Adam Lambert Height, Age, Weight
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Adam Lambert Vital Stats

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Adam Lambert Height, Weight, Body Measurements: Adam Mitchel Lambert – popularly known on stage as Adam Lambert – is an American singer-songwriter who rose up to fame since his reign as a runner-up in the American Idol Season 8.

People loved him more when he released his debut album, For Your Entertainment, and his second studio album, Trespassing. Since then, his songs topped the album charts! 

But wait, let’s just stop there because today, we’ll be talking about Adam Lambert body measurements – think chest size, height, weight, shoe size, all that jazz!

By the end of this article, you will have learned about:

  • Adam Lambert body measurements, height, weight, shoe size;
  • His vital statistics and favorite kicks;
  • Hits and misses in his outfits and getups;
  • And lots more!

So, if you’re one of the singer-songwriter’s fans, well, this article was written just for you.

Let’s get started…

Adam Lambert Vital Stats (2024): Height, Weight, Age & Lots More…

Adam Lambert Height

The American pop and glam rock singer-songwriter and American Idol 8th Season runner-up, Adam Lambert, stands at 6’1” or 185 cm and weighs over 82 kg or 181 lbs.

He has a rather robust body with a chest size of 40 inches or 132 centimeters. And his biceps size? Well, they’re nothing short of 12 inches or 33 centimeters. Oh, and do I need to mention his 31-inch (79-centimeter) waist size?

If that doesn’t turn you on, then I don’t know what does.


… Adam Lambert was not this fit when he was a teenager.

As a matter of fact…

… Lambert revealed he has a heavier weight in high school. 

When he learned he should improve, he changed his diet and cut his bad eating habits.

Talk about discipline, right?

In one of his interviews with Ok! Weekly, the American singer stated, “When I was in high school, I had bad eating habits. I ate a bunch of c**p – a bunch of fast food and stuff. I learned more about what’s healthy and what’s not healthy. I used a little bit of self-control.

Up to this day, the American Idol runner-up practices a healthier lifestyle by doing cardio, which is – surprise, surprise – actually his favorite workout routine.

A real change of lifestyle, I should say!

How Old is Adam Lambert and What is His Sexual Orientation?

Adam Lambert Vital Stats

Under the zodiac sign Aquarius, Adam’s date of birth is January 29, 1982. He was born bearing the name Adam Mitchel Lambert.

He’s a mixed Norwegian, Danish, and German on his dad’s side (Eber Lambert) side and mixed Ashkenazi Jewish descent on his mom’s (Leila Lambert) side.

No wonder the pop-rock singer-songwriter has a natural strawberry blond hair color that complements his natural blue eye color.

That’s some unique features, huh?


… the artist is openly gay and is proud of his sexual orientation. He’s one of the most influential people promoting gender equality. 

He once had a relationship with Sauli Koskinen. However, the two didn’t seem to have worked out – they broke up in 2013.

His most recent partner is Javi Costa Polo.

What is the Shoe Size and Favorite Shoe Brand of Adam Lambert?

Adam Lambert Vital Stats

Adam’s shoe size is 11.5 US – he loves Calvin Klein.

You can see Adam Lambert wearing his elegant-looking Calvin Klein shoes in music awards like the Oscars and Grammys.

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What Kind of Outfits Should You Wear to Achieve the Style of Adam Lambert?

Adam Lambert Vital Stats

To achieve an Adam Lambert look, you should dress like a rock star – that’s a given!

The American Idol runner-up loves to present himself in all-black clothes with tight pants and tops that are accentuated by his eye-catching accessories like handcuffs, belt loops, cages on his shoulders, and platform boots. 

He’s got quite a lot going on for him in the style department, wouldn’t you agree?

Haven’t had enough of Adam Lambert?

Take a look at these…

Adam Lambert Outfits That Would Make You Cringe

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane – No, It’s Adam!

Adam Lambert Outfits

In this photo, we can see Adam flaunting what seems to be a peacock feather around his neck. Whether this pays homage to Lilly Scott or not is up to you. LOL.

This was taken during the launch party in celebration of Boy George’s new single on March 20, 2010, at the Merah Club in London.

I think it’s safe to say he enjoyed his Friday partying with Mark and Samantha Ronson.

Friyay indeed!

Hell Raiser?

Adam Lambert Outfits

In this photo taken during one of his performances at Club Even on March 15, 2010, in Tokyo, Japan, the American Idol runner-up sported “wicked boots” and a spiky leather jacket.

Oh, and did you see those pants that leave little to the imagination? They complement his spiky boots, right?

Eccentric – that’s the word! But seriously, who else do you think can pull off this get-up? Honestly! 

Adam Mitchel Lambert sang a few songs from his studio album, For Your Entertainment.

Leather Galore

Adam Lambert Outfits

Okay, clearly, there’s a pattern here on his insatiable love for leather, don’t you think?


… in almost every outfit he’s in, it has to be either spiky or leathery. Well, he’s a rockstar alright!

While this outfit doesn’t really scream “eccentric” to me, it’s a bit cringe-worthy to think that it’s too skintight. Yikes!

Bird in a Cage?

Adam Lambert Outfits

Okay, just what are you wearing, Mr. Lambert, Adam?

It seems to me that he overdid it on this one, seriously!


… to be fair to him and his stylist, his hair color complements the outfit, so I guess it’s partially a win for him.

I guess you could say he’s already catching people’s attention even before he’s ever made his debut album, won music awards, and topped album charts. I mean, he wears an outfit and he sticks to his expression and being openly gay as a singer.

This photo was taken during one of his performances in American Idol. In it, he sang “Mad World” by Tears for Fears.

The American singer-songwriter kept the song’s vulnerability, “being as faithful to the original as much as possible,” according to Yard Barker.

Too Baggy – But Tight?

Adam Lambert Outfits

Okay, Adam Mitchel Lambert. We get it! You’re a rockstar, alright.

But, could you walk me through this outfit, Adam? I’m confused if you’re going for an equestrian-like attire or a mix of mid-2000s rap.

This photo was taken during the red carpet opening at the KIIS 102.7 Wango Tango concert where he performed “Whataya Want From Me,” “Fever,” “Sleepwalker,” and “If I Had You.”

Conclusion: Adam Lambert Height, Weight, Age

There you have it!

Being the version of a powerful and bold Adam Lambert is an inspiration to emulate. However, you don’t have to be like Adam Lambert to be that unique and aesthetic.

As Adam Lambert says, “Being who you are is a lot easier than faking it.

Indeed, being openly gay and transparent about his sexual identity means a lot to him – and his huge fanbase. 

That’s all for your favorite American Idol, Adam Lambert.

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