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Bobby Brown Songs: If you love hip hop, then you must’ve heard about Bobby Brown! 

We compiled a list of the most popular Bobby Brown songs of all time.

We’ve also inclused music videos, bio and facts for each track…

Sit tight! As things are going to get interesting from here.

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Who Is Bobby Brown?

Bobby Brown

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Bobby Brown, known by his official name, Robert Berisford Brown, was born on February 5, 1969, in Massachusetts. He is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, and dancer. He is primarily famous for the new jack swing: a fusion of hip hop and R&B. 

Moving on…

Brown had a solo career; also, he joined “New Edition” and started singing R&B. He earned a huge amount of success from his second album, Don’t Be Cruel,” which ranked on Billboard Hot 100. 

Some of his very famous and Grammy Award-winning songs include My Prerogative and Every little step.”

Bobby Brown’s Career

Bobby Brown started his career by joining New Edition, but he left it and started his solo career. He received many awards, including the Grammy Award for Best Male R & R&B Vocal Performances, American Music Awards, and People’s Choice Award. 

#1. Every Little Step

Artist: Bobby Brown

Album: Don’t Be Cruel

Released date: 1988

Genre: Pop R&B and Soul

One of his singles and a very successful song, Every little step by Bobby Brown, was released by MCA Records.

Let me tell you…

This song was the fourth single on his second album and ranked number three on Billboard Hot 100. According to its lyrics, the main theme of this song is that the singer is extremely hopeful that he will meet the love of his life. 

Since the lyrics add, 

Every little step I take

You will be there

Every little step I make

We’ll be together

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#2. Candy Girl

Artist: Bobby Brown

Album: Candy Girl

Released date: 1983

This song is a beautiful tribute to one’s lover as the singer highlights the qualities of his partner and compares them to the sweetness of a candy. As Bobby Brown says, You are my candy girl and a treat to my life. As the lyrics of the song says, 

Candy Girl

You are my world

You look so sweet

You’re a special treat

Candy girl

All I want to say

When you’re with me

You brighten up my day

Check It Out Here

#3. Can You Stand The Rain

Artist: Bobby Brown

Album: Heart Break

Released date: 1988

Genre: Pop R & B

Can You Stand the Rain is an amazing song by Bobby Brown; it is a pop R&B released in 1988. The song is about a happy love story of a boy and a girl, but the man asks that if he can count on her during difficult times, as he says,

On a perfect day

I know that I can count on you

When that’s not possible

Tell me, can you weather the storm?

Because I need somebody who will stand by me

Through the good times and bad times

She will always, always be right there.

Check It Out Here.

#4. If It Isn’t Love

Artist: Bobby Brown

Album: Heart Break

Released date: 1988

Genre: Pop R&B, new jack swing

Another outstanding song by Bobby Brown is “If It Isn’t Love,” which is an R&B song from their fifth studio album. Also, the song reached the top ten of the US Billboard Hot 100. 


The song’s story depicts that the man left his previous relationship because he didn’t want to fall in love. But he is still stuck in a dilemma that can he ever move on?

As it says,

It took my heart

To shatter in a thousand pieces

Before I’d ever drop my pride

Losing love worrying about my image

It helped me realize

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#5. My Prerogative

Artist: Bobby Brown

Album: Don’t Be Cruel

Released date: 1988

Another one of his music videos by Bobby Brown namedMy Prerogative from a very successful album Don’t Be Cruel.” 

It was by MCA Records, in which Bobby exits a car and gets to the stage to perform. The song is about people giving their views about the singer; Songs adds;

They say I’m crazy

I don’t care

That’s my prerogative

They say I’m nasty

But I don’t give a damn

Getting girls is how I live.

#6. Cool It Now

Artist: Bobby Brown

Album: New Edition

Released date: 1984

The song Cool It Now is a single by an American Group “New Edition.” The piece turned out to be a huge success and is ranked number 4 on Billboard Hot 100. 

Turns out…

The main story of the song is the guy expressing his love for a girl, despite the concerns grown by his friends. 

Lyrics add, 

Because all I keep thinking about is her, in my arms

(Now these problems are one of a kind)

And I won’t feel the same until she is mine

And my friends keep telling me to

You got to cool it now

#7. On Our Own 9

Artist: Bobby Brown

Album: Don’t Be Cruel

Released date: 1988

On Our Own is a song by Bobby Brown from the Ghostbusters. 

It ranked at number two on Billboard Hot 100. 


It is about struggling to get what you want; as the song says,

If I was you, and you were me, you’d like to be winning

If you want something bad, yo, you gotta wanna give your all

Because I believe so much in us and know we’re not kidding

If you feel the same as me, yo, you have to want to take the ball

#8. Rock Wit’cha 6

Artist: Bobby Brown

Album: Don’t Be Cruel

Released date: 1989

Genre: Pop R&B

One of the best from the list of Bobby Brown songs – Rock Wit’cha 6 is a single from the album Don’t Be Cruel.” The song peaked at number seven on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Let me tell you about the lyrics…

It’s about the love and passion a man feels towards a woman, saying that all he has is her, and fairly that’s all he needs. 

As in the lyrics, Bobby Brown says, 

I want to rock witcha, baby

All night long

I want to roll witcha, lady

Feelin’s so strong

I want to rock witcha, baby

All night long

#9. I’m Still In Love With You

Artist: New Edition

Album: Home Again

Released date: 1996

Genre: Hip-Hop/ Pop R&B

A beautiful song by Bobby Brown is mainly talking about his partner and the love he still has in his heart.


He is worried that he might lose himself over the time he lost the love of his life. And also, Brown is pretty sure about her and tells her that he’s always there when she needs him.

The song adds, 

I’m still the man for you.

And I’m still the true man.

And I’m still the lucky man.

And I’m still in love with you.

#10. Roni- Single Version

Artist: Bobby Brown

Album: Don’t Be Cruel

Released date: 1988

.In this song, the singer talks about the girl Roni and classifies her qualities as she is a sweet girl but can also make a homeboy fall madly in love with her. 

Song adds, 

She’s a special kind of girl that makes her daddy feel proud

You know, the type of girl that stands out in crowds

Found a tenderoni, and the Roni is so right

I think I’m going to love her for the rest of my life.

Conclusion: Bobby Brown Songs

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