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Biz Markie Songs & Album: The pioneering rapper, beatboxer, and music producer Marcel Theo Hall, professionally known as Biz Markie, died at the age of 57 at Baltimore hospital on July 16, 2021. The hip-hop star was suffering from health issues related to type 2 diabetes a few times. 


Markie is no more with us, his evergreen music will stay with us forever. He will live in our hearts for as long as we continue loving his art. Like his personality, let’s recall his contribution to rapping and hip-hop in a unique way. 

We have come up with a list of top Biz Markie albums to send our prayers for the legendary Clown Prince Of Hip-Hop.

Let’s get going…

Biz Markie Career Background

Biz Markie Songs

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Being a true Biz Markie fan, who wouldn’t want to know how this great talent was discovered?

To begin with…

Born in the New York City neighborhood of Harlem on April 8, 1964, he was raised on Long Island. He started his rapping career from local clubs, where he met hip hop producer Marley Marl in 1985.

The meeting turned out to be a life-changing opportunity for Markie. He 

stepped into the world of human beatboxing with MC Shan and Roxanne Shante. 

To bring it to your knowledge…

Beatboxing was his first step towards success and fame. Afterward, the famous, rapper released five studio albums, including his biggest hit, “Just A Friend,” in 1989. 

That is not it…

He also explored his acting talent by appearing in various films and tv shows, including Men in Back II, “Crank Yankers‘, and children’s series Yo Gabba Gabba with Biz’s Beat Of The Day. He made numerous guest appearances with Beastie boys on Check Your Head,” III Communication,” “Hello Nasty,” and “The Sounds of Science.

In 2005 Markie appeared on the first season of the popular television show “Celebrity Fit Club.” It is a show with eight overweight celebrities on their journey to weight loss. 

The show brought him fair attention for his motivational work. Without making you wait long for Markie’s unique style with clumsy humor, let’s recall his journey from a club rapper to a sensational worldwide star. 

Nobody can replace such a talent like Biz Markie. He was not just a remarkable singer but a DJ, actor, and reality star. 

Buckle up; the route is long…

#1. Going Off

Biz Markie Songs

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Released: February 23, 1988 

Recorded: July-November 1987

Producer: Marley Marl

Genre: Golden age hip-hop

Label: Cold Chillin’ Warner Bros

Biz Markie released his debut album “Going Off with Marley Marl as a producer in 1988. The album got fair attention in the golden age of hip-hop. It featured a good number of underground hit singles such as “Vapors,” “Nobody Beat The Biz,” and “Pickin Boogers.” As a young talent, he proved his skills of writing unique rap that is very well reflected in his debut album. 

Daddy Kane wrote the lyrics of the first five songs. The album highlighted the young rapper’s unique talent of blending hip-hop and humor. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the clown prince, in reply to a question, said, Dead real. Everything. I didn’t know how to write any other way.” 

Which reflects his talent of expressing real situations in the most fun ways. 

We’re not done yet…

The album holds many of his talents, and one of them is the human beatbox in the song “Make the Music with Your Mouth, Biz.” On the other hand, the rapper was quite good in the game of dozens which he proved in “Nobody Beats The Biz ”. 

In 1998 the album also got selected as one of the source’s 100 best rap albums. Apart from that, the album also peaked at #19 as the US top R&B/Hip-hop albums. The album includes the following tracks:

Check Out:  Going Off

#2. The Biz Never Sleeps

Biz Markie Songs

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Released: October 10, 1989

Recorded: March-July 1998

Producer: Biz Markie and Cool V

Genre: Golden age hip-hop

Label: Cold Chillin’ Warner Bros

In 1989 Biz Markie released his second album, “The Biz Never Sleeps,” which became a huge success. Just a Friend served as the most loved track of the album. Since then, it has never looked back. 

The clown prince got worldwide recognition and praise from both his fellow singers and critics.

To your surprise…

The 2006 hip-hop memoir “In The Arms Of Baby Hop” cited “The Biz Never Sleeps” as one of the immaculate tapes released by February and March of 1990. The album included the following list of Biz songs:

  • Dedication”
  • “Check It Out”
  • “The Dragon”
  • “Spring Again”
  • “Just a Friend”
  • “She’s Not Just Another Woman (Monique)”
  • “Mudd Foot”
  • “A Thing Named Kim”
  • “Me vs. Me”
  • “My Man Rich”
  • “I Hear Music”
  • “Biz In The Harmony”
  • “Things Get a Little Easier”

The album peaked at 366 on the billboard 200 and #9 on the top R&B/Hip-hop albums. The famous song Just a Friend” peaked at #9 on the billboard hot 100 and #5 on the hot rap singles. To date “Just a Friend” is the most popular Biz Markie song worldwide. 

Apart from that…

“The Biz Never Sleeps” on April 24, 1990, was certified gold by the RIAA. The album will serve as Markie’s identity card till his fans continue to enjoy his rap.

Check Out:  The Biz Never Sleeps

#3. I Need A Haircut

Biz Markie Songs

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Released: August 27, 1991

Recorded: May 1990–May 1991

Producer: Biz Markie

Genre: Hip Hop

Label: Cold Chillin’ Warner Bros

“I Need A Haircut” is Biz Markie’s third album, released on August 27, 1991. Though the album was not a huge success, it still made it to #113 on the billboard 200 and #44 on the top R&B/Hip-hop albums. 

The 12th track, “Alone Again,” served as a new turn in the hip-hop industry.

The story is not so simple…

Biz had to deal with a lawsuit by Gilbert O’Sullivan as they claimed unauthorized use of O’Sullivan’s song in “Alone Again” changed the rules of the hip hop industry.

 Then onwards, every future music sampling was to be pre-approved by the original copyright owners. The album was re-released when cold chillin ended its deal with Warner bros, without the illegal track. 

Though Biz Markie got out of the lawsuit, his career was severely affected. His next album,All Samples Cleared.” was a poke at the case by Biz Markie himself, but till then, he had lost his time.

The album featured the following hits: 

Check Out:   “I Need A Haircut”

#4. All Samples Cleared

Biz Markie Songs

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Released: June 22, 1993

Recorded: November 1992–March 1993

Producer: Biz Markie, Cool V

Genre: Hip hop

Label: Cold Chillin’ Warner Bros

The rapper known for his humor and easy-going persona named his fourth album All Samples Cleared,” following the situation from the previous one. The album featured Biz Markie’s big hit with the same storytelling and artless balladeering blend in “Young Girl Bluez.” 

Thanks to his talent…

The album secure #43 on the top R&B/Hip-hop albums. The single “Let Me Turn You On” made it to #7 on the hot rap single, which was the most enormous success of this album. It was Markie’s last studio album until 2003’s Weekend Warrior. The famous album includes:

Check Out:   All Samples Cleared,” 

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#5. On the Turntable

Biz Markies Songs

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Released: August 25, 1998

Recorded: 1998

Producer: Biz Markie

Genre: Hip hop

Label: P-Vine Records

“On The Turntable is a mixed album by hip hop star biz Markie. The album got fair appreciation and love from his fans. It included the following tracks: 

  • “My Automobile”
  • “Which Way”
  • “I Like It”
  • “L.A. Jazz Song”
  • “I’ll Play the Blues for You.”
  • “The 24 Carat Black Theme”
  • “Skin Valley Serenade”
  • “Nasty Soul”
  • “Ghetto: Misfortune’s Wealth”
  • “I’ll Never Grow Old.”
  • “Do Me”
  • “Memphis B.K.”
  • “I’ll Take You There.”
  • “Mr. Big Stuff”
  • “Mama’s Gone”
  • “Saginaw County Line”
  • “Do the Funky Penguin, Pt. 2”
  • “I Don’t See Me in Your Eyes Anymore.”
  • “Sister Sanctified”
  • “All We Need Is Understanding”
  • “Don’t Send Me an Invitation.”
  • “Tramp”
  • “Aquarius”
  • “Free Your Mind”

Check Out:  “On The Turntable 

#6. Weekend Warrior

Biz Markie songs

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Released: November 18, 2003

Recorded: 2003

Producer: Biz Markie, J-Zone, Osinachi Nwaneri, Sorce, The 45 King, Kevin Brown, Chucky Thompson

Genre: Hip Hop

Label:     Tommy Boy Entertainment

“Weekend Warrior” is Biz Markie’s final album. It was released on November 18. 2003 on Tommy boy entertainment. Although the album did okay, it was not as huge as Markie’s other albums. The album included the following songs: 

  • “Intro”
  • “Tear Shit Up” 
  • “Chinese Food”
  • “Let Me See U Bounce” 
  • “Like a Dream” 
  • “Biz Clownin’ (Interlude)”
  • “Throw Back”
  • “Friends”
  • “Do Your Thang”
  • “Country (Interlude)”
  • “Turn Back the Hands of Time”
  • “Games”
  • “Not a Freak” 
  • “Party To The Break-A-Day”
  • “Beatbox (Interlude)”
  • “For the DJ’s”
  • “Get Down”
  • “Ei Ya”

Check Out:  “Weekend Warrior”

Conclusion: Biz Markie Songs & Album

With his constant hard work and struggle, Biz Markie (Born Marcel Theo Hall) earned the title of Clown prince of hip-hop in a concise time. 

Due to his humor and light-hearted music, people will love him for as long as his songs exist. He may have left this temporary world, but he will be there with us forever in our hearts.


Listening to Biz Markie’s songs still feels the same. As if he is somewhere near us, looking and smiling to cheer his contributions in the music industry. Let’s follow the list and live his journey of success with a different approach this time. 

If you enjoyed the article, I’m sure you will love to know more about Biz Markie’s Net Worth and Lifestyle. To enrich your knowledge, visit bouncemojo.com and enjoy the read.

Till then… 

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