Released in: 2015

Artist: Cee Lo Green

The song “Music To My Soul” is one of the top-rated Green songs by Cee Lo Green, as, in this one, he particularly talks about overcoming darkness.


He is well-known for his ability to lift people’s spirits and motivate them, so in this one, he talks about how he was captured in a dungeon but still made out because he had some motivation left in his life. 

The lyrics say…

Even in darkness

My I and my fam from the dungeon found that light

And even in darkness

Despite what was wrong, everything turned out alright

Said whoa, when it gets real cold

We got fire, and that’s music to my soul

Check Out: Music To My Soul

#7. Cell Therapy

Album: Soul Food

Released in: 1995

Artist: Cee Lo Green, Goodie Mob

Songwriter: Robert Terrance 

Cell Therapy is a debut single by Goodie Mob and American soul singer Cee Lo Green. The song ranked at number 39 on the Billboard Hot 100. 


Again, in this song, Cee Lo Green and Goodie Mob talk about not losing hope, and he shares his experience that during some part of his life, he faced racism, but that didn’t mean losing his life. In the lyrics, he adds, 

Listen up, little nigga, I’m talking to you.

About what yo little ass needs to be going through

I fall a victim too, and I know

I shouldn’t smoke so much, but I do with the crew.

Check Out: Cell Therapy

#8. I’ll Be Around

Album: Cee Lo Green… Is the soul machine

Released in: 2004

Artist: Cee Lo Green

Songwriter: Phil Hurtt

Another sensational song by Cee Lo Green in which he talks about being around whenever you want to me to come, 

When you want me to come (Holla)

When you want me to come (Call me!)

When you want me to come (I’ll be around)

Check Out: I’ll Be Around

#9. I want You 

Album: The Lady Killer

Released in: 2010

Artist: Cee Lo Green

A song by American soul singer Cee Lo Green is “I Want You.” The song peaked on the UK Singles Chart, as it is from his third studio album, “The Lady Killer.”

Turns out…

The song gives a calming sensation in which he talks about holding onto love, as the lyrics add.

And I want you to genuinely and sincerely want me too

You can believe in my baby

Don’t be cruel

Because I want you

Check Out: I want You 

#10. Cry Baby 

Album: The Lady Killer

Released in: 2010 

Artist: Cee Lo Green

Songwriter: Thomas Callaway

“Cry Baby” is one of the singles by Cee Lo Green, and it’s from the album The Lady Killer.

Let me add up…

The song has ranked at #58 on the UK Singles Chart. The song is actually about leaving one’s girlfriend and then feeling bad for doing so. 

In the lyrics, he adds,

If this makes you cry, girl, I didn’t mean it

Next time I should lie, the truth is inconvenient

I bet if you’d try, you could live without me

I don’t know why you bother to cry about me.

Check Out: Cry Baby 

Conclusion: Cee Lo Songs & Albums

That’s a wrap, people!

We hope you enjoyed the hip-hop music by Cee Lo Green, and we are sure you have enlisted your favorites, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

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